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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Australian government outlines pro-market agenda for its Pacific sphere of influ

28-06-2006 21:28

Neo-colonial occupation
The publication of “Pacific 2020” is part of the same process. Given the tiny economies of the Pacific islands and East Timor and their reliance on international aid and trade, these countries will be pushed into implementing its agenda—one way or another. Significantly the report was released a month after the publication of a “White Paper on the Australian Government’s Overseas Aid Program” which explicitly links aid to economic demands. If the threat of aid cutbacks fails, then the countries risk being branded as “failed states” and face the prospect of neo-colonial occupation, as in the Solomons and East Timor.

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The USA pushes Australia into the arms of China

28-06-2006 14:33

The Zionists in Washington (Perle, Wolfowitz etc) have the entire Bush regime distracted. While America fights all of Israel’s major wars in the Middle East – to no advantage whatsoever for America – the most strategically important regions in the world are left to other nations. As world power shifts inexorably eastward, to China, America is at a loss to meet the challenges of the future.

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John Howard in Asia

27-06-2006 14:35

John Howard was ‘surprised’ when he encountered the President of Indonesia, while taking his early morning walk in Jakarta, reported News Radio Australia. The report stated that Howard was “visibly shocked” by the unexpected encounter, which obviously was intended to deliver a clear message; the Indonesian President is not known for taking early morning walks, we can therefore conclude that his gesture was calculated.

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27-06-2006 11:38

Bristle 22

A warm greeting from your brothers and sisters at Bristle magazine.

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About Palast: 'Was the Invasion of Iraq A Jewish Conspiracy?'

27-06-2006 11:15

An article now published by journalist Greg Palast reads more like a failed attempt at shifting the blame. Or a survival act by the writer. It's not the journalism we are used to from Palast. Now the 'goys' are to blame? This item, which anyhow was published under his name, is definitely not kosher.

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Philippines: Freedom from Gloria, Freedom from tyranny

27-06-2006 01:18

One hundred and eight years ago, the Filipinos, declared independence from the oppressive control of the Spaniards, today AKBAYAN declares freedom from a homegrown tyrannical regime. "Taking into account the fact that the people of this country are already tired of bearing the exploitative rule of the elites led by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), we say we have had enough of GMA," said AKBAYAN President Ronald Llamas today as the group joins protest actions in celebration of Independence Day.

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US Collusion with Iraqi Death Squads

26-06-2006 16:32

Max Fuller, member of the B Russells Tribunal Advisory Committee.

A recent case study in the dynamics of occupation and sectarianism

Part 1: Operation Knockout in Diyala Demonstrates US Collusion with Death Squads Death Squads

In November last year Sunni members of the Diyala provincial council began to boycott meetings in protest at a 13 November raid on the provincial capital Baquba and surrounding towns, according to a report [Google cache version] by UPI's Pentagon correspondent, Pamela Hess. According to a US military official, the boycotting council members sent a letter to the chairman of the council in which they alleged that that raid had been orchestrated by the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) as part of a plan to disenfranchise Sunnis during the upcoming elections.

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Taking Impeachment on the Road

26-06-2006 15:56

Impeachment can play a vital role in building resistance to dictatorship, both in the electoral politics and on the street. It’s not an either/or proposition.

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One Bombing "Thwarted", Four Not

25-06-2006 23:15

...from The Independent:

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The Wonga Coup from an African Perspective

25-06-2006 12:10

The background of the failed coup in Equatorial Guinea, its main players including Mark Thatcher and the spiderweb behind them.

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The death of a terrorist

23-06-2006 20:54

Zarqawi's death -- This essay speculates that Bush may NOT have wanted Zarqawi killed at this time

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The trustor the CIA said was dead, seeks $70 Trillion...

23-06-2006 14:21

LONDON & 'The City' - The integrity of the international banking system is on the line this week. This is because the behavior of certain banks is being closely watched by a team of informed observers who are privy to scandals that the banks in question hope can still be swept under their plush boardroom carpets.

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Mission Accomplished? I don't think so

23-06-2006 04:11

We're seeing the first signs that the American mainstream media is begining to report that there are questions about September 11. And will try to manipulate the argument away from US Government onto the Saudis and Islamic Fudamentalists.
There's also evidence that American TV viewers are moving away from NeoCon media outlets such as FoxNews.

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Australia - Peacekeeper or Petroleum Predator in Timor

23-06-2006 02:39

Blocked by the Australian military
In 2005, the Alkatiri government was reported to have entered into negotiations with Petro China to build oil refining facitilies in East Timor, which would undermine Australian plans to build a refinery in the northern Australian city of Darwin to process all Timor Sea oil from both sides of the border. East Timor president Xanana Gusmao was to visit China this month to cement the deal, but this has been blocked by the Australian military.

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In Singapore, World Bank Seeks Street Protests

23-06-2006 01:45

if demonstrations are banned
For her, public participation on the streets outside the meeting's venue ''is the only available option for the victims of the Bank's programmes to protest. The meeting's credibility will suffer if demonstrations are banned.''

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"Chasing the Lying War Criminals" should alert you about Mr. Howard!

22-06-2006 22:25

Millions of people around the world opposed
The big democracy (The UN General Assembly), little clique (the Security Council) and the ultimate democracy (millions of people around the world) opposed the invasion of Iraq with tragic failure!

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22-06-2006 17:02

A new wave off arrests in Turkmenistan sparks fear of a further crackdown on civil society under one of the world's most oppressive regimes.

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"Cut and Run": A Winning Slogan for Democrats if They Really Want to Win

21-06-2006 18:32

The problem of course is that the Democrats don’t seem to want to win, or are afraid of what might happen if they did win: that they’d actually have to run the place.

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The Scottish Socialist Party United Left

21-06-2006 17:03

The Scottish Socialist Party United Left (or SSP United Left for short) is a new grouping in the Scottish Socialist Party. An appeal to launch this grouping took place on 13 June 2006.

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Time for some action on house demolitions!

21-06-2006 15:58

From: "Tarquin & Magda"

Jun 20 2006

OK everyone, time for some action!
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