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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Obama’s Lies About Iran: Obama hired to make war where Bush could not?

10-04-2010 17:45

"Iran’s nuclear power capability is used to keep us frightened beyond all reason. That nation’s domestic turmoil wrought by last year’s disputed presidential election has also been used as proof that Iran is a terrorist state, or a “state sponsor of terror” or whatever new terms can be invented to make Americans believe that war is a necessity."

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Radioactive Waste - In a Landfill Near You ?

09-04-2010 18:04

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Make Room for Nuclear ?!
While people go to the tip and dutifully reduce, reuse and recycle their waste to reduce the pressure on landfill-and the environment ....

....the nuclear industry is busy trashing the environment and filling landfill up with radioactive waste.

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The politics of life

09-04-2010 15:32

While our rulers claim to embrace democracy with a dangerous fervour, it’s probably fair to say that many of us have rather less enthusiasm for the elections that come around with such regularity.

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Resisting DfID's destruction - Public meeting - 17 April

09-04-2010 13:28

Public Meeting, West London: Resisting DfID's destruction - 17 April 2010

Saving the world the New Labour way: the Department for International Destruction (DfID)

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Pets At Home & Centre MK: More campaign success

08-04-2010 18:01

Everyday animal rights activism still going strong..

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The US was behind the Rwandan Genocide: Installing a US Protectorate in Africa

08-04-2010 07:32

The civil war in Rwanda and the ethnic massacres were an integral part of US foreign policy, carefully staged in accordance with precise strategic and economic objectives.

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Assassination of Reuters staff in Iraq. A US war crime.

07-04-2010 19:33

Namir Noor Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh
Both Reuters journalists are dead, along with at least fifteen others. The Apache crew guide in ground troops to the scene and when the child is found, the crew casually dismiss the crime. Two Reuters journalists with exclusive access to the ground through their 'insurgent' contacts, who have long been a thorn in the side of occupying forces, lay dead. The Apache crew's primary work is done. The child, and the others, are collateral damage.

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Washington Asserts Colonial-Style Control of Haiti at UN Donors’ Conference

04-04-2010 17:24

"Referring in his remarks to the conference to a social and human tragedy with few parallels in modern history—to which he greatly contributed during his two terms as president—Clinton spoke as if he were discussing a corporate merger or the setting up of a new hedge fund. “My job in the next 18 months,” he said, “is going to be to try to connect the inside and outside forces in a way that maximizes the input and the impact of all the players, and minimizes the frictions and transaction costs.”

Aside from setting up more garment sweatshops, the main component of the “reconstruction” plan submitted by Haitian President Préval with the blessing of Washington appears to center on relocating impoverished workers from Port-au-Prince to more rural areas. This would serve the two-fold function of permitting a gentrification of the capital, making it more attractive to foreign investors, and disaggregating the working class in the hope of dissipating its potential social and political power."

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Benjamin Fulford's point of view (The Rothchilds and Rockefellers vs The Black D

03-04-2010 15:21

Basically we're dealing with the Royal families of Europe, the Thule Society, and the people who own the printing machines for money worldwide, except for the bank of China... they've been ruled by terror and murder for hundreds of years and they've been very scared. I need to make this clear: there is a different Black Dragon Society that was responsible for trying to create the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere during World War II. And there are still… there are descendants of these people who run an organization that has the same name. We know them, we talk with them, we have similar goals in many ways, but they're a separate organization.

I chose the name "Black Dragon Society" because they set up martial arts centers all over the world, and these are run according to a meritocracy. And they've always had a philosophy against nepotism. So, we're saying, no, the original Black Dragon philosophy was to build a world-wide network for self defense, and never attack.

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The order has been already executed

02-04-2010 22:15

Second editorial by

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Presidential Violence!

02-04-2010 11:30

Few imagined how dangerous a “Black” U.S. presidency could be for Black interests and the prospects for world peace. Barack Obama’s “success” – as it will be judged by those powers with which he has aligned – requires that “we valorize capitalist imperialism, male supremacy, militarism, and white supremacy.”

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Cindy Sheehan's Interview with Hugo Chavez

31-03-2010 14:10

"The path is not to fly a plane into a building. It’s to create consciousness. And then the rest will come on its own. I’d like to take this moment to say hello to people of the United States. And us here in the South, we have a lot of faith. And the people in the North are going to wake up. Just like you have woken. Just like many have had an awakening. You can do great changes in the United States, and in a peaceful way, I hope. Because, what happens in the United States, those changes in the United States depend a lot...the future of the world depends on that a lot."

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CSIS report designates Turkey as the optimum route for a possible Israeli attack

31-03-2010 13:40

Three weeks before the US President Barack Obama’s visit to Ankara in April 2009, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) published a report which claimed that Turkey would be the optimum route for a possible Israeli attack on Iran.

A new CSIS report released in March 2010 makes exactly the same point.

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Website for Social Movements Research

31-03-2010 13:40

The Centre for Civil Society Website an excellent resource
for activists unionists & academics!

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On Iran, is UK again 'helping' the US pursue regime change in the Middle East?

30-03-2010 12:32

Is London really ready to help Washington go down the primrose path of regime change in the Middle East one more time? Because, if Washington follows London’s diplomatic advice, that is, in all probability, the place where American policy will end up.

Full article | 6 comments

Private Prisons a good idea for Ireland - Espcially with the Economic Downfall?

28-03-2010 22:47

In recent years the British government has given reputable private security firms (like G4S Justice Services/Reliance Custodial Services etc) the responsibility of prison transport/court custody/youth detention/police station custody/immigration detention & even the responsibility of policing the general prison population in so-called private prisons across the nation.

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Miliband is lying about Iran's nuclear program

28-03-2010 19:33

UK Foreign Minister David Miliband before the Iraq Inquiry, 8 March 2010
UK Foreign Minister David Milliband has an op-ed in the International Herald Tribune calling for sanctions on Iran that hits all the usual talking points: that Iran is going nuclear, that a nuclear-armed Iran would cause proliferation in the region, that Israel sees Iran as an existential threat would "act in self-defense" against Iran, and that Iran has failed to "come clean" on its nuclear progam. All of these points are of course entirely false.

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Chavez: Clinton thinks US owns 'the continent'

28-03-2010 14:22

Condoleezza Clinton
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez scorns US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an ancient thinker, charging her with interfering in Venezuelan domestic affairs. "She still considers herself the imperial lady. She is behind the times," Chavez said during his visit to Ecuador on Friday. "She still thinks the United States is the owner of this continent," he added. Chavez made the remarks after Clinton criticized Caracas over the detention of television station owner Guillermo Zuloaga.

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Media Disinformation regarding America’s Afghan War

28-03-2010 10:24

"For its part, the occupation forces’ ISAF Joint Command issued an “operational update” mentioning that on the night of March 24/25th its forces had searched a compound outside Zerah Ghar, Tere Zayi district of Khost Province and captured “two Taliban sub-commanders” as well as “several other insurgents,” lots of ammunition and money.[18] The official communiqué concluded with the usual, “no shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were harmed during these operations.” But a day later, when the two civilian deaths in Chergotah could no longer be concealed, NATO published the usual promise of an investigation and the “our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible accident and their families.”
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