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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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White working class? Is that investigative journalism?

06-03-2008 21:41

Most local and national journalism defaults to notions of an underclass of 'losers' without any analysis of how these 'losers' have been structurally excluded. The recent discovery of 'working class' and 'white' as a disadvantaged group is for purely cynical and sensationalist reasons.

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Phony Kosovo 'Independence'

06-03-2008 05:38

Debunking the official story on Kosovo.

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9/11: The Unraveling of the Official Story Continues

05-03-2008 18:45

The official story about 9/11 is disintegrating. The trend shows no sign of abating and in recent weeks it even appears to have accelerated. At the present rate, soon there will be nothing left of the official version of events but a discordant echo and a series of extremely rude after shocks.

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Volunteers or Vultures: Scientology's disaster relief

05-03-2008 16:19

Having given Narconon the once over, a few of our less devout priests decided to take a moment away from tending to our Dark Lord Xenu (his Thetan be praised) to look into Scientology's other most prominent social project, the Volunteer Ministers. They can be seen at most major disasters, from terrorism and university shootings to earthquakes and hurricanes. They even get priviledged information from the Metropolitan Police. Just what are they up to?

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Scientology: what's wrong with Narconon

05-03-2008 13:35

One common response to criticism of the Church of Scientology is to point to its social action projects (less charitably referred to as front groups.) Crime rehabilitation, emergency relief, drug treatment - whatever problems the Church may have internally, they are going out and helping people. Right?

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Britain’s media fashions its “warrior prince”

03-03-2008 19:13

Rarely has the servility of the British media been given such free and full expression.

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Beyond Hope and Doom: Time for a Peak Oil Pep Talk

03-03-2008 11:18

Awareness of Peak Oil, Climate Change, impending global economic implosion, topsoil depletion, biodiversity collapse, and the thousand other dire threats crashing down upon us at the dawn of the new millennium constitutes an enormous psychological burden, one so onerous that most people (and institutions) respond with a battery of psychological defenses-mostly versions of denial and distraction-in an effort to keep conscious awareness comfortably distanced from stark reality. I discuss this in "the Psychology of Peak Oil and Climate Change," chapter 7 of Peak Everything, where I conclude that the healthiest response to dire knowledge is to do something practical and constructive in response, preferably in collaboration with others, both because the worst can probably still be avoided and because engaged action makes us feel better.

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Hear the Hezbollah Newspaper editor the Tory leadership wants to muzzle

02-03-2008 02:12

Bristol Broadband Co-operative's weekly podcast - Dialect - In Friday's edition of the Bristol Evening Post the leader column argued that this Lebanese Newspaper editor should not be allowed to speak in the city. So is Mike Norton's attempt to muzzle Ibrahim Mousawi motivated by a genuine concern to protect the city from terrorists? Or is he just an anti-Arab racist betraying his city on the gold-plated bandwagon of powerful corporations' illegal oil-grabbing wars?

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ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan

02-03-2008 01:19

In a major step for the U.S. labor movement, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) has announced that it will shut down West Coast ports on May 1, to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from the Middle East. This is the first time in decades that an American union has decided to undertake industrial action against a U.S. war. The action announced by the powerful West Coast dock workers union, to stop work to stop the war, should be taken up by unions and labor organizations throughout the United States and internationally. And the purpose of such actions should be not to beg the bourgeois politicians whose hands are covered with blood, having voted for every war budget for six and a half years, but a show of strength of the working people who make this country run, and who can shut it down!

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Venezuela 2008: A libertarian proposal for the current situation

02-03-2008 00:17

El Libertario # 52
* The Collective Editorship of El Libertario,, expounds its vision of which path to follow in the current situation in Venezuela, summed up in the slogan, “Against the (B)oligarchy, demagoguery and corruption: Autonomous struggle of the underdogs!

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US leads world in imprisoning its people

01-03-2008 17:34

In both raw figures and as a percentage of the population, the US is the world leader in the rate at which it puts its people behind bars. A new report using state-by-state data says a record 2,319,258 Americans were in jail or prison at the start of 2008—one out of every 99.1 adults.

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Report on Sefton Park 24th February 2008

01-03-2008 17:31

Logged trees line bank of one of the lakes
On a visit to Sefton Park looking for a location (amongst others being considered) for Merseyside CND's 2008 Peace and Ecology Festival tree felling was very obvious, logs still left around and saw dust.

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Chance for peace: UN should accept Iran's offer to implement Additional Protoco

01-03-2008 00:48

The Campaign Against Sanctions and Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) appeals to the 5+1 group to positively consider Iran’s offer of implementing the Additional Protocol and enter into unconditional negotiations with Iran.

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Yet More Bollocks About Cannabis

28-02-2008 22:44

We feel a campaign coming on so the void is taking out the prohibitionists one muppet at a time.

It makes a change from shooting fish in barrels.

We’ll leave Debra Bell (1) to fester in her ignorance for a while and move on to Mary Brett, UK spokesperson of ‘Europe Against Drugs!’ or EURA (2) for short.

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USA Syndrome (or Why China Is Suddenly Bad)

27-02-2008 16:34

It is often said that the greatest fear of both the politician and the businessman is that somewhere, someone is doing something that he has no control over. Witness the remarkable drive to acquire cheap oil sources by the USA (Iraq – by war, Chad – by bribery, Venezuela – by engineering a coup) and China (Sudan – by bribery, Indonesia – bribery again). Witness the rush to file new patents in everything and anything: 1.7 million in 2005, up from less than 1.1 million in 1995. Anyone would think that something bad was about to happen to the global economy.

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Retired British Rail Manager: Why We Must Re-Nationalise

26-02-2008 01:47

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect.
The BR Interview begins at about 6 minutes in.

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Scientology as Sci-Fi Fascism (corrected)

25-02-2008 18:58

(if an administrator could remove the previous version of this article it would be much appreciated)

Today I was reading Ur-Fascism ( by Umberto Eco. In it he addresses a common political problem: how to define fascism. The problem is the incoherence in fascism either as a philosophy or a movement. Anti-capitalist or pro-business, conservative yet revolutionary, contradictory both within and between movements which take the name. Eco identifies a number of characteristics which are common to fascist movements, while acknowledging that not all will be present in any one movement or philosophy, and that a number of perceived contradictions do not prevent movements being categorised together. These characteristics are described as Ur-Fascism, or Eternal Fascism, the base on which fascist traditions may be built.

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The Creeping Coup - Brezinski Seizing Control Over US Policy

25-02-2008 03:19

World Crisis Radio - In January 2007, Tarpley apparently left RBN and moved to Genesis, where he presented originally the Thursday edition of Genesis World Report; his slot has since moved to Saturday. The format remains as a "world intelligence roundup", quite similar to his RBN show.
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