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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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£22,000 for man arrested after watching stop-and-search

15-10-2009 16:18

50-year old Black youth worker set to receive apology and compensation from the British Tansport Police after going to High Court, following IPCC rejection

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October Surprise: Peace Prize to a War Criminal

14-10-2009 19:42

The Nobel Committee's tradition is long and inglorious, but for the well-informed no surprise. Past nominees included Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Tony Blair, Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush. Mahatma Gandhi got four nominations but never won.

American war making continues, sanctified and legitimized under Obama's peacemaker mantle. In fact, his speeches are disingenuous and lie-filled. He disdains peace. The renamed "Global War on Terror" is now the "Overseas Contingency Operation." His ambition is global dominance. His method - imperial wars with a first-strike nuclear option.

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Chavez’s Lines: ¡¡Viva El Che!!

14-10-2009 13:28

"What has Obama done to deserve this award? The jury praised as crucial feature his wish for a world without nuclear weapons, forgetting his efforts to perpetuate his battalions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and his decision to install new military bases in Colombia. For the first time, we are witnessing an award with the nominee having done nothing to deserve it: rewarding someone for a wish that is very far from becoming reality.

But that is the world. Imagine someone giving a pitcher the Cy Young Award at the beginning of the season, only because he said he will win 50 games, will not lose any, will strike out 500 batters and his ERA will not exceed 0.5. Rosines[3] said: “No Way!” Meanwhile, daily engaged as were are, in the solution of a thousand problems, it is an immense joy that fills the soul to see how we move with more libertarian determination towards the consolidation of a real alternative for our peoples, although from Washington they tell us that we should be a more "constructive" country for the region. The things people say! In reality what “worries” them is the way we are moving towards a destination that puts the people of America at the epicenter of change and not in their failed "little free trade agreements” that crashed against the united valor of the people determined to be free and sovereign.

¡Viva el Che! ¡Hasta la victoria siempre! ¡Venceremos!"

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The still-missing central fact in the Iran drama

13-10-2009 22:28

"Does that sound like the CIA actually knows whether Iran ever even discovered "that its cover had been blown," let alone that this was the reason the Iranians disclosed the facility to the IAEA? Obviously not. Time can say only that U.S. officials (unnamed, of course) "believe" that this happened — based on what? — but cannot even say how Iran might have learned of the U.S. discovery (that's "unclear"). Plainly, at least according to this account and every other that I've seen, there are no known facts to support the claim that this is what motivated Iran's IAEA disclosure. It's just something that gets asserted without any challenge or questioning."

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No No Third Runway

13-10-2009 22:16

BAA is denying suggestions from the Tory part picked up by the Sunday Times and then other media that it has dropped plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport

Gloating to the Sunday Times, Ms Villiers had said ,"It seems BAA has woken up to the fact that we mean what we say on Heathrow and that there will be no third runway."

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Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War becomes Peace,When the Lie becomes the Truth

12-10-2009 20:56

We are the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history. The US in partnership with NATO and Israel has launched a global military adventure which, in a very real sense, threatens the future of humanity.

At this critical juncture in our history, the Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President and Commander in Chief Barack Obama constitutes an unmitigated tool of propaganda and distortion, which unreservedly supports the Pentagon's "Long War": "A War without Borders" in the true sense of the word, characterised by the Worlwide deployment of US military might.

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The Moment Has Come for a New Constitution in Honduras

12-10-2009 20:29

“We reiterate our condemnation of the coup d’etat and call for national reconciliation, which is why we propose reforms to the Electoral Law and that political organizations convene a referendum so that the citizenry can vote on a new Constitution,” said Alvarez Casildo.

“For black people, this is the moment the entire country finds itself in. It affects everyone. And it represents a historic opportunity to change the direction of Honduras so that the great majority benefit.”

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Obama Nobel Peace Laureate (by Latuff)

12-10-2009 20:02

Obama wins Nobel PEACE Prize!!!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Whither Resilience and Transition? Why 'Peak Oil' Has Yet to Outlive its Usefulness

12-10-2009 14:05

It's been a fascinating few days. Early in the week, Nate Hagens and Sharon Astyk were suggesting the perhaps the term 'peak oil' has outlived its usefulness, given that we have almost certainly peaked, and that the peak oil movement needs to shift its focus. It echoed something I wrote a while ago, likening ASPO and the wider peak oil movement to a Loch Ness Monster Society, dedicated to establishing the existence of this fabled creature. They organise conferences, scientific searches of the loch, write papers and journals, and then one day, an entire, intact Loch Ness Monster washes up on the shore. Then what? They have no reason to exist any longer, their whole raison d'etre vanishes overnight.

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Obama: Manufacturing A Savior––A Case Study In Social Engineering, Zahir Ebrahim

12-10-2009 11:56

Is the Norwegian Nobel Committee imbecilic? Or is it under the influence of some bizarre psychotropically induced “hope” that President Barack Obama might end World War IV sooner than expected? That American bombs, and American sponsored destabilizations and balkanizations, while bringing peace, might kill fewer innocent civilians and destroy fewer nations than thought earlier? What's really going on here? The Manufacturing of a 'Savior'.

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AUDACITY IN NORWAY!: It's a morbid joke, right? Barack Obama? Nobel Peace Prize?

12-10-2009 02:58

The Audacity of Hype! Not since Henry Kissinger was given "the Peace Prize" in 1973 has the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize involved such a sad and tragic irony. Between now and delivering his "Peace" Prize acceptance speech, Obama will be sending drones to bomb mostly collaterally innocent people every week (in their homes, marketplaces, villages, and even wedding parties). He will be continuing to operate George 'Dubya' Bush's practically beyond-the-law, rendition-torture gulags (notoriously, Gitmo & Bagram). He will be expanding the technological advancements, types and potential "usability" of U.S. nuclear weapons (while supposedly also being awarded "for his attempts to curb nuclear proliferation"). And, he will be, upon their every request, militarily resupplying a racist apartheid state (Israel) with cumulatively billions of dollars worth of cluster, DIME and phosphorus bombs, no matter how many fleeing families upon whom that state will use those execrable terror weapons. The Nobel Peace Committee must still be high on the 'Obamalade' to make such a blatant mockery of what the Nobel prize for peace(!) should stand for. Or, should they now call it the Nobel "Peace Is War" Prize? [ --JA]

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Peak oil before 2020 a 'significant risk', say experts

11-10-2009 19:15

There is a “significant risk” that conventional oil production will peak before 2020, and forecasts that delay the event beyond 2030 are based on assumptions that are “at best optimistic and at worst implausible”. So says a major new report that puts the excitement over recent ‘giant’ oil discoveries in perspective and directly contradicts the British government’s position. It also warns that failure to recognize the threat of peak oil could undermine efforts to combat climate change.

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Why Obama? By Zahir Ebrahim

11-10-2009 11:15

These prizes are anything but “empty gestures”. It is both a payoff to tickle the ego of the 'errand boy', and a propaganda seed. In the expert hands of the Mighty Wurlitzer, such a gift can convince the masses of the most ridiculous absurdities, like the War on Terror already has. The proof of these statements of fact is both empirical, and historical. Watch Barack Obama crafted into a fine new global 'savior' at the expense of the 'untermenschen'. That's why the United States President, ceremoniously presiding over the most militarized superpower in the world which has just devastated two civilizations to smithereens, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize while he rapidly accelerates his war prosecution to bring “peace” in a one-world government.

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Columbus' 'discovery' of America: the greatest hoax of all times?

11-10-2009 03:07

Instead of winning Nobel Peace Prizes, who in Washington D.C. will ever discover the flowing, over flowing Mandinga truth about this world one day?

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War and Peace Prizes

10-10-2009 19:19

The dismaying gift of the Nobel prize puts Barack Obama on the list of its winners who promised peace but prosecuted war.

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Champagne politics with a cutting edge

10-10-2009 12:59

Rouge economics
Mr. David Cameron, head of the Conservative Party, has announced the politics of the party in the case that they get political majority at the parliament election in June 2010 and then can form a new government. And one is tempted to conclude that this is Tory Politics as per usual, or a way of getting yet more money to the rich so they can continue there leisure life with champagne, Rolls Royce and cheap domestic staff.

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U.S. ‘Personality Assassination’ of a Palestinian Ally

10-10-2009 12:08

Viewed from the Middle East, the United States, which had signed agreements with more than seventy nations worldwide to ensure that American military are immune against national and international persecution in cases of human law violations, was perceived as providing a similar shield that would ensure that the Israeli military are similarly immune and above the international law, and has embroiled the Palestinian Authority in this network of political protection of Israeli suspects of human rights violations against its own people in the Gaza Strip.

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Let the (small) circle (of insiders) be unbroken...

10-10-2009 08:40

A pair of physicists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich did a physics-based analysis of the world economy as it looked in early 2007. Stefano Battiston and James Glattfelder extracted the information from the tangled yarn that links 24,877 stocks and 106,141 shareholding entities in 48 countries, revealing what they called the "backbone" of each country's financial market. These backbones represented the owners of 80 percent of a country's market capital, yet consisted of remarkably few shareholders.

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How to win the Nobel Peace Prize by Zahir Ebrahim

10-10-2009 03:05

Pardon me if I am not tripping all over myself congratulating the “peace prize” winners!

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more analysis on the Eon Kingsnorth annoucement

08-10-2009 15:13

EON confirmed to us that they are shelving any investment in Kingsnorth for 2-3 years, reasoning that a reduction in electricity demand in the UK due to global recession meant that new coal isn’t necessary right now, and that the marginal economics of coal now when compared to alternatives like gas mean they cannot justify an investment case. They are keen to stress this is suspension rather than a cancellation, that they remain committed to coal and CCS, and that they intend to remain part of the Government’s plans. What is significant is that we have turned the process of building plants like Kingsnorth in to such a drawn-out, expensive and unpopular mission that it is no longer worth the effort. Kingsnorth was originally expected to gain approval 2 years ago, with construction starting about now. Instead, there is still no decision on Kingsnorth, the Government still doesn’t have a coherent coal policy and the lifeline for new coal of money for CCS still hasn’t materialized. Worse for them, it is now not possible to build completely unabated coal plants at all in the UK, which means they have to take a risk on trialing an untried, untested additional technology. So it’s a very hard place to do business if you want to build coal.
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