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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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"The air we breathe & the lines we cut" : FARC name Alfonso Cano is new leader.

25-05-2008 18:11

Timoleón Jiménez has appeared in a video passed to TeleSUR lamenting the passing of the founder of FARC whose death began to be reported yesterday. He died of a heart attack.

They have also named the new leader of the paramilitary organisation. Thus the new name and personality who we may consider dealing with all the baggage of FARC. Its guerilla army, its hostages, its loyal population, its political hinterland who eschew armed struggle yet are persecuted, its role in the coca production and supply of cocaine from Colombia which is not already in the hands of the 3 cartels linked to the far right terrorists in the Colombian state. The new leader Guillermo León Sánez, alias Alfonso Cano is thus one of the people who decides how much rainforest should be cleared to grow coca instead of making oxygen. Coz as all you know well, coca only grows on the edge of rainforest for a maximum of two years, being a hungry little plant it needs nutrients when farmed which can only come from burning off jungle.

A short profile of this new man who shall play a small role in what goes up your nose. Be it oxygen or a 17% pure alkaloid.

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Conservative victory in Crewe and Nantwich as Labour disintegrates

24-05-2008 20:14

The Brown Labour government suffered its third major defeat in a month on Thursday in the Crewe and Nantwich by-election, which saw the party’s 7,078 majority transformed into a 7,860 lead for the Conservatives.

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Colombia claims founder of FARC is dead. - disinfo alert.

24-05-2008 18:23

Pedro Antonio Marín a.k.a. Manuel Marulanda Vélez codename "Tirofijo" (English: Sureshot) (born 12 May 1930 Genova, Colombia - is reported by Colombia to have died of a heart attack on the 22nd of March 2008)

The release of this news this afternoon is calculated to distract from the court order issued in the last 14 hours on Senator Piedad Córdoba the champion indiginous and womens' rights in Colombia and most outspoken critic of the Uribe regime. Already facing charges of treason for describing Colombia as a "Narcostate" and Uribe as being the centre of a Mafia and Terrorist regime, Piedad Cordoba's case ought take full consideration today.

Tirofijo the founder of FARC was believed to be the oldest "guerilla" alive. His death in March would have followed three weeks after the March 1st assassination of Raul Reyes who proposed a peace process in 2005, a process which Senator Cordoba was international recognised as working for in a role of interlocutor, opposed to paramilitarism and to the purpose of conflict resolution. Indeed Raul Reyes was married to one of Tirofijo's daughters Olga Marín.

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Memories of “Popular Power” in Venezuela’s economy

23-05-2008 21:43

* From false co-management and cooperatives to the deceitful EPS, we present a balance of what has happened in Venezuela after at least 7 years of pretending to build a socialist economy, where the available data and verifiable facts belie the failure of the Chavez administration.

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Will General Petraeus betray us?

23-05-2008 14:47

General David Petraeus
We've all heard of the US 'Defcon' system of war readiness. But what about here in the UK, do we have a similar system or just do what the US tell us to? Come to think of it are we citizen/subjects even allowed to know what defence condition we are at? Is it considered an official secret covered up in the interests of 'National Security'? With the new boy nut case Petraeus in charge of the US Military.......

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Go Indymedia, go! - Response to the SHIfT article

23-05-2008 12:07

The following is a response by some IMC UK activists to a defamatory article by an anonymous author published in the new, Manchester-based magazine SHIFT (issue 3, May-Sep 2008), under the title "Go Hamas Go"? Why Indymedia UK is losing support [1]. Although this may generate for SHIFT publicity they don't deserve, we thought it our duty to clarify the facts and refute these false allegations and accusations.

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Where Are Those Iranian Weapons in Iraq?

22-05-2008 20:03

"Bergner's refusal to address that question reflects a fundamental problem with the US claims about Iranian weapons in Iraq: if there are indeed any Iranian rockets and mortars, and RPGs in the Mahdi Army's arsenal of stand-off weapons, they represent an insignificant part of it.

Reports by the US command in Iraq over the past 15 months cited only a handful of Iranian weapons out of hundreds counted in caches found in Shiite areas. Nearly 700 mortars and rockets were reported by specific caliber size, along with a handful of RPGs, in nearly two dozen caches. Of that total, only four rockets were reported as being of Iranian origin, and another 15 were listed as possibly being Iranian."

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Israeli press reports US pledge of war on Iran—is Bush preparing an October Surp

21-05-2008 21:16

An Israeli press report that US President George W. Bush intends to launch a military attack on Iran before he leaves office at the beginning of next year prompted a heated denial from the White House Tuesday.

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Did corruption kill the Nimrod 14?

21-05-2008 15:17

Former arms industry whistle-blower Rob McCartney believes the deaths of 14 service personnel in the 2006 Nimrod disaster could be due to fraud and corruption. He has written to the coroner conducting their inquest about this. The former head of BAe said the company regularly overcharged for changes to increase their profits. Such changes fatally delayed the replacement of the Nimrod MR2 by safer aircraft.

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Press Release - re: University Arrests

21-05-2008 13:42

Nottingham University Students and Staff Express Serious Concerns about Recent Use of the Terrorism Act on Campus and Demand Academic Freedom

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Iraqi Squatters hold rally against occupying powers

21-05-2008 00:56

......In the southern governorate of Muthanna, local authorities have recently issued an order to remove all illegal collective settlements within two weeks, regardless of whether the squatting families are internally displaced or host community. In the Al Tanak neighbourhood, this decision will affect dozens of impoverished families who are living in mud houses on public land. According to the report, eviction orders are sometimes opposed by displaced families who feel they simply have no other place to go. In Basra's Jenaina neighbourhood, IOM monitors report that families who were squatting in a former military intelligence building successfully staged a rally to protest against their eviction order........

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ExNBC producer Hopsicker, Drug Trafficking & Russian Mafia links to 9/11

20-05-2008 21:49

Daniel Hopsicker
If you haven’t seen all Daniel Hopsicker’s various 911 and related DVD’s then do please have a look. His professional experience has taught him to travel to the scene of the myth creation to do primary research which blows that myth apart. For example in Venice, Florida where the 911 ‘hijackers’ supposedly ‘learned to fly’ Daniel interviewed witnesses who pour scorn on the official version of events for his film 'Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus.

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Why All of Our Efforts Won't Stop an Attack on Iran

20-05-2008 21:05

Now there's no feasible political recourse to stop an attack on Iran. And little time to mobilize mass demonstrations against it. It will come as a thief in the night, presented to the American people as a fait accompli. As the Bush-Cheney cowboys ride off into the sunset, smirkin' and grinnin' and slapping each other's backs, the people will start to pay.

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Students Released After 7 Days Incarceration Without Charge

20-05-2008 17:13

The two students arrested under the Terrorism Act have been released without charge. The manner of the police operation and its choice of victims has raised great concern amongst the student and academic body, as well as within the wider community in Nottingham

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Our Eck or how Nationalists are leading Scotland into the New World Order

20-05-2008 15:28

While an increasing number of people, particularly in the USA, now question the official conspiracy story fed us by the war criminal regimes on both sides of the Atlantic the much greater conspiracy amongst western capitalist nations to create a New World Order dictatorship across the Planet proceeds apace. And while the old imperialist union of what is jokingly called the United Kingdom creaks at the seams and continues to crumble it behoves us in little Scotland to consider how the 'maximum leader' of our current nationalist government, Alex Salmond, not only reflects the interests of the New World Order but is actively participating in helping to exacerbate the conditions of anarchy brought about by the NWO through imperialist wars where both international and national laws against war crimes are ignored and undermined.

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Colombia parades FARC's top female "Karina" - Regional Temperature rising.

19-05-2008 21:01

Nelly Avila Moreno alias "Karina" [a.k.a. 'Janet Mosquera Renteria', 'Rocío Arias' aged 47, 1.60 metres tall and 85kg weight], has been one of the most wanted women on this planet this century. In a different sort of most wanted woman on the planet way to Kate Moss [a.ka. as Kate, aged 34, height 5'6" - 5'7", weight 105lbs]. And the difference is not merely one of metric versus imperial measurements. Whatever you can say about Kate you're not going to suggest she led brigade 47 of the FARC operating in western Colombia credited with narcotraffic operations in Samaná and Pensilvania reliant on plantations of 3,500 hectares. Coz you know you'd get a writ for libel for that. Nor was Kate ever worth 650 million US dollars in reward bounty.

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Burma : Repurcussions of Nargis and update on Tsunami

19-05-2008 11:09

getting water after a cyclone
Not alone the fight for survival in the aftermath of Nargis , but issues
of corruption which has prevented aid have appalling repurcussions
for the people of Burma/Myanmar.

Issues unlooked at generally in msm,are those relating to gender and
Lawlessness. The women at are covering
reportage on gender violence in disaster aftermath this month.

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MI5, Mosley, the sting of the whip & Holy Terrors - a tale of Human Interest

18-05-2008 17:32

By now much of the middle browed formula 1 or espionage orientated English readership will have learnt of the latest twist in the Max Mosley sex scandal. "The Sunday Times" has revealed that one of the five sex workers contracted to put the former FIA chief through a five hour session of Nazi fetish BDSM "hankypanky" was in fact the wife of a MI5 agent at the time. We are assured that said MI5 agent has now retired but need only speculate as to whether or not his wife must now carry the onus of mortgage repayments. Yet, this all reminds me (very much) of a 1939 book by HG Wells. Which I'm going to tell you about. Because this tale of "human interest" provides an opportunity to brush up on our cultural history.

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Labour’s “re-launch” stymied by worsening economic forecast

17-05-2008 14:22

The Labour government brought forward a series of measures this week in a rearguard action to try to rescue its political fortunes in wake of the party’s collapse into third place in the May 1 local elections.

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Dialect - Bank nationalisation & impact of the credit crunch on ordinary people

17-05-2008 11:48

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download here every Saturday. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733
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