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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The imperialist “bailout bill” and its communist roots

08-10-2008 09:33

Regarding the current trillion-dollar “bailout bill” that has stricken the US and is threatening the EU countries - especially the UK - at present, there is an important fact to remember:
The main reason why the former communist system in Europe could exist while it existed: because the communist regimes and their banks were continuously rescued by a long series of “bailout bills”. They survived because they were kept alive by the global financial-political oligarchy; by the very same oligarchy that is at present regulating the global economy and which is ultimately responsible for the current crisis.

Ironically, the very same oligarchy that has been driving the world-economy toward a final collapse is at present blackmailing and threatening the world-economy with a final collapse, if it is not allowed to continue its course to drive world-economy into collapse.

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...The Clock is Ticking...

06-10-2008 19:47

Time to wake up and realise what is important, and it's not money.

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The Great Caper...

06-10-2008 19:10

Richard Fuld before the congress hearing.
The markets collapse, the left is left reeling, the right steams ahead and the end of the War on Terror approaches.

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US Real Estate: From Goldmine To Money Pit Mortgage Backed Securities and Derivatives are Flawed and Failing

06-10-2008 06:02

The mortgage debt problem is simple really, it has been a total mis-appropriation of equity. The equity lost on flat screen TV's, boats, new cars, vacations, and other living expenses; is equity lost forever. This loss of equity spent on consumer goods and expenses is a pyramid scheme of hyper-capitalism that is flawed and failing. Equity not spent on the property the equity comes from, is equity lost forever, a mis-appropriation of funds, and inappropriate; it is a failing economic model.

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Manager of mystery terror 'exercise' on July 7 2005 responds to his critics

05-10-2008 20:58

Peter Power from Visor Consultants
Peter Power was all over the British mainstream media on July 7th 2005 explaining that his company, Visor Consultants, was running an exercise that fateful morning, at the same three tube stations where the bombs actually went off, which 'turned live'.
see also

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“Convention of the Left” promotes nationalism

04-10-2008 16:53

A measure of just how far removed Britain’s various former radical groups are from socialist politics was provided by the main debate on the first day of the Convention of the Left, “The Break-up of the UK.”

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The Convention of the Left: Britain’s radical groups lurch to the right

04-10-2008 15:32

In the weeks leading up to its five days of discussion, the Convention of the Left that met September 20-24 received the backing of nearly every tendency in Britain claiming to be socialist.

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2nd Annual Working Class Bookfair Sat 22 Nov 2008 12 - 4pm

03-10-2008 22:18

In an age when left and anarchist bookshops have been closing, here is an opportunity to get some literature in the North East.

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Will Bailout Minimize FBI Investigation Who Might Have Sold Fraudulent Loans?

03-10-2008 09:23

Will U.S. Bailout Minimize FBI Investigation Who Might Have Sold Fraudulent Loans & Securities?
Some U.S. lenders might have lowered their “own mortgage borrowers’ home values” by continuing to make sup-prime loans to unqualified borrowers in their community—after having “knowledge” the community had high numbers of mortgage defaults and foreclosures

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Titan prisons: "consultation" ends, construction set to begin

02-10-2008 20:47

With the required political processes out of the way, the building of the 2,500 capacity jails is set to begin.

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Life Despite Capitalism - Building Radical Economies SEMINAR

02-10-2008 18:49

In the beginning of November 2008, the Escanda collective along with others will be hosting a four-day radical economics gathering. We will analyse why the current economic system has failed and we will learn from the possibilities and experiences of those working despite capitalism to build autonomous networks of production and circulation from a basis of sustainability, self organization, solidarity, respect and solcial/environmental justice.

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The Carbon Trust: State Sponsored Greenwashing (With Help From Greenpeace)

02-10-2008 14:01

I have a confession to make: about 18 months ago, when I was still part of the economic machine, I spent some time calculating the carbon footprint of the company I worked for. To help me, I used the guides provided by the Carbon Trust a, what I thought then, fairly reliable and objective agency of the UK Government working for, I thought at the time, reducing the overall carbon emissions of the UK.

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The nature of the Labour Party

02-10-2008 00:14

Please reproduce the article in local bulletins as you please and so desire, but please let us know at the email address

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No Debate on Iran

01-10-2008 22:46

If George Bush and Barack Obama both call you crazy, you're probably in your right mind. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made perfectly good sense when he addressed the UN General Assembly, in New York.

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Why they are getting away with it.

01-10-2008 21:22

There is a powerful mood amongst the working class against bailing out the rich. It is so strong it defeated the bail out. The problem is there is no vehicle such as a mass workers' party to counter the ideological offensive of capital and through which this mood could channel itself and ultimately produce a more lasting and obvious alternative.

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The Ideological War Continues

01-10-2008 20:50

The capitalists are frantically trying to save their system. The ideological war is intense, "there will be catastrophe" if the working class doesn't agree to take on more debt. But the working class doesn't want to bail out the swindlers. The first vote failed as no one wants to be blamed. They'll add a few crumbs and likely get it passed with help from the Labor leaders who are wedded to capitalism and refusing to offer an alternative. But this shock has already had a significant effect on consciousness.

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Carbon Web Issue 10 - Autumn 2008 - News and Analysis On Big Oil

01-10-2008 10:21

Issue 10 includes articles on BP and Shell’s investments in Canadian ‘tar sands’, the involvement of the Royal Bank of Scotland in bankrolling global coal, the Russia-Georgia conflict and the Baku-Tiblisi-Ceyhan pipeline, ongoing attempts to privatise Iraqi oil, the historical development of the fossil fuel industry in the Hoo peninsula and an analysis of BP’s lobbying activities in Brussels.

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BBC News website political bias?

01-10-2008 09:11

Is 'Have Your Say' on the BBC news website, a) subtly (¬ so subtly) 'moderated' to set and promote a right wing aganda? Is it being hijacked by right wing organisations from the tory party outwards - with multiple posting and recommendation being easily acomplished.
Seeing as this is funded by ordinary people, don't they have a right to fair use of their resources?
ie; Not being used to create politically biased whispering campaigns?

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Problems for ultra leftists and pure anarchists

30-09-2008 19:49

We are constantly told Labour are doomed and the BNP are doing well on some bulletin boards by wadicals, but here is an election result which fucks that point of view right over.

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John Pilger - Breaking the Silence screening and Q&A (Filmed)

30-09-2008 19:43

John Pilger - Breaking the Silence screening and Q&A
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