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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Problem With Christmas

05-12-2007 09:58

Christmas - a time for peace, happiness and family; a time to sell vast quantities of seasonal goods, toys and cheap electrical items. What is it that people love about Christmas, and is that being taken away from us for the sake of a retail dream?

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Iraq War Funding- Bush Pressuring Democrats

04-12-2007 15:57

The Democrats are now within one year before the 2008 General Election and since the 2006 Mid-Term Election the Democrats have done nothing to fulfill the promises they made to the American people to bring our troops back home. Instead the Democrats have given Bush more money to expand his war and brave soldiers continue to die in a war that began with a lie.

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Venezuela's Social Democracy Hits A Speed Bump

04-12-2007 14:16

Hugo Chavez addressed upwards of a half million supporters on the final day of campaigning for constitutional reform on December 1. He was confident of a victory that seemed assured. The turnout was impressive as a sea of red filled Caracas' main Avenida Bolivar boulevard and spilled over into adjourning streets. It dwarfed the November 29 final opposition rally Rupert Murdock's Times online/UK and Fox News estimated at "more than 100,000" ahead of saying "polls predicted an agonizingly close result" that referred only to the corporate-run ones. They turned out to be right.

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European CDE Peace Treaty Will be Null and Void next Tuesday

04-12-2007 12:50

By "exceptional circumstances" does Vladimir Putin mean 9/11 was an inside job? Cheyne and Co. have pushed the world to the brink again through one of the most audacious, or cruel crimes in history.

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Senior Cops Massaging Figures To Keep Crack Houses Open

04-12-2007 12:37

This show has been a bit iffy because has been down for a while - so re-uploading it here.
Two news items about the criminalisation of Bristol's law enforcement process and Palestine in the Second World War

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Science, Sustainability, and Distributed Generation in the Information Age

03-12-2007 23:50

This is an extended version of a speech given to the Ontario NDP Socialist Caucus Conference held at the Ontario Institute for Science and Education held on October 13, 2007.

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The Hidden Holocaust--Our Civilizational Crisis Part 2: Exporting Democracy

03-12-2007 13:07

Part two (part one) of an article by Nafeez Ahmed on the history of imperial genocide follows, the subject of this article was the subject of recent public meeting, The Hidden Holocaust - Our Civilizational Crisis.

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The Amis-Eagleton controversy: The British literary elite and the war on terror

03-12-2007 08:20

The novelist Martin Amis appeared in the Guardian on Saturday to rebut the charge of racism that novelist and screen writer Ronan Bennett levelled against him the previous week in the same paper. Amis denied being a racist, professed himself disgusted by Islamophobia and praised the “beautiful reality” of Britain’s multi-racial society.

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School children are being fingerprinted without parental knowledge!

02-12-2007 21:30

Kiddy printing is an immoral invasion of privacy!
Many parents aren't even aware that their children have been fingerprinted at school. Some find out by chance, sometimes years later. If you're a parent, we strongly recommend you ask your children if it's happened to them. You may be shocked by what you discover.

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Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land

02-12-2007 16:00

An analysis of the Israeli Government and the media's (mainly American) role in misrepresenting (and therefore, perpetuating) Israel's war to wipe Palestine off the map.

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The cyber guardians of honest journalism

01-12-2007 13:27

GUARDIANS OF POWER - The Myth of the Liberal Media
What has changed in the way we see the world? For as long as I can remember, the relationship of journalists with power has been hidden behind a bogus objectivity and notions of an "apathetic public" that justify a mantra of "giving the public what they want." What has changed is the public's perception and knowledge. No longer trusting what they read and see and hear, people in western democracies are questioning as never before, particularly via the internet. Why, they ask, is the great majority of news sourced to authority and its vested interests? Why are many journalists the agents of power, not people?

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"A Crude War Of Revenge" -- Tariq Ali on Afghanistan

30-11-2007 22:26

The United States is on its way to losing the war in Afghanistan. The eventual defeat will be political not military. Public sentiment is shifting in Europe. The people have had enough. They want to get out. When European troops withdrawal from Afghanistan; NATO will gradually unravel and the Transatlantic Alliance will collapse. That will be a disaster for America. The US will again be isolated by two great oceans. But not by choice. America's days as an empire will be over.

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The Night Shift : A Parable Of Electricity

30-11-2007 13:07

Shutting down coal-fired power stations could be as simple as doing your washing overnight. Making a 90% cut in energy consumption could be just as easy.

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Peter Hain can't be just another dishonest, corrupt or sleazy politician!

30-11-2007 04:58

Peter Hain administrative error bureau

Announcing the many items of news celebrating the success of Mr Hain in getting away by lying.

Mr Hain blames the staff.

He is not to be sullied

He remains above reproach.

How could anyone in their right minds ever even imagine that a man of peter Hain's record as a successful career-maker could be just as corrupt, as dishonest as any other politician?

Here are some of the news items that are accessible at the time of this post.

I say accessible at the time of this post in the expectation that they may get removed under some secret state dicta brought in to protect Mr Hain

The Guardian web site,,-7115204,00.html

Sky News web site,,91211-1295081,00.html

The Scotsman


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PHILIPPINES: On Makati Siege; A crisis of institutions

30-11-2007 02:03

PHILIPPINES: On Makati Siege
The incident unfolding in Makati City today is not surprising. It is a logical conclusion to the abuses committed by the Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) administration, from the dismissal of the impeachment complaint to the clamp down of democratic and constitutional processes.

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Annapolis: US prepares Palestinian civil war, rallies Arab support against Iran

29-11-2007 23:25

There were times when the Annapolis summit looked like a poor production by an amateur dramatics society—fumbled handshakes, translations not working, President Bush mispronouncing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s name, and Abbas himself dragging along behind Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert like he had forgotten his stage directions. But these gaffes only underscored the fact that this entire production was mounted only in order to conceal the predatory ambitions of the United States in the Middle East.

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British Forces & Press Sleepwalking Into World War III?

29-11-2007 01:45

US Fifth Fleet - to be sacrificed in a new 'Gulf Of Tonkin'?
Recent revelations from the French Voltaire Network (part of 9/11 Truth, France) suggest the Neocon Fascist Madmen plan to sacrifice the eight ships that comprise the US Fifth Fleet in a Gulf Of Tonkin style mock retaliation for a US or Israeli strike on an Iranian reactor. It looks as if this may be the third attempt in the last 12 months by Neocons to create a massive 'incident' to trigger a World War.

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4WardEver presents 'Sounds for Justice'

28-11-2007 21:45

Muzik Makes Peace
4WardEver has announced a new section on its website to promote artistes' and their music that speaks for the struggles of oppressed people of the world.

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Branded from birth - baby milk monitoring report reveals latest marketing trends

28-11-2007 17:38

Nestle brands babies from birth in China
A new monitoring reports shows Nestlé continues systematic violations of the baby food marketing requirements and that regulation of the industry is essential. The Philippines recently introduced strong measures.

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Khalid Awan a victim of "creative legal theories" and religious profiling.

28-11-2007 17:03 Khalid Awan
"I am not a terrorist, I do not know any terrorists," U.S. officials presented incriminating evidences in court. Mr. Awan was caught on tape calling a leader of the Sikh terrorist group in India, from prison. And several modified,Bogus,False Sikh witnesses testified against Mr Awan by FBI, including one he had met in jail .Mr. Awan has filed court documents that assert he falsely confessed to crimes because FBI agents threatened him with lethal injection and said that they would have RCMP officers arrest his sisters in Montreal. "I tried to give answers so they would be pleased and not give me the death penalty," Mr. Awan wrote in court documents ,
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