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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Dover Labour Demonstrate Depths of Complacency

11-02-2005 10:16

Failing to select a veteran Peace activist to stand for KCC elections demonstrates the shittiness of local politics

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11-02-2005 00:21

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Russia, Spain, and Cuba.

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Proletarian Revolution and Civil Law

09-02-2005 14:20

A Revolução Proletária – proletária não apenas em termos de forças que a desencadearam, senão também, em termos de objetivos perseguidos pelas massas que a executam, de modo instintivo ou consciente –, possui como meta realizar, cedo ou tarde, a substituição do sistema burguês-individualista pelo sistema socialista-coletivista.

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09-02-2005 02:21

Many fo you may have seen the Daily Mirrors recent expose on a Mr. Abu Abdullah from Finsbury Park Mosque. If you haven't you can read it here.

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7 Feb – Bristol Stop the war...or election rally?

09-02-2005 00:16

Further to your previous newswire report at here's another view of the Bristol STW rally on 7 Feb.
The turnout of 700+ was amazing, and testament to BSTW's ongoing independence and hard campaigning work. However, a lot of people were drawn to see their old MP Benn, and will they have been motivated to do anything else after this meeting?

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Propaganda And The BBC

08-02-2005 14:34

A detailed analysis of some of the politics of BBC reporting, using Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman's book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media as an analytical tool.

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Report of Anti-War Meeting at Bristol Council House

07-02-2005 23:03

Report of Anti-War Meeting at Bristol Council House. Because of the huge audience, the were two meetings in two seperate halls. This report is from the overflow hall and mainly covers Caroline Lucas's (Green Party) speech.

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Palestine Awareness Day

07-02-2005 09:42

Palestine Awareness Day, Saturday 19 February, Cambridge University. Speakers to include Glen Rangwala, Dr Uri Davis.

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Amazing, how Gloria Arroyo can smile and at the same breadth strangle and starve

06-02-2005 09:21

In all of this, one thing is reaffirmed: a government cannot be subservient to foreign corporate interests without, at the same time, strangling and starving the Filipino people. And if there is no solution to this crisis that isn’t within the unwritten rule of this regime’s obedience to foreign capital, then it is hard to know what is— without actually having to dismantle it.

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Darfur - UN is all words, no action

04-02-2005 12:07

“The new UN report on Darfur is all words and no action. It is a cruel betrayal of black Africans who are being slaughtered by Arab Islamists. These killings are racially motivated and the UN’s failure to condemn them as genocide is craven appeasement of the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed militia,” said human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, a member of the ad hoc Darfur Solidarity Campaign.

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URGENT News from Nepal

04-02-2005 12:01

Photo: Nepalese Soldiers in Kathmandu Feb 2
The situation in Nepal is FAR worse than previously thought, The King is conducting massive repression and there is a communication blackout - this is one of the few reports getting out of Nepal

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Premiere of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` .

04-02-2005 02:13

WMD weapons of mass deception poster.
This is an announcement of the film premiere in Glasgow of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` with some photos, a biography of Danny and a review of the film. Even if you can't get to see the film it can be ordered through the film website (given in the article). If you can, you should try and watch it -it's a must see!

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Preparing for the clampdown?

04-02-2005 00:37

"Our ability to prevent a terrorist attack depends on draconian laws and authoritarian government. How well we control you depends on you."
Excerpt from 'Preparing for a police state - what we think you need to know', Bristle mag issue 18, page 18. A spoof of HM Govt's 'Preparing for Emergencies' pamphlet.

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04-02-2005 00:14

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Spain, Cuba, and Russia.

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Plater College is shutting

03-02-2005 20:48

Plater College in Oxford is shutting down.

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Torching cars

03-02-2005 20:26

The rights and wrongs of torching cars

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03-02-2005 13:28

Maelstrom has been given it's court papers after 3 months

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Interview with Gareth Peirce: onTorture

02-02-2005 10:59

An interview with British human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce. IMC UK should be doing interviews like and video of the interview is at

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Peter Hakala: Miscarriage of Justice

02-02-2005 08:22

I accept tat I was handed the first interview and read it. Therefore common sense dictates they will contain my DNA and fingerprints, but I will state that interview 2 and 3 were fabricated and that I had never been present or had ever been handed the notes to read as stated by Shepperdson. Therefore if I am telling the truth no DNA or fingerprints of mine will be present by carrying out there tests and it will confirm once and for all whether the two police officers are telling the truth or if in fact they committed perjury and conspired together to pervert the course of justice.

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j20 is over what now?

02-02-2005 02:59

Video pic
local coalitions were formed that organized for local, national, international actions in solidarity with those who took to the streets of d.c on the 20th of jan to protest the coranation of the second installment of the illegal bush regime. what now?
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