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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Venezuela: Interview with El Libertario

29-07-2007 21:46

* Interview with indonesian anarchist journal EMPTY HEAVEN - May 2007 ( <-- EMPTY HEAVEN collective website; <- indonesian anarchist/autonomist archive). More info in english & spanish about El Libertario:

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Thoughts on Virginia Tech and Racism

26-07-2007 23:00

The Virginia Tech massacre of three months ago remains the subject of task force investigations. But none appear to be examining the role that race played in fertilizing the killing grounds.

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Antiwar MP George Galloway suspended from parliament

26-07-2007 14:54

The ejection and suspension of George Galloway MP from the House of Commons on July 23 is the result of a witch-hunt aimed at intimidating and silencing all opponents of the Iraq war.

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El Salado [The Salted] Massacre - Harold Mantilla

26-07-2007 12:14

The Bafim5 Troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], never arrived because it was legal, material and geographically impossible to do it. BECAUSE.

A) Months prior, by specific order from my Superiors, Bafim5 troops [Marine Corps Infantry Battalion of Fusiliers No. 5], had been relocated to other Municipalities threatened by subversives and self-defenses groups (such as in the populations of Córdoba and Zambrano, in Bolívar).

B) To the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] (and the entire area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar), the military and territorial competition of the Bafim5 was discontinued, taken out, removed; and the military and territorially competition given, taken charge, commended, to the Bacim31 [Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31].

C) In consequence, the jurisdiction of El Salado [The Salted] and the whole area of the Municipality Del Carmen de Bolívar, were under the protection and territorial competition, of the Contra-guerrillas Battalion of No. 31 (Bacim31), and not of the Bafim5.

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The last

26-07-2007 10:45

Curse of the pharaos

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TV coverage of Philippines 'brave breast' action against formula companies

26-07-2007 06:06

You can watch footage of mothers in the Philippines protesting to defend their rights on Chinese Television. Yup.

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A blogger's criticism of Robert Fisk

25-07-2007 23:58

Robert Fisk is one of the greatest reporters of all time. He has written some of the most insightful, biting criticisms about U.S./Israeli/British foreign policy and provided readers, in vivid detail, a vision of of the plight of people living in war torn areas of the Middle East. I have nothing but sincere gratitude to him for putting his life on the line to give us these excellent stories. But, having said this, I think he is doing a disservice to his readers by claiming his contempt for the Internet and also by his refusal to look critically into the events of 9/11.

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No one to be prosecuted over “cash for honours” allegations

25-07-2007 21:37

Last week’s decision by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) not to proceed with criminal charges in the cash-for-honours scandal has been the occasion for self-serving statements by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, his chief fundraiser Lord Levy and aides such as Ruth Turner. All have expressed a desire to “move on,” put the affair behind them and not engage in any criticism of the police investigation headed by Assistant Commissioner John Yates.

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Filipino workers slam Arroyo for its consistent failure to clip the jobs crisis

24-07-2007 13:45

A dismal failure! This is the verdict of workers belonging to the Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL) as they slammed the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) administration ahead of her State of the Nation Address (SONA) for its consistent failure to clip the jobs crisis.

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Syria to Employ Hezbollah Strategy

24-07-2007 09:55

It makes certain sense Syria, with its puny military—when stacked up against Israel, armed to the teeth by the United States—and its out-moded Russian tanks and planes, would eventually adopt Hezbollah’s winning strategy, as there is simply no way it can go up against Israel on the battlefield. Naturally, this new development pokes a big hole in the Likudnik and neocon agenda to take out all of Israel’s enemies in turn.

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Saving A President

23-07-2007 10:58

With 18 months left in office and his presidency foundering, George Bush is like a cornered animal desperate enough to try anything to survive. Surrounded by a dwindling, but still potent, number of hard liners, this article suggests a disturbing scenario ahead that bodes ill for the nation and world if it happens. It appears the Bush administration's scheme involves changing the subject by scare-mongering that may be followed by staging one or more major home-based terror attacks on the order of 9/11, then waging war with Iran on the phony pretext Tehran threatens US and regional security. Further strikes may also be planned against the tribal areas of Pakistan along with backing Israel's intentions against Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas. These will be ominous developments if they happen as explained above. In an effort to survive and finish out their term in office, George Bush and Dick Cheney may be willing to gamble everything for what, in the end, can't be achieved.

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26hr WTC security breach 2 days before 9/11

22-07-2007 16:28

British IT engineer Scott Forbes was working in New York's World Trade Center in September 2001 and lost 89 of his work colleagues in the 9/11 attacks. This is a 25 minute mp3 interview with him for free dissemination... ..

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The invisible government

21-07-2007 10:49

In a speech in Chicago, John Pilger describes how propaganda has become such a potent force in our lives and, in the words of one of its founders, represents 'an invisible government'.

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U.S. Calls For Release of Imprisoned Iranian-Americans

21-07-2007 10:00

It's nothing new for the Islamic regime in Iran to be condemned by the United States government. Yet there's something else about this July 17 press release from the U.S. State Department that stands out as being glaringly preposterous.

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audio - Bristol CWU explain current round of postal strikes

21-07-2007 00:34

Here's an interview with Kevin Beazer regional secretry of the Communication Workers' Union in Bristol.

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London Sound Posse presents:"Creating Terror: Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed"

20-07-2007 19:12

Education. Education. Education.
Erudite lecture from author and scholar Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed on the real source of "al qaeda" & the current wave of terror attacks. Surprises in store for those who haven't yet "woken up"

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Profile of David Perry QC, and cash for honours investigation.

20-07-2007 16:28

The CPS decided not to prosecute anyone on the advice of 'independent' QC David Perry.

But how independent is he?

Lets take an 'independent' look.

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Parliamentary campaign to enforce infant formula regulations

20-07-2007 13:18

Infant formula companies continue to push their products with health claims that don't comply with UK legislation. The Government has said Trading Standards offices have been encouraged to enforce the legislation, but so far nothing much seems to be happening. So a campaign has been launched in Parliament. Ask you MP to sign the Early Day Motion.

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Comparing global cooling and warming

20-07-2007 12:27

Global Cooling 2007
The destructive effects of global cooling would be a bigger concern this year.

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The Shortwave Report 7/20/07 ¡Listen Globally!

20-07-2007 00:38

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.
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