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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Taking Aim: Theater Iran: Exposing the Big Lie plus Interview with Lynne Stewart

21-02-2007 22:18

One hour radio show from Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone on the threat of a US attack on Iran, the first part of this show can be found here:

Plus an interview with Lynne Stewart about her West Coast speaking tour beginning Feb. 23 in the San Francisco Bay Area. For information see:

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Cheney’s trip to Japan and Australia: the preparation for new war crimes

21-02-2007 20:36

War Crimes
Cheney’s talks with political leaders in Japan and Australia constitute gatherings of what can only be described as an international criminal cabal. Behind the backs of ordinary people, sordid deals will be done to escalate the criminal violence emanating from Washington. In exchange for ongoing US support, Abe and Howard will be expected, at the very least, to echo US lies and fabrications about Tehran in the UN and other forums, as they did in relation to Iraq, thus providing a veneer of international support for further Bush administration war crimes.

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The Numbers Just Don't Add Up (and "They" Still Have the Guns)

21-02-2007 17:16

In the Vietnam War protest song "Five to One," Jim Morrison of The Doors sings:

The old get old/And the young get stronger
May take a week/And it may take longer
They got the guns/But we got the numbers
Gonna win, yeah/We're takin' over

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Notts Indymedia: Independent or Elitist?

21-02-2007 12:48

According to its Mission Statement, Notts Indymedia is "committed to offering grassroots... news coverage". Indeed, the editorial guidelines state that "The IMC Collective encourages people and groups to organise horizontally". However, recent changes to the Notts site's editorial guidelines, and the actions of certain members of the collective, suggest that this is not taken seriously.

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Putin and the Geopolitics of the New Cold War

21-02-2007 11:26

Or, what happens when Cowboys don’t shoot straight like they used to…

The frank words of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to the assembled participants of the annual Munich Wehrkunde security conference have unleashed a storm of self-righteous protest from Western media and politicians. A visitor from another planet might have the impression that the Russian President had abruptly decided to launch a provocative confrontation policy with the West reminiscent of the 1943-1991 Cold War.

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U.S. Diplomacy Aborts Jerusalem Summit, Shuns Arab Allies

21-02-2007 10:01

Instead of building a diplomatic momentum on the political breakthrough mediated by their Saudi Arabian ally who succeeded in developing an Arab and Palestinian consensus on going along with the U.S.-steered Quartet efforts to revive the deadlocked peace process, the American diplomacy has turned their sponsored Palestinian – Israeli summit meeting in Jerusalem on Monday from a promising event into a missed opportunity.

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George Monbiot’s Sour 9/11 Grapes

21-02-2007 08:45

It stinks of desperation. George Monbiot, inveterate leftist of the foundation financed environmentalist persuasion, has once again taken a swing at the “conspiracy idiots” who believe government is capable of mass murder, including the reflexive murder of its own subjects.

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Blair’s withdrawal ensures Iran Attack

21-02-2007 03:10

Today’s sudden announcement of troop withdrawal by Bush’s poodle, Tony Blair, portends a grim future for Iran. Faced with ruination and possible war crimes trials, the tattered remnants of the coalition of willing criminals will no doubt resort to desperate acts in a futile attempt to fulfil their agenda and create further chaos. Instability and perpetual WAR is the ideology of neo-conservatives – have no doubt that America and/or its few remaining allies (Israel) will soon attack Iran.

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De Menezes Murderer/Patsy Rewarded

21-02-2007 02:42

Surveillance video proved the police to be lying about the incident. It appears that this officer was rewarded for covering for the real shooter, who may have worked for an intelligence service, and murdered the electrician who saw something he should not have. You do not empty a clip into someone's head at point-blank range.

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Fabricating the case against Iran

21-02-2007 00:12

The Bush administration will attack Iran as early as spring 2007. The administration is on total war footing. Over the next few months, the administration and its allies and functionaries will create and provoke a pretext that forces a political consensus behind an attack on Iran.

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New Iraq Oil Law To Open Iraq's Oil Reserves to Western Companies

20-02-2007 23:35

Oil Resource Wars
The Iraqi blogger Raed Jarrar has obtained a copy of the proposed oil law and has just translated it into English. He discusses the new law with Antonia Juhasz, author of "The Bush Agenda: Invading the World One Economy at a Time.”

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Nasty Nick Cohen’s attack fails to hit his targets

20-02-2007 19:42

Nasty Nick Cohen’s attack fails to hit his targets
by Ian Birchall

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A Disorderly Retreat: Australian Conservatives on the Back Foot

20-02-2007 16:55

The Australian Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer tonight made his first ’07 appearance on the popular current affairs program, Lateline. Downer, known locally as a gutless, smug, toff, was clearly on the back foot when confronted with the two principal issues that are decimating the conservative government; participation in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq and the abandonment of the Australian citizen, David Hicks.

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The Model for Iraq was Ireland, 1692, Divide and Conquer as Imperial Rules

20-02-2007 16:33

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh's revelations that the Israeli government is encouraging Kurdish separatism in Iraq, Iran, and Syria should ring a bell for anyone who has followed the long history of English imperial ambitions.

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Antarctica: The Dilemmas of a Stricken Whaling Factory Ship

20-02-2007 16:27

Nisshin Maru in the Ross Sea
The Japanese Government faces tough dilemmas about the best way to move the stricken whale factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, and where best to move it to. The ship remains without engines in the Ross Sea area of Antarctica, damaged by a fire onboard. Strong concerns have been expressed by environmentalists and the New Zealand Prime Minister over the danger of an environmental disaster should the ship's substantial supply of oil leak.

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High Court More Vulnerable To War Criminals?

20-02-2007 07:00

John Howard criminal control
Lawyers for Mr Thomas have argued the order imposed by the Federal Court is at odds with the Constitution

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Cryptometrics;New Zealand Passport Office Used By U.S. Penny Stock Criminals ?

20-02-2007 03:47

Valinoti's Jag Notes also successfully touted Charles Schwab at the time of the London bombings,even getting it to rise on high volume on that same day.Reuters even picked up on the false 'rumor' of a buyout without citing their source - But why this free Forbes pr and the jagh scamsters use of it bothers me is now they would purport to be in the passport verification business !

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Demands grow for release of Australian Guantánamo prisoner, David Hicks

19-02-2007 21:41

But such is the mountain of lies from Canberra
But such is the mountain of lies from Canberra that government officials are losing track. On Monday, February 5, the government’s threadbare claims were suddenly cast aside when Howard told a meeting of government MPs that all he had to do was ask for Hicks’s release and the Australian would be repatriated.

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Debunking the BBC's 9-11 Conspiracy Files

19-02-2007 21:30

The desperation underpinning these carbon-copy smears suggests that many within the media, as well as Government, understand that the Official Conspiracy Theory is a lie. Their need to run interference, and stifle questions about that day reveal their own lack of faith in the official version.

If they believed otherwise, they would simply produce a program that attempted to support the Official Conspiracy Theory with evidence, something that has never been done in well over five years.

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Affective Knowledge & Alternative Media, some audio

19-02-2007 17:43

The following audio was taken during a session at the Knowledge Lab event. It is titled 'Affective Knowledge & Alternative Media' and explores the relation between the conditions of the world and how our feeling for others makes us feel in certain ways. Comment: This session turned out to be more about feminist critical theory than either its application to / or / about the alternative media. Very much a philisophical question, than a practical application of technique. Which, I feel, would have been more useful.
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