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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Economist likens ConDem cuts to conditions which Hitler rode to power on

31-03-2011 00:45

ConDem austerity measures or 'cuts' for short are compared by Oxford Economist Martin Summers to the conditions that brought Hitler to power. Plus, is the symbolism in Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings about a coming World War?

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My march for the alternative

30-03-2011 19:54

Last Saturday up to 500,000 people joined the TUC's March for the Alternative. Many hundreds, if not thousands, of other people protested against the Con-Dem cuts in different, spikier, ways. Here's my story and reflections.

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Nato’s fascist war

30-03-2011 13:39

Reflexiones de Fidel Castro
You didn’t have to be clairvoyant to foresee what I wrote with great detail in three Reflection Articles I published on the CubaDebate website between February 21 and March 3: “The NATO Plan Is to Occupy Libya,” “The Cynical Danse Macabre,” and “NATO’s Inevitable War.” Not even the fascist leaders of Germany and Italy were so blatantly shameless regarding the Spanish Civil War unleashed in 1936, an event that maybe a lot of people have been recalling over these past days. Almost 75 years to the day have passed since then, but nothing that has happened over the last 75 centuries, or even 75 millenniums of human life on our planet can compare.

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You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything – more thoughts on March 26

30-03-2011 12:18

A few thoughts on the condemnation (no pun intended) of the "violent minority" and the idea that the black bloc damaged our image.

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Media disinformation: The protest movement in Syria

29-03-2011 22:54

Presented below are four reports of the same protest movement in the Southern Syrian city of Daraa, Associated Press, The Guardian, Israeli National News, Ya Libnan (Lebanese News).

Spot the difference.

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Planned regime change in Libya

29-03-2011 14:57

Obama’s speech to the nation on Libya, National Defense University,28 March 2011
A March 25 White House press release announced Obama's planned March 28 national TV speech: "to update the American people on the situation in Libya, including the actions we've taken with allies and partners to protect the Libyan people from the brutality of Moammar Qaddafi, the transition to NATO command and control, and our policy going forward."

Imagine the hypocrisy. US-style "humanitarian intervention" reigns death and destruction "to protect the Libyan people." Recall how "shock and awe" protected Iraqis, how war on Afghanistan helps Afghans and neighboring Pakistanis from predatory drone and ground attacks. Libyans are now tasting imperial viciousness firsthand.

In fact, all US wars are imperial, not humanitarian, a long discredited propaganda ruse major media reports don't explain. Instead they cheerlead for war no matter how lawless, mindless, destructive or counterproductive, spreading malicious misinformation to justify intervention, concealing or downplaying the fallout from all conflicts let alone why they're waged.

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Violence and Antiviolence

29-03-2011 14:27

Violence and Antiviolence

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Why we took out Ann Summers on Saturday 26 March:

29-03-2011 01:36

A response to the confusion emerging from the broken Ann Summers windows on a march about... CUTS?!

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Dancing in the Streets: Reflections on 26th March

28-03-2011 23:05

Thoughts on some of the pros and cons of Saturday's demo, and where we go from here.

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#ukuncut #ukunstuck what was the point?

28-03-2011 16:25

My sympathies go out to everyone in UKUncut who ended up being arrested piling out of Fortnum & Mason on Saturday, but I hope the question "what was the point of that?" is being asked amongst the organisers and the wider activist community.

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Animal Warfare Revels: Bobby Roberts Address!

28-03-2011 14:51

Bobby Roberts Super Circus conveniently posted their own details on the net!

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Obama in Brazil: hearts and minds operations

26-03-2011 20:12

March 26, 2011; from the south of Brazil, Bruno Lima Rocha (, political scientist (phd and msc), and journalist (bsc)

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March 26th:Where do we go from here? (complete version)

26-03-2011 09:59

Open Discussion leaflet for today's demo. Please feel free to comment or pass it on.

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March 26th Demo: Where do we go from here?

26-03-2011 09:16

What do we do after today's march. What is behing the cuts and the drive to war? Why Labour is not an alternative.

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Increasing the uncertainty: beyond activism as usual

25-03-2011 12:36

As we edge closer to the TUC demonstration this Saturday the internet, airwaves and blogosphere are becoming increasingly excited about what might happen. However, as is to be expected, much of this is already focusing on the usual themes of police fairness/repression, the likelihood of violence etc. This article seeks to reaffirm the real successes of the previous few months – an openness to change, a new found humility and greater social resonance – by calling for an intervention which focuses on moving towards uncertainty rather than falling back on tired, clichéd direct action strategies.

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About public debt,budget deficit and the General Strike on Saturday

25-03-2011 12:04

About public debt,budget deficit and the General Strike on Saturday

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Obama’s imperial twist: “Humanitarian” regime change in Libya

24-03-2011 21:54

President Obama demanded regime change in Libya more than three weeks ago, but now acts as if that’s not his policy. He will use the assault on Muamar Khadafi’s forces to introduce so-called “humanitarian intervention” as an anchor of the Obama Doctrine. Regime change will remain a basic tool, while the “humanitarian” ruse expands imperial options. Obama may well opt to turn Libya into a kind of protectorate, as Haiti has become. Meanwhile, France interprets the UN mandate in Libya as allowing the Euro-Americans to act as air support for the rebel armed forces, as the French did at Benghazi.

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Another "Bankers' Budget" From George Osborne

24-03-2011 10:08

Osborne was held up by a small group of courageous female protesters
As Chancellor George Osborne prepared to leave Downing Street for Parliament and deliver his budget on Wednesday afternoon, he found his way temporarily blocked by a small group of courageous female demonstrators. The women locked onto each other, compelling police to remove them from the road. Others held a banner proclaiming "Block the Bankers' Budget". It was a small taste of what is to come, ahead of the big anti-cuts demo on Saturday.

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Obama’s War in Libya

23-03-2011 21:30

The continuity between the Bush and Obama administration’s is now complete. Almost exactly eight years after Bush invaded Iraq, Obama’s Euro-American military alliance swooped down on Libya to enforce a western world order. “Obama definitely took a page out of the Bush administration recipe book,” including “peddling scary stories of poison gas stockpiled at a remote desert location.” All this may serve Obama well in domestic opinion polls, since “American blood lust is always just below the surface.”

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BBC to be funded by US State Department.

23-03-2011 12:02

The BBC World Service division, responsible for foreign language broadcasting of "news" into other nations around the world, has approached the US State Department for funding.
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