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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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£50M&99p!!!! - Solar Powered Electric Chair (with George Bush)

21-06-2007 12:06

'the Bushburger Frying Solar-Powered Electric Chair'
“Rule Blairtannia”

The Art Organisation
21 Station Street
Nottingham NG2

Wednesday 20th June to Wednesday 4th July 2007
11am - 7pm (not Sunday)

The exhibition by Dave Bishop (Lord Biro) consists of drawings, collage, cartoons, poetry and election flyers covering Blairs reign of power.

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International Nestlé-Free Week resources

20-06-2007 16:39

The week of 2-8 July is International Nestlé-Free Week. Exposing and targeting aggressive baby food marketing by the worst of the baby food companies.

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Political Genius: credit where it’s due

20-06-2007 15:39

Few even know her name but she was responsible for the Roman Empire enduring for another fifteen hundred years as a theological empire. Most people and historical texts mistakenly refer to the Roman Emperor Constantine as the person who transformed the militaristic Roman Empire into the Holy Roman Empire, however, he was only a manipulated mommy’s boy.

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Gagged! #17 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

20-06-2007 15:06

GAGGED! #17 June/July 2007 • funded by donation, advert free & skint / FREE
56.3% voted nobody & G8 summit Chaos
Produced by South Wales Anarchists

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Branding, Cleansing and the Olympic Spin Machine

20-06-2007 11:03

Clays Lane;Good luck message to all those who have to move out
(Repost with photos this time) The Olympics all over the world are heavily marketed. The spin surrounding them often hides some ugly truths. This piece attempts peel back the veneer and look at some Olympic realities

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Gordon Brown should ignore the FT and scrap the Crossrail hole plot...

20-06-2007 10:18

The London FT is this week leading the lobby for globalizing conglomerates who are set to push Gordon Brown into a corner so they can extract the loot of £20 Billion which they can pocket under the guise of the Crossrail hole plot in London. But Gordon Brown must not collude with them and should in fact put a halt to Crossrail now. It has already wasted more than £500million of public money in consultants fees and promotions.

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A time for change in Ireland

19-06-2007 18:10

Who do we blame?

Is youth the key to the spiralling increase in anti-social behaviour or has the youth of today just taken example from their peers and enhanced the problem to a modern 21st century process in destabilising society. Does the problem go back further than what we are prepared to accept and have we now come to a stage where we need to re-evaluate the way we cherish freedom and human rights.
We see AIDS as being a threat to human existence. We now see ASB as a threat to the stability of our society and subsequently human existence in itself.

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Branding, Cleansing and the Olympic Spin Machine

19-06-2007 17:43

A huge amount of effort is put into marketing the Olympics, but what is behind this mountain of spin? This article is an attempt to peel back the veneer and take a peak at the reality of the Olympics.

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Grey September

19-06-2007 17:15

The state of the world post september 11.

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Reviewing Michel Chossudovsky's America's War on Terrorism

19-06-2007 16:07

America's "War on Terrorism"
Michel Chossudovsky is a noted academic, author, activist and relentless researcher concentrating on America's imperial crusade to control planet earth for its markets, resources and cheap exploitable labor. He's a Canadian economist by profession having taught at the University of Ottawa as well as at academic institutions in Western Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. In addition, he's been an economic adviser to developing countries' governments and a consultant for many international organizations, including the UN Development Programme (UNDP), UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, International Labour Organization (ILO), and World Health Organization (WHO). He's also the editor of the Centre for Research on Globalization and its web site, Global

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Three Asians and a White (Social Cohesion)

19-06-2007 13:23

A personal example of how innate paranoias and misunderstandings are by and large blown out of proportion.

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Protection of paedophile networks

19-06-2007 12:07

Paedophile networks with high ranking people do exist. A common trait is the complicity of corrupt intelligence agencies to help the guilty maintain their cover. In the article below, we will consecutively address Belgium, Australia and the United States.

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Forty years on: The bitter legacy of the 1967 Middle East war

18-06-2007 17:11

The 1967 war between Israel and its Arab neighbours has long been recognised as a disaster for the Arab regimes and for the Palestinian people in particular, many of whom fled or were driven out by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). Those who remained have been subject to four decades of military occupation and ever worsening poverty.

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Stop Ken Livingstone making London people poorer

18-06-2007 14:39

The poverty level in London is concealed from wide view by a consistent ploy adopted by the mainstream media. As usual, the Guardian and the BBC are treating the poorer parts of London as legitimate targets for further attacks. Hence their blanket coverage of the spin by Livingstone...Whatever fantasy Livingstone says, the BBC gives it the treatment of undisputed fact...

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Infiltration and Inefficiencies in State Regulatory Agencies

18-06-2007 13:26

The person/s (activists, perhaps assassins) the agencies seek in relation to the approaching APEC summit may be known to the activist and broader political community; it is therefore with extreme prejudice that we cite government failures in relation to security and policing matters. The APEC summit may become the greatest security failure in Australian history. Infiltration/undercover operations are a two-edged sword; however, that sword has been broken by anti-corruption zealots in NSW. The State now faces gaping inefficiencies and a lack of urgently required expertise.

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Muffled Voices: ElBaradei’s Unheard Assessments

17-06-2007 22:15

As the bridges uniting Iranian academia with their international colleagues burn, NGO’s come to a complete stop and our writers, activists and scholars sit in Evin, the Bush administration continues on its military plans for regime change. ElBaradei, the figure most well versed in the Iranian program’s progress, calls for the U.S. and Israel to halt plans of war against Iran, and we are left to wonder if anyone is listening.

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The Battle of Gaza

17-06-2007 20:50

In less than 24 hours of fierce street-fighting, Bush’s proxy-army in Gaza was routed by armed units of Hamas. It was a stunning defeat for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and for US-Israeli policymakers who have done everything in their power to overturn the “free and fair” election of the Hamas government. For now, Hamas has reestablished its authority in Gaza although Abbas is still working frantically with Bush and Olmert to consolidate his power in the West Bank. So far, Abbas has carried out the demands of his paymasters by replacing Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh with ex-World Bank official, Salam Fayyad---a Palestinian Karzai who will take his orders from Tel Aviv or Washington. Abbas does not have the constitutional authority to replace Prime Minister Haniyeh or to disband the Hamas-dominated government, but this point is typically overlooked in the western media.

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Labour’s deputy leader challengers present their tarnished wares

16-06-2007 18:03

With Gordon Brown anointed as British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s successor, after no one gained enough support to stand against him, the Labour Party deputy leadership race is being hailed as an arena for a battle over issues that matter to ordinary voters. This is being done in a desperate attempt by the Labour Party to posture as connected with the population at large.

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US occupiers complicit in Sammara blast: Nothing new in this Imperial strategy

16-06-2007 13:24

"In a message on the recent bombing of the shrines of the two revered Shia Imams in the Iraqi town of Samarra, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei blamed the intelligence services of the Zionist regime and the occupation forces in Iraq for the bombing, saying such terrorist acts are meant to intensify sectarian violence in the Muslim world."

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Will Sudan be Re-Colonized?

15-06-2007 23:27

The United States is maneuvering to introduce a UN peacekeeping force into Darfur, as a first step to securing control of the region’s vast supply of oil. US control of Darfur’s petroleum resources would deliver highly profitable investment opportunities to US firms, and scuttle China’s investment in the region, thereby slowing the rise of a strategic competitor whose continued industrial growth depends on secure access to foreign oil. Washington is using highly exaggerated charges of genocide as a justification for a UN intervention it would dominate, while at the same time opposing a workable peacekeeping plan acceptable to the Sudanese government that would see the current African Union mission in Darfur expand.
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