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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Remembering Slavery

16-02-2007 17:24

Two hundred years ago the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act was passed by British parliament. There has been much debate in the media about how to commemorate this event. I want to recommend several books that bring to light some of the horrors of that awful trade, the legacy of which still stains the society in which we live today...

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McKiegate - judicial coverup in Scotland

16-02-2007 16:13

Back in 1997, Shirlie McKie, a Scottish cop, was stitched up by fingerprint experts at the Scottish Criminal Records Office. They mistakenly identified her print at a murder scene she hadn't visited. Then they criminally tried to cover up their errors. Eventually unanimous evidence from 171 foreign fingerprint experts cleared her, but many were initially warned off the case by the FBI who feared it would damage their Lockerbie show trial of Libyan agents. Scottish ministers - who have known the facts for 6 years - refused to have a public enquiry. Noone has been charged with the initial murder and none of the fingerprint experts face disciplinary charges let alone criminal charges for their criminal coverup.

Shirlie McKie was able to clear her name partly because she was a cop with an unblemished record, the daughter of a cop with an unblemished record. However, when the SCRO are caught faking evidence and covering it up in one case, it is fair to assume this isn't an isolated case.

The reason for the McKie coverup is stop the Scottish judicial system being discredited - to help keep covering up the Lockerbie bombing.

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Lost Directions

16-02-2007 05:30

The USA is that way! The most servile government in Australian history achieved a new ‘personal best’ in bootlicking today. Yesterday's parliament question time witnessed the Minister of Defence, Brendan (studs) Nelson and the Foreign Minister, Alexander (cream puff) Downer bending over forwards in preparation for Cheney’s visit. Astounding as it may seem to most Australians these two lackeys were attempting to score political points by extolling the virtues of neo-colonial subservience to the United States!

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The Shortwave Report 2/16/07 ¡Listen Globally!

16-02-2007 01:25

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Cuba, and Russia.

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“Vulture Fund” Company Seeks $40 Million Payment from Zambia on $4 Million Debt

16-02-2007 01:24

“Vulture Fund”
“Vulture fund” companies buy up the debt of poor countries at cheap prices, and then demand payments much higher than the original amount of the debt, often taking poor countries to court when they cannot afford to repay. Investigative journalist Greg Palast reports on one company trying to collect $40 million from the government of Zambia after buying its debt for $4 million.

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A look at the bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque in Samarra

15-02-2007 23:54

Information Warfare, Psy-ops and the Power of Myth

The bombing of the Golden Dome Mosque in Samarra is the cornerstone of Bush’s psychological operations (psy-ops) in Iraq. That’s why it is critical to have an independent investigation and discover who is really responsible. The bombing has been used as a "Pearl Harbor-type" event which has deflected responsibility for the 650,000 Iraqi casualties and more than 3 million refugees. These are the victims of American occupation not civil war.

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Taking Aim: Brzezinski Breaks Rank Over The Pending Nuclear Attack On Iran

15-02-2007 23:15

One hour radio show from Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone on the threat of a US attack on Iran. Recorded on Feburary 12th 2007.

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Stop the execution of three Iraqi women who resist the occupation

15-02-2007 22:56

The executions of what they call " terrorists" and " criminals" in their dozens have been going on over a year now. A public execution took place in Mosul City, North of Iraq, two months ago. However, this is the first time we hear about sentencing women to death.

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And the Iranian Mortar Story Keeps Growing

15-02-2007 22:15

Why is it that apparently, the only arms of Iranian military contractors who don’t have a website in Arabic or Farsi are those whose products are the target of American accusation? Something is afoot, yet I know not what…

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UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

15-02-2007 21:49

How UN peacekeepers are used as thuggish paramilitary enforcers for empire.

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Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment—Part 2

15-02-2007 21:24

Stop the Bombing
Shortly after the US-led invasion of 2001, international donors committed roughly US$5 billion for Afghan reconstruction.

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The strange case of the Australian PM and the American Senator

15-02-2007 20:49

Denouncing the US Democrats
These issues are being deliberately censored because the entire Australian political and media establishment is complicit in the war crimes of the Bush administration and the Howard government.

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Afghanistan - Canadian Senate Report Excerpted

15-02-2007 18:07

Anyone expecting to see the emergence in Afghanistan within the next several decades of a recognizable modern democracy ... is dreaming in Technicolor.

Chris Alexander (former Ambassador to Afghanistan) said it would take 5 generations of effort to make a difference in Afghanistan.

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CSSGJ talk on 'Global Justice and Climate Change'

15-02-2007 09:38

what are the obligations of the global rich in terms of climate change? Does the interdependence of nations means that traditional national-centric notions of 'obligation' and 'desert' are irrelevant? What is the role and responsibility of the global citizen to our fellow planet dwellers?

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With crusader commentators like the BBC's Alan Little, who needs GW Bush ?

15-02-2007 05:15

Alan Little, like Fergal Keane, is one of those over-hyped so-called leftie BBC-platformed 'thinking journalists' that form what can only be called the Polly Toynbee operation against the Muslims of the world. No matter how solid the evidence that Muslims are innocent, Polly Toynbee [who has been given platform by the arch poisonous and racist Guardian, London] will find something somehow that will show the Muslims to be at fault.

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Fool Us Twice? From Iraq to Iran

15-02-2007 01:10

It's déja vu. This time the Bush gang wants war with Iran . Following a carefully orchestrated strategy, they have ratcheted up the "threat" from Iran , designed to mislead us into a new war four years after they misled us into Iraq .

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Iran 81mm Mortar Story: Twists, Turns, and Eating Crow

14-02-2007 23:46

Mike Rivero of the news site What Really Happened has completed a bit of investigative work into the supposed death merchant allegedly responsible for cranking out 81mm mortars, said to be in the arsenal of Iraq’s Shi’a militias.

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Afghanistan under occupation: An assessment—Part 1

14-02-2007 20:57

Almost three decades of conflict
Living conditions for Afghanistan’s 7.5 million city dwellers has also deteriorated in the past five years. Most of the urban population (which is estimated to double to around 13 million by 2015) is concentrated in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif, Jalalabad and Kunduz. All six cities have devastated infrastructures from almost three decades of conflict. Pressures on them have been exacerbated over the past few years by the combined influx of returning refugees, impoverished rural migrants and displaced sections of the population, often fleeing the fighting in the south and east of the country.

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John Howard: Profile of a Coward

14-02-2007 12:15

The Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, has managed to gain some international attention after his hysterical attack on presidential candidate, Barack Obama. The seasoned Australian politician knowingly stated that a victory for Obama OR the Democrats would be a victory for al-Qaeda, “I mean, if I we're running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and pray as many times as possible for a victory not only for Obama but also for the Democrats”.

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Australian militants 'prepared' for Afghanistan anti-occupation resistance

14-02-2007 02:05

Afghanistan anti-occupation resistance
Because when you occupy a sovereign nation you have to include your own protection group, that is, if you want to allegedly reconstruct something that you may have destroyed upon arrival?
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