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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Free in our Time…

24-08-2006 19:22

While we in this country are subjected to endless coverage of fake bomb plots and a ten year old dead white girl case, the 33 Day War has dramatically altered the Middle East and the World. The slaves of Lebanon took the full wrath of their master and did not blink. This is a powerful turning point in the balance of power and marks the beginning of the end of subjugation.

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Are FOX News Employees really “Noncombatants”?

24-08-2006 18:40

We still have absolutey no idea who has captured the two reporters, or - in fact - if the kidnappers were of Palestinian origin.
Israel would absolutely love for the media to leave Gaza and never come back, so that there is no light shown on the plight of Palestinians in Gaza to the rest of the world.

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Kelly - from race equality to 'race relations'

24-08-2006 18:11

Ruth Kelly’s speech is worrying. She is actually arguing for a change in policies regarding race that means toning down the race equality model to go back to old-fashioned race relations model.

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Indymedia is overtaken by racists and Bush-Blair propagadndists

24-08-2006 14:42

This is seen daily.

Every time there is a post with a Muslim or Arabic named contributor, within seconds almost there appears a most various hateful retort.

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©Muhammad Haque/AADHIKARonline 2006

24-08-2006 12:24

The Daily Mail has teamed up with the Blairing BBC bureaucracy in promoting the image of
one of the BBC's ethnicity-linked peddlers, George Alagiah. The project is Bash the Pakis. Alagiah has a strange sounding name. It is curious that someone who is so full of poison against Muslims should have a non-Arabic origin and yet carry an Arabic-sounding surname. He is being flaunted as one of the Blair state's acceptable ethnic surrogates now defending society from Muslims! Ruth Kelly, a reportedly devout Roman catholic, is also being projected as another saviour of society from over-reported Muslim 'threat'! These people are aiding and abetting crimes against society and must be halted. They are breaking ALL the tenets and values that the social struggles of the past 60 years have been about establishing in this country.

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The Lasting Dangers of Unexploded Israeli Cluster Bombs

23-08-2006 23:11

Special Democracy Now! Report from Southern Lebanon: Ana Nogueira Investigates the Lasting Dangers of Unexploded Israeli Cluster Bombs.

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The Dublin Port Tunnel Scam

23-08-2006 22:33

The €1 billion euro Dublin Port Project, directed by Halliburton subsidiary KBR, has been plagued with construction problems, and from this viewpoint alone looks like becoming another financial black hole to the benefit of a military contractor. But there is more to the story: back in 1990, when there was a chance to move Dublin Port, thus providing room for much-needed expansion and removing Port traffic from the city streets, the State chose instead to leave the Port where is was and instead build the Port Tunnel. Earlier this year, the Progressive Democrats, partner in the Irish government, revived the plan to move the Port, when the tunnel was almost complete. This article examines why.

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Restoration of Sparkbrook Cottage Continues Despite Looming Court Case

22-08-2006 13:24

The occupation of the Sparkbrook social centre known as the Cottage of Content is ongoing, yet while court proceedings and legalities are set in place against the occupation, the renovation and revival of the community asset is continuing unabated.

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Sparkbrook Social Centre Occupation Approaches Seventh Week

22-08-2006 13:19

The Sparkbrook community centre neglected by Birmingham council, known as the "Cottage of Content", is approaching its seventh week of occupation, with encouraging progress and community participation increasing.

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Playing Favourites; or a Vicious Sight of Reality

22-08-2006 07:07

There is people who still believes that Israel has a right over the rest of the people, to jill or condemnd to prevent sometihng that they are building

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Tea Party at the Hague

22-08-2006 03:25

Is the Hague court a joke or have we just lost our sense of perspective? The latest indiscriminate slaughter of children and innocent civilians in Lebanon by ‘God’s chosen’ seems not to warrant the attention of the Hague court. Carla Del Ponte’s latest remonstration against the Serbian leadership for not delivering war criminals to her court seems ‘slightly’ dissociative in view of recent events. Her obsession with Serbs now borders on the pathological. Would the civilian death toll in Iraq warrant her attention? Iraq now approaches one hundred thousand innocent civilian deaths – eighty percent directly attributable to the forces of occupation!

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Why hasn't the Iran war started yet ?

21-08-2006 09:06

Kurdish population map

If the US wanted an excuse to start attacking Iran, then they got it this week, when Iran fired shells into the Qandil Mountain area of northern Iraq, killing two Iraqis and wounding four.

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Convicted attention seeker Jack Roche called by afp as informant

21-08-2006 08:21

The afp fraud and the abc propaganda!
The afp fraud and the abc propaganda, and spin should not persist any longer in the fear that our children with be indoctrinated with stupidity by imbeciles and morons making ridiculous claims in a court of law just like they were in the movies or something.

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Caught! The FBI Lies Again

20-08-2006 15:02

Remember when the FBI informed us that the notorious anthrax letters sent through the mail came as a complete surprise, especially the fact that the contaminated letters cross-contaminated others? Well by now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the FBI lied to us yet again.

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AUSTRALIA: Today's Sunday Telegraph?

20-08-2006 13:48

DNA matching latest murder victim?
Sunday Telegraph reporter finds Ivan Milat story on Indy, publishes it today, 3 months after events

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The CIA: They Do Kill People, Don't They?

20-08-2006 13:47

"Bove was a master at detecting hidden phone networks. Recently, at the direction of Milan prosecutors, he'd used mobile phone records to trace how a "Special Removal Unit" composed of CIA and SISMI (the Italian CIA) agents abducted Abu Omar, an Egyptian cleric, and flew him to Cairo where he was tortured. The Omar kidnapping and the alleged involvement of 26 CIA agents, whom prosecutors seek to arrest and extradite, electrified Italian media. U.S. media noted the story, then dropped it."

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Hundreds remember four million civilians killed in the war in Adelaide?

20-08-2006 13:44

four million civilians killed
But the lowest casualty estimates for the Vietname war, based on the now-renounced North Vietnamese statements, are around 1.5 million Vietnamese killed. Vietnam released figures on April 3, 1995 that a total of one million Vietnamese militants and four million civilians were killed in the war. The accuracy of these figures has generally not been challenged. 58,226 American militants also died in the war or are missing in action. Australia lost almost 500 of the 47,000 militants they had deployed to Vietnam and New Zealand lost 38 militants."

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Bomb Plots, Elections, Smokescreens, and the Way Forward

19-08-2006 21:43

A Democratic victory in November in the U.S. will do nothing to halt the Bush regime drive for global empire. Only driving the regime from power can hope to do so.

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Scan Dot Org - 'Nimbin bites back' part 1

19-08-2006 05:49

Live re-enactment of the 1976 'cattle truck bust' length: 29 mins. 128 kb/s stereo 27 MB

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San Francisco Bay View Newspaper Under Attack - By Leuren Moret

19-08-2006 03:30

San Francisco Bay View newspaper - the Best Black
Newspaper in the US! [They print the truth when no one
else will.]
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