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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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A New Web Resource for Researchers

24-03-2005 12:17

A new web site describes the life and career of Prem Pal Singh Rawat, leader of the Elan Vital organization, and self described Inspirational Speaker and 'successful private investor'

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Iraq, oil and conspiracy theories

24-03-2005 07:49

"... we may be right or we may be wrong, I mean people have their different views about why we're doing this thing. But the oil conspiracy theory is honestly one of the most absurd when you analyse it." Tony Blair, 6 Feb 2003

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Notting Hill Housing Trust - Clive Soley MP - Ms Sindy Finn

23-03-2005 23:35

Check out the Waldman web site to see the harassment meted out by my landlords - Notting Hill Housing Trust against me.

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If Britain were Iraq, what would it be like?

23-03-2005 19:34

What would Britain look like if it were in Iraq's current situation? The population of the UK is over twice that of Iraq, so a lot of statistics would have to be multiplied by that number.

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Third International Conference on the Impact of Environmental Factors

23-03-2005 18:32

Third International Conference on the Impact of Environmental Factors
on Health. call for papers/ abstracts..

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NUS delegates enter discourse of oppression by Coca-Cola at NUSSL conference

23-03-2005 15:25

Given partial information regarding the activities of Coca-Cola in India and Colombia, the National Union of Students' buying consortium met in Liverpool this week and renewed a contract with Coca-Cola. However, the topic hot on everyone's lips was Coca-Cola; the ground work is prepared for continued work to tell the truth about Coke.

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Loyalisy violence escalates

23-03-2005 15:24

We wonder why the English media didn't make the fuss over the murder of Pat Finucane, that they currentlty are over that of Robert McCartney.

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UK Election: a vote for peace

23-03-2005 11:42

This is one of the most important UK elctions ever this coming May. And much more difficult to fix than the US ones were. Lets make sure it's not a Blair / Howerd Punch and Judy show and that we use our votes - and access to voting record of our MP's - intelligently for promoting peace and sending the gullible and warmongering MP's down into the dustbin of history. If you agree with my three point voting plan please promote it amongst your UK friends and neighbours. The hopes and fears of countless millions around the world are riding on this one.

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Why I'll vote Lib Dem, by Tariq Ali

23-03-2005 10:49

Tariq Ali writes "Punish the warmongers: vote Lib Dem" in Red Pepper. It appears next to an article with a title he'd have done well to remember: "The government always gets in"

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Through a Glass Darkly: Scott Ritter's Raw Story Interview

23-03-2005 02:02

Eric David Stein critiques Scott Ritters latest comments on the neocons
and the possibility of a terrorist attack in the US, suggesting that

Ritter's views carry serious political liabilities.

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Jubilee line case implicated Blairs

22-03-2005 19:18

The jubilee line trial today has collapsed due to 'disruption' of jurors. What the mainstream press seems to forget is that had it continued the trial would have been very very embarrassing for the Blairs!

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The death of the Dollar

22-03-2005 15:12

The global financial system is in it's endgame.

This is fundamentally down to geophysical reality in that all economies boil down to energy and the current economic system needs perpetual growth to continue existing.

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Choiceless Choice: Dover Kent's 2005 Election Candidates

22-03-2005 11:40

Here in the beloved arsehole of England, where everything passes through, voters are left with the usual meaningless and ludicrous charade as the general election approaches.

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Freenet - The Free Network Project

22-03-2005 00:47

Censorship has always been a powerful weapon in the armoury of the state from the well known and publicised examples of book burning to the less obvious examples of film, television and radio censorship that goes on daily at the beheast of all governments in all countries.

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21-03-2005 18:49

Poem about American liberal Yuppies vigiling for Peace while their lifestyles are causing the wars and injustices (and Bush administrations) that are destroying the World.
This is from Vermont--The Vigi State, Home of the TRULY Ugly American.

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Susan Karim’s trip to Baghdad March 2005

21-03-2005 14:22

Start of leg from Glenrothes to Lochgelly on Friday October 24th 2003.
This is a 1,500 word with 11 photos of the trip made to Baghdad by Susan Karim in March 2005. Susan organised two sponsored walks for Iraqi orphans in 2003, the first from Dundee to Edinburgh and the second from Edinburgh to Glasgow. She went to Iraq in 2004 and again this year.

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21-03-2005 05:38

Home demolitions by IDF
The Ties That Blind
US Foreign Policy Dangerously Slanted Toward Israel
Former CIA analyst

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USA ban right person - shocker!

20-03-2005 11:32

In a move that has suprised many, US authorities have banned Narendra Modi,, who headed the government of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Gujarat when hindu extremists rioted and killed 2,500 muslims. After pressure from civil rights groups, Modi was refused entry by the United States which cited violation of religious freedom as the reason. However he will now address two meetings of expatriate Hindus via satellite this Sunday...

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Iraq protest report.

20-03-2005 01:56

An eyewitness account of today's antiwar demonstration in London, followed by a brief restaurant review, then a synopsis and diagnosis.

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Bonjour Tristesse - the story of Jean Seberg's destruction by COINTELPRO.

19-03-2005 00:41

Jean in `Bonjour Tristesse` with David Niven and Deborah Kerr. Made in 1958.
This is a 3,800 word article with photos and declassified documents showing the smearing of 1960's actress and activist Jean Seberg by the FBI's COINTELPRO (COunter INTELligence PROgramme).
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