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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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BBC is giving Livingstone unjustified one-sided Crossrail propagqanda

26-04-2007 15:25

The BBC is allowing London mayor Ken Livingstone the sort of one-sided platform to lie to people of the UK and lie against the people of London. The BBC London this afternoon [1415 GMT on Thursday 26 April 2007] gave Livingstone yet another one sided platform to lie for the hugely flawed Cross rail hole project.

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Somalia Islamic Courts Like Golden Age Compared to US backed Violence in Somalia

26-04-2007 13:42

A report from Chatham House, the influencial UK think tank blames US interference in Somalia for the current violence and says the Islamic Courts rule overthrown by CIA back Ethiopian troops last year now sems like a 'golden age'.

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Demented Taliban Leader Evokes Dead Osama from Beyond the Grave

26-04-2007 12:54

Dadullah, who is demented, as most of the Taliban leadership suffers from dementia, does not offer proof for his statements because there is no proof, not that this would ever stop CNN from posting irresponsible headlines. CNN, while stating that Cheney was secreted away in a bomb shelter when the “attack” occurred, does not bother to mention Cheney was indeed a mile away, safe and sound even if he stood outside.

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Tariq Ali at The Drum - Thu 17 May 7.30pm

26-04-2007 09:39

The Drum in partnership with South Asian Alliance & the Venezuela Information Centre presents:

Resistance, Radicalism and Writing: In Conversation with Tariq Ali

Thu 17 May 7.30pm at The Drum

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Capitol protestors campaign to impeach Bush

26-04-2007 01:07

Impeach Bush
"The only solution to end this war is to impeach them, impeach the liars, impeach the murderers, and get our troops home," she said.

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Holocaust Redux

25-04-2007 19:52

Of course the Empire will never call what is happening in Iraq a Holocaust, for to do so would criminalize the very enterprise of destroying a nation and its people for the purpose of controlling its vast oil fields.

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Pat Tillman and the “Elaborate Lies” of Psychopathic Rulers

25-04-2007 19:38

Pat Tillman, the football star who walked away from an NFL career to fight a manufactured enemy in Afghanistan, where he was shot dead by his own troops, was shamelessly exploited by the Pentagon, and became part of yet another lie.

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Travesty of War: Lest we Forget

25-04-2007 14:38

For reasons too numerous to cite, I weep as I write this piece. Today is the highly emotive, for Aussies and Kiwis, ANZAC day – a day of remembrance and commemoration for those who desperately seek a national identity in a modern alienated society. There is NOTHING whatsoever to glorify in War. WAR is the lowest form of human expression; those who glorify it deserve our unrelenting critical attention. Those who attempt to exploit highly emotive and largely mythologised events deserve to be questioned, what are their real intentions?

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Tens of thousands remember Anzac murderers and tens of millions stayed home

25-04-2007 05:16

Don't show your support for the ex-service community and in particular for the militants that are currently occupying Iraq and Afghanistan with the estimated 655,000 dead in Iraq and the dead Afghanistan's that the militants have refused to count to date.

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Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

24-04-2007 23:29

It's not fascism when we do it...
On the internet people have been pointing out that the USA (and the UK not that far behind) is sliding into fascism, but this isn't something that the mainstream media will touch, after all they are a part of the problem. The following article by Naomi Wolf, published in the Guardian today is an exception to this and although reposts from the mainstream are rightly frowned upon here this article does deserve being an exception to the rule.

It is interesting to contrast the following article with the view of the USA that some on the UK left have, for example Mark Osbourn of the AWL considers that John Pilger has a "pathological hatred of the western powers which leads to the repeated and idiotic allusion that the US/UK leaders bear a similarity to Nazis": The article by John Pilger that Mark Osbourn is refering to can be read here:

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Basic Income: Freedom for Every Individual

24-04-2007 17:27

Katya Kipping rightly characterizes basic income as a democracy package. Solving a material question and strengthining civil rights and personal autonomy are joined. With basic income, the individual even when weak is made a strong subject.

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A Review of Chris Hedges' American Fascists

24-04-2007 12:38

Christian Right efforts to make America a fascist theocracy

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Blair versus the OECD

24-04-2007 10:37

Not content with spying on CAAT (Campaign Against Arms Trade), it seems NuLabour are launching a campaign of harrassment and smears aimed the OECD ( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ).

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Australia: g20 solidarity action this morning

24-04-2007 08:06

g20 solidarity
This morning the first four arrestees appeared in the Melbourne Children’s Court, part of the continuing politically motivated police and state campaign against protestors following the demonstrations at the G20 in November. A solidarity action was held at 10am outside the courtroom in support of the arrestees.

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It's "International TV Turnoff Week" - kill your TV and get a life!

23-04-2007 13:25

Reality TV?
It's's "International TV Turnoff Week" this week - turn off your TV, do something fun with friends, live a little!

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Frantic Lunge from Drowning Conservative

23-04-2007 12:43

Howard’s latest glib contribution, ‘Australia Rising’, delivered at the Queensland Media Club today, is yet another attempt to claw back into favour and steal attention away from the Murdoch endorsed future Prime Minister, Kevin (I can suck harder than you) Rudd. Howard’s spin-doctors have been working overtime to no avail it would seem. Following the ridiculous and desperate attempts to steal the agenda with infantile attacks on US presidential candidates, the HIV positive and most recently Howard's very revealing and ‘removed’ call for divine intervention regarding the water crisis, the “Australia Rising” speech will no doubt be greeted by the public with all the disdain it deserves!

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Bill Clinton: Ambassador of Death

22-04-2007 20:48

How soon we forget. Bill Clinton, according to Edward S. Herman, “has gone beyond the Bush [Senior] record of criminality, and has brought to the commission of war crimes a new eclectic reach and postmodern style. A skilled public relations person, he has refined the rhetoric of humanistic and ethical concern and can apologize with seeming great sincerity for our earlier regrettable sponsorship and support of mass murder in Guatemala while carrying out similar or even more vicious policies in Colombia and Iraq at the same moment….

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Russian Roulette and the War on Iran

22-04-2007 15:38

While Moscow was the only major global power condemning the kidnapping of Iranian diplomats early this year in Northern Iraq, it sharpened the tone as it considered Iran’s seizure of British spies and its subsequent pursuit of its nuclear research activities despite the latest Security Council resolution a ‘provocation.’ A major commentator from Russia’s state news agency, RIA Novosti, even concluded that it is Iran that is ‘provoking’ a war. A couple of days later, the same praises to the skies Tehran’s adroit release of London’s soldiers, thus preventing a possible U.S. attack on April 6. Moscow’s state-run news agency was also the very first one to report the immediate danger of a U.S. nuclear assault on Iran for this month. But in recent days, it seems to backpedal while citing sources assessing an American strike on Iran is not going to happen. But what can we conclude from this potpourri of messages and reports echoing from Moscow?

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There’s hope for us all. Starvation is just a “phenomenon.”

22-04-2007 10:59

Nowhere to live? Don't worry; it's just a phenomenon.

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Australia: Behind the ANZAC Myth - Conscription and World War 1

22-04-2007 01:39

The ANZAC myth has become an integral part of Australian folklore, as the last living witnesses to the carnage that occurred cannot personally challenge the idealised sanitised accounts that are being trotted out each ANZAC Day.
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