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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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G8 Alternatives announce not to accept road blocks during G8 summit

17-05-2005 22:36

G8 Alternatives website, 17th of may, 2005, 23:18
As currently announced via the mainstream media, the planned G8 Alternatives demonstration against the G8 previously announced to take place on the 6th of july, from the meeting at 12 o' clock noon, passing via the front of Gleneagles hotel, in which the summit is held to the park in Auchterarder, got its permission denied by the authorities.
This coincides with the announcement of road closures during the G8 summit.

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Seething Contempt Diplomacy

17-05-2005 16:07

It could have been worse; much worse. Bush could have been smart.

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How they forged the case against Galloway

17-05-2005 11:26

The central document used against George Galloway this week by the senate committee in Washington is a forgery. Investigation by Socialist Worker shows that evidence crucial to the alleged case against the Respect MP is a fake, created after the fall of Baghdad in 2003

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"'NEVER AGAIN' OVER AGAIN" — on Holocaust Remembrance Day

13-05-2005 10:01

I thought that “Never again!” meant never again for all humanity — not just never again for European Jews.

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Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel

13-05-2005 10:00

An interview with Stephan Grigat, member of Vienese anti-german communist group Café Critique.

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12-05-2005 23:52

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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STOP PRESS! Bilderberg 2005 Participant List

12-05-2005 15:43

BILDERBERG Meeting, Rottach-Egern, Germany.
5-8 MAY 2005.

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Something maybe beautiful...

12-05-2005 11:37

The rampART is one year old on 21st May...

In 'Fences and Windows' (2001), - Naomi Klein wrote, "Social centres are abandoned buildings - warehouses, factories, military forts, schools - that have been occupied by squatters and transformed into cultural and political hubs, explicitly free from both the market, and from state control... Though it may be hard to tell at first, the social centres aren't ghettos, they are windows — not only into another way to live, disengaged from the state, but also into a new politics of engagement. And yes, it's something maybe beautiful."

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Quality TV documentary to get film release

12-05-2005 09:50

The Power of Nightmares to be shown at Cannes

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New Galloway Revelation!!

12-05-2005 09:43

A new report by the Republican dominated US senate has implicated Respect MP George Galloway in the Oil for food scandal. Also in the frame is a French Minister and the UN.

Of course it's just coincidence that all three were totally opposed to the war? It is also unimportant that the senates info has come from a corrupt former Baathist who is presently being detained indefinately by the US occupiers and is desparate to curry favour with them?

I'm just surprised that they didnt manage to implicate Iran and North Korea as well.

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iraq quagmire or Genocide

11-05-2005 22:07

The so-called progressive Neo-liberal media in the US are more closed minded in support of invasion than the the rightwingers who occupied Iraq. That is why not only we don't have anti-war movements but actually there is no credible voice if dissents.Here is one example of a neo-liberal hypocricy. They are using the argument about the Quagmire in Iraq as a sokescreen to cover the genocide in iraq.

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Guy Debord's letters, 1957-1964

11-05-2005 05:41

Despite Guy Debord's reservations about epistolary correspondences, he engaged in a great many of them -- so many, in fact, that it's going to take six full-sized volumes for Editions Fayard to publish them all.

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Mordechai Vanunu, Refuseniks-voices of conscience

10-05-2005 19:11

what would Ghandi say, in the case of Mordechai Vanunu?And to the Refuseniks, who risk prison for refusing to whether join the army or stay?

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10-05-2005 13:15

Douglas Wood, Captive IN Struggle For Iraqi Freedom from World Fascists Regime
The EADS organization, a new and rising power of the new world Nazis is trying to couple with the Nazis of Alabama and America. Stop and disrupt their meeting in Amsterdam on May 10.

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Special Report: Bringing the G8 Home

10-05-2005 12:54

Corporate Watch's new hard-hitting report, 'Bringing the G8 home: corporate involvement in and around the G8 in Scotland 2005' is now on the web, available to read, print and distribute. Go to and follow the links.

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10-05-2005 05:43

Progressive media's obsession about Vietnam has made them believe that the US in a Quagmire in Iraq. Critics of war must keep calm. Americans did not go to Iraq to spread democracy or liberate the enslaved people of Iraq, give them the gift of liberty, freedom of press and economic prosperity.They went there as gold diggers for oil! They have broken Iraq in three antagonistic parts who are killing each other and destroying their economic infrastructure.Foget the propaghanda, the occupiers are doing a good job in destroying iraq; instigating Death Squad Capitalism,establishing a puppet government to secure the flow of cheep oil to the US. All thanks to an American Mullah who is helping US to establish "Market Economy",that is the transfer of Iraqi assets to US corporations. In Vietnam the US did not have an Ayatollah at our side! Iraq as a national identity is no more!It has been bulkanized!

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Abandon Affluence

09-05-2005 16:12

The party is still raging like mad. The drunks and the addicts and the gangs are sending out for more pizza, more booze, and more drugs and they are killing people to do it. Some of us are sobering up and waking up. We are starting to see the damage that has been done and we are whispering to each other, “We have to kick the criminals out”.

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Simultaneous Policy campaign achieves cross-party support in new Parliament

09-05-2005 13:50

The Simultaneous Policy campaign for global justice has achieved cross-party support in the new UK Parliament.

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YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? Free Festival of Mapping Full Programme - June 2005

09-05-2005 13:18

Full programme of the YOU ARE HERE BUT WHY? Free Festival of Mapping in London June 2005

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Technopolis - gathering in Leeds 9 - 12th June

09-05-2005 12:23

Three days of learning, discussion and games to explore new technologies of control and our resistance to them.
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