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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Spending on Government Spin Trebles

31-08-2006 21:43

Official figures obtained by the Conservative Party bring to light the astonishing expansion of the Whitehall press machine under Tony Blair’s government.

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The Guardian must stop lying against Muslims and recognise the truth

31-08-2006 11:30

The truth is, and here it is being said for the first time in this form, that Muslim people’s objection to Satan Rushdie was not about Rushdie's alleged freedom to write fiction. It was to Rushdie's satanic evil plot to distort the humanity of the entire Muslim peoples across the world. All Rushdie's apologists have suppressed the truth. They have covered it up with the lie that Muslims are against freedom of expression. Muslims are against the organised lying against human rights. There is no cause higher than this on earth. Uphold human rights. To deny Muslims the right to freedom to express opposition to the lies of Satan Rushdie or his likes is the greater violation of the allegedly western-only virtue of freedom of expression

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Architecture and war in palestine

31-08-2006 10:54

En eye opening review of the israeli army tactics in urban warfare. Israelis capitalize on Deleuze, Guattari, Derrida and even Guy Debord in order to figure out the best possible way to fight in hostile streets. The scientific way to kill an entire city.

Indymedia Athens.

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US military escalates confrontation with Shiite militia in Iraq

31-08-2006 06:14

Reckless and bloody operations
It is these considerations that are propelling the US military into reckless and bloody operations against the Mahdi Army, regardless of the consequences.

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Greedy EDO’s CEO Exposed!

30-08-2006 18:26

Independent Financial News

Wednesday August 30th 2006

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What Prevents Radicals from Acting Strategically?

30-08-2006 13:20

A look at the crippling tendency for dedicated activists to live in their own self-defined, encapsulated social scenes, cut off from the larger social groupings that could provide a base of political support.

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Alarm in Washington over deepening disaster in Afghanistan

30-08-2006 09:26

“Losing Afghanistan”
Afghan officials told VOA that there could now be as many as 40,000 guerillas fighting against the occupation forces and the Afghan army. Extensive US and Pakistani military operations have failed to prevent insurgent groups using the mountainous regions along the Afghan-Pakistan border as a safe haven to rest, resupply, train and recruit. Large areas of the predominantly ethnic Pashtun provinces of southern and eastern Afghanistan are outside the Kabul government’s authority and regularly fall under the sway of Taliban forces.

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30-08-2006 08:07


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Draconian scapegoat orders 'stacked against' Thomas

29-08-2006 20:37

A constitutional law expert
A constitutional law expert says the system is stacked against Melbourne man Jack Thomas.

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Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station Blockaded in Climate Action

29-08-2006 07:34

The gates to Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station are currently being blockaded by a group of seven climate change campaigners.

This morning at 8am seven people blocked the entrance to the nuclear plant by locking themselves together across the gate with steel arm tubes.

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Australia: The torture of Jack Thomas

29-08-2006 00:48

desperation to stop the beatings
Given the High Commissioner’s role and the reference to “high places,” there is every indication that the Australian government sanctioned these abuses. What is indisputable is that, acting on its behalf, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions sought to secure convictions that depended entirely upon the completely unreliable statements that Thomas made in his desperation to stop the beatings, avoid being sent to Guantánamo Bay and be allowed to go home.

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Jack Thomas served with control order

28-08-2006 21:28

Putting people under house arrest
‘Anyway who cares about civil liberties should be outraged at this decision. We hear about authoritarian governments putting people under house arrest in Burma – well, now it’s happening right here in Australia!’

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Hundreds of police from 5 counties bravely disperse 600 kids partying

28-08-2006 14:55

Does it really need 300+ police officers in full riot gear, dogs and helicopters to disperse a few hundred youngsters in a field?

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The Troop Question

28-08-2006 11:46

As the shaky ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel lumbers on, the European governments expected to ‘enforce the peace’ have been stuttering and stalling in the face of actual commitment. It was France who took the initiative originally, who as head of UNISFL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), promised 3000 troops. After analyzing the situation further, an about-face occurred, and the troop level was reduced to 400 non-combatant personal. Italy saw opportunity and declared itself the replacement, promising 2000 troops; France, not to be outdone, reasserted leadership responsibilities, but with 2000 troops this time; Italy was then, thanks to its charitableness, awarded France’s old job as head of UNISFL. After all this, the seesawing attitude of the rest of Europe continues. These governments are demanding more definitive ‘rules of engagement’; they’re curious about the prospects of actual fighting, and are rightfully scared of being viewed as a foreign occupier in Hezbollahland. Bush is intent on seeing that his backfired war-effort is partially salvaged, and has insisted that Europe “hurry up” with military aide, since the U.S. has none to spare. It may be prudent to examine why Europe— who views Israel and the U.S. with apt distrust— is both eager and terrified to help them pursue their interests. Note: a working assumption will be that ‘humanitarian reasons’ is a sophistic answer, meant to lure citizens into obedience.

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Aspects of Asymmetric Post-Modern Warfare

28-08-2006 09:05

Victory over any opponent is the result of functionally superior values and strategies not advanced technologies as is often imagined; wars today continue to be fought by men and women. The relative strengths and weakness of combatants and cultures determine outcomes in today’s conflicts. The recent conflict in Lebanon demonstrates that military might is no match for superior strategy and tactics – superior technology is the intoxicant of technocrats and the drug of weak and incapable fighters/soldiers.

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Democracy Now, 9/11 and Structural Engineers

27-08-2006 00:24

Audio Democracy Now!

Democracy Now!, an alternative news site in the US (Wikipedia's Democracy Now! page) has been challenged to a debate on 9/11 since it's host and co-founder, Amy Goodman said in an interview with David Ray Griffin in 2004:

AMY GOODMAN: Can you name an expert you have relied on, for example on the issue of the world trade center towers going down, expert in structural engineering who has said it is impossible for the explanation to be the planes hit, and the fires caused the towers to go down?

AMY GOODMAN: Name just one. Name just one structural engineering expert who said it is not feasible that the planes caused the towers to go down.

And this same view has been expressed here:

"There is not one structural engineer in the whole world that thinks the towers couldn't have collapsed because of the impact of the planes, alongside the fires causing the steel trusses to lose their structural integrity (not melt that is a red herring, nobody makes that claim)."

Now a Structural Engineer, Charles N. Pegelow, has come out to question the official story, read on for a open letter, Dear Democracy Now!

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Wholesale of Community Spaces Continue as Construction of New Buildings Halt

26-08-2006 15:44

Birmingham City Council have auctioned and sold community buildings all over the city, while the number of newly built community and social buildings has dropped to a shameful zero.

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Map out the wild/free food

25-08-2006 10:33

An idea put forward by a WWOOF host. Local Agenda 21 grants really should be available for mapping out/documenting wild food - here's some reasoning to put forward in persuading the authorities... a promising idea. Please comment, but tactfully - some people who post seem to be socially inept.

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An American dream

24-08-2006 19:26

Amerikan dream
Expansionism and a good life for all?

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(decentralised) Organic Horticulture Teachers - an idea?

24-08-2006 19:25

An idea on getting more people into growing their own food as a means of minimising carbon emissions, etc. Please comment - but tactfully, please. Some people who post on here.... well, anyway - I hope the idea is of worth & interest.
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