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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Yet more Iranian propaganda

22-05-2006 21:05

Uncle big mac and fries is getting the billions to build Star Wars in Pooland, even though the U.S. is the most in debt nation there has ever been. Looks like the evil greenback is going to be waysided long before then, particularly if Iran and Russia move to Euros. Here are a few reposts for all you Iran watchers out there - all propaganda...

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I killed over 200 innocent people!

22-05-2006 21:01

We would shoot his youngest kid...
'If he didn't answer the way we liked, we would shoot his youngest kid in the head': Ex-GI

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LONDON (24th): Radical Academics in Neoliberal University Inc

22-05-2006 13:06

Radical Academics in Neoliberal University Inc: Experiences and Horizons

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The Petrodollar: America’s Achilles Heel

22-05-2006 11:10

Virtual Chicano is webmaster and political commentator for Chicano Forums

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Demonstations in East End on day Crossrail hole MPs due to visit

22-05-2006 08:27

The UK House of Commons select committee on the hybrid Crossrail Bill - dubbed by the East End campaigners as the CrossRail hole Bill - are due to visit the area on Tuesday 23 May 2006. Demonstrators are preparing to draw attention to the unnecessary devastation Crossrail hole Bill will cause to the area unless the Bill is scrapped in its present form

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"Dangerous Quakers" & Bowing to the Police State

21-05-2006 03:26

Like the proverbial frog in slowly boiling water
"Like the proverbial frog in slowly boiling water, we have become inured to what goes on in the name of national security. Recent disclosures about increased government surveillance and illegal activities would be shocking, were it not for the prevailing outrage/fatigue brought on by a long train of abuses.

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Atomic Energy & ID Cards

21-05-2006 01:46

Let's return to where I began and Bush the Lessor's comments. Can we "trust the man"? Think the invasion of Iraq; Tampa; the Patrick Docks affair and his infamous "Wik" map. All lies and deception. Just like Blair and Bush, it is fairly well established that Howard is not someone you can "take . to the bank".

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Truth to Power - Death to George W Bush - The Johnny Wizard Conundrum

20-05-2006 21:16

"Johnny out does himself again with yet another record breaking performance!"

"The Greatest Show of History, and he REALLY means it this time!
Oh my God I can't believe it even!"

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Banging your head against a brick Wal-Mart

18-05-2006 22:32

Do you shop at ASDA? Possibly the shiny new one on the Old Kent Road (previously a squatted community). They are owned by US super corp Wal-Mart. Find out how they keep prices so low.

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Going nuclear

18-05-2006 12:28

Why has Tony Blair got the hots for nuclear power all of a sudden?

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Free America Now

18-05-2006 12:22

Iran, Iraq, Libya, Egypt and many more countries paid their prices for similar zionised corporate terrorisms in the past and even paying today. Thanks to Bin Laden and others! Because of them, Latin American countries are not facing stronger Zionised Corporate American Terrorism!!

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VOW Says NO to Canadian Troops in Combat Role

18-05-2006 05:23

Canadian troops serving under US Command
The Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) is urging its members and other concerned Canadians to contact their MPs to vote against the motion of the government slated for debate Wednesday may 17th.

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“The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name.”

18-05-2006 04:52

(Da Vinci's lament)

Moses identifies his God in Exodus 15:3 – interesting description to say the least. Moses is either a liar or his God is a bloodthirsty God of War. There are numerous references in the text confirming without doubt that the God of the Old Testament is a murdering sociopath suffering from an unquenchable blood lust. Numerous verses and passages offer incontestable proof to that effect but there are none better than the story of Jericho. Jericho stands as the oldest record of premeditated genocide. Kill everyone regardless; men, women, children and suckling infants.

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Ahmadinejad writes letter to Bush! EXCLUSIVE!

17-05-2006 22:33

a little fun
with the Iran sham

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BBC Radio One DJ Tim Westwood's Favouritism towards Universal Records Artists?

17-05-2006 19:52

The State of Public Service Broadcasting in the 21st Century?

MP3 link attached

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Irish to Protest Howard Visit

16-05-2006 23:41

Western cheerleader for the Bush "war on terror"
Howard visits Ireland next week and is to address the Dail (parliament). Howard is the primary Western cheerleader for the Bush "war on terror". Ireland has had its neutrality compromised by the Government hosting 1100 U,S, troops a day at Shannon Airport, County Clare. Check links below for Irish reponses to Howard visit.......

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Brough end of a pineapple

16-05-2006 21:37

They are simply criminals?
The transcript of Mal Broughs vicious libels is online now - I hope he gets his arse sued right off.

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Chavez press conference at GLA HQ.

16-05-2006 19:42

"Last week I say that Señor Bush is an alcoholic donkey...
Definately the most entertaining international guest for a while.

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G W's bicycle...

16-05-2006 16:09

This is a repost from today's all important bike news -
Seems as if Trek are onto a hearts and minds campaign in the White House. Maybe it is time for a well known UK cycle manufacturer to help Tony 'on his bike'.

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LONDON: MEET PRESIDENT CHAVEZ - He calls Bush 'Hitler' and Blair 'the pawn'.

16-05-2006 12:36

The US 'PNAC pack' versus Venezuela: ''But the sanctions may not make much difference. Last year, on Chavez's orders, Venezuela's military began shifting arms-purchasing to non-US sources, including Brazil, China, Russia, and Spain.''
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