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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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SDS lies and misdirection

11-01-2011 09:54

The SDS are years old and still going but they are no longer what they were.

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Ratcliffe trial collapses!

10-01-2011 02:36

Mark Kennedy.
According to this BBC Newsnight report, the 10th January trial has collapsed after undercover cop Mark Kennedy changed sides and offered to give evidence on behalf of the defendant's.

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Dissident Island Radio tonight!

07-01-2011 18:16

Off Market // Ratcliffe defendants // Disabling alarm systems // UK Uncut // Lung Collapser

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Wikileaks: a Political-Economic History

06-01-2011 13:22

Despite blanket media coverage of Wikileaks and Julian Assange, there has been little discussion of the fact that Assange is merely one leader within a large and complicated social movement.

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Wikileaks: 1990 cable details crucial meeting on eve of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

06-01-2011 11:39

A previously secret US diplomatic cable from 1990, published by WikiLeaks on New Year’s Day , provides a detailed account of a crucial meeting between the US ambassador to Iraq and Saddam Hussein on the eve of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

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Wikileaks are now Wikidrips?

06-01-2011 11:09

So far this year there have been 12 Cablegate cables released in six days (based on the deoxy rss feed, 8 cables released on 2nd January and 4 on the 4th January 2011) at this rate it won't take 35 years to leak them all it will take 350 years...

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Wikileaks cables reveal how US and UK sought to plunder Zimbabwe’s resources

06-01-2011 10:55

The US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks contain revealing details of how the United States and Britain sought to further their commercial interests in Zimbabwe.

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Kraft Closes Cadbury Plant

05-01-2011 22:44

The US "food" giant Kraft will be closing the Cadbury plant at Keynsham near Bristol in a few days time.

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What’s Behind the War on WikiLeaks and "miirrors."

04-01-2011 19:50

"Though mothers are not the most impartial observers, what Assange’s mother told an Australian newspaper had the ring of truth. "Living by what you believe in and standing up for something is a good thing," she said. "He sees what he is doing as a good thing in the world, fighting baddies, if you like."
That may sound a bit quixotic, but Assange and his associates appear the opposite of benighted. Still, with the Pentagon PR man Geoff Morrell and even Attorney General Eric Holder making thinly disguised threats of extrajudicial steps, it is not totally farfetched to worry about Assange’s personal safely.

Again, the media is the key. No one said it better than Monseñor Oscar Romero of El Salvador, who just before he was assassinated 25 years ago, warned, "The corruption of the press is part of our sad reality, and it reveals the complicity of the oligarchy."

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Huhne must tackle broadcasting bias

04-01-2011 16:40

News broadcasters have virtually stopped referring to scientific predictions that global warming will lead to disaster. However, they are continually reporting predictions about the future which assume that global warming will have no impact in 2050 and beyond. In effect, people are being told that Global Warming is not a problem.

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Overwhelming evidence of insider complicity on 9/11

03-01-2011 19:25

Photos of Debris Outside the Pentagon
If you watch our videos and read the links on our site ( you will understand why we assert that the weight of the evidence points to the fact that 9/11 was orchestrated by insiders…

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Text from the 3 imprisoned members of Revolutionary Struggle (Greece)

03-01-2011 19:00


“If someone today wants to open a profitable business, they should make guillotines”.

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Cesare Battisti

31-12-2010 19:06

Italy has been desperate to get its hands on Cesare Battisti, who has become something of a scapegoat for the country's years of political violence - someone to blame for the period known as the "Years of Lead"

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#532 - Hearing the Inner Calling (Green Gone Wrong and Independent Diplomat)

31-12-2010 18:40

We start a new decade of Unwelcome Guests with a show appropriate to New Year's Resolutions. In our first hour we hear Heather Rogers on her new book, Green Gone Wrong, about why buying 'green' products will never solve the world's ecological crises. Our second hour presents a healthier alternative for resolution material - two individuals who have heard an inner calling and decided to take up an issue, to act upon their convictions in spite of the change to their routine; Charles Eisenstein tells how he came to write Ascent of Humanity, and Carne Ross tells why he quit the UK Diplomatic Service and how he came to start a non-profit diplomatic service for marginalised people groups.

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Obama and Clinton, the evil twins

31-12-2010 14:09

Clinton and Obama held joint press conference in the White House on December 10

The two corporate political twins, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, held forth at a joint White House press conference – so tightly matched that no light could be seen to shine between them. Obama soon ceded the room to his comrade in collaboration with Republicans, the senior triangulator. Although competitors, Obama and Clinton “emerged from the same political system, and fed at the trough of the same wealthy individuals and corporate campaign check bundlers.”

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Iran, a victim of state-sponsored terrorism

30-12-2010 15:50

Bombs detonated in the vehicles of Dr. Shahriari and Prof. Abbasi on November 29
Those who mischievously called Iran a part of the so-called "Axis of Evil" and put its name in their fabricated list of the state sponsors of terrorism - the list from which the name of Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime was removed in 1982 so that the United States and its European stooges could rationalize their unjustified, immoral and insane war against Iran - have blatantly forgotten that Iran has been long one of the guiltless victims of terrorism, sponsored by the United States, Israel, UK and their puppets in the Middle East.

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The Nation joins the campaign against Julian Assange

30-12-2010 15:31

“Feminist opinion—as the Assange case and the Polanski affair before it have demonstrated—has become one of the means of legitimizing the suppression of nonconformists and political dissidents, and of changing the subject from the great social issues, above all, class oppression and social inequality, to stale and self-pitying concerns.
Those supervising the attack against Assange are no doubt congratulating themselves on its clever design. Mounting it in the guise of a campaign against the sexual molestation of women… how else could such a filthy operation, with its threat of a sweeping assault on democratic rights, be mounted and even legitimized today?
The powers that be know the Pollitts of this world, and the Nation. The magazine’s editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel, is, after all, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a leading ruling class think tank whose membership has included numerous CIA directors, along with dozens of US generals and admirals.”

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UG#531 - Unite and Conquer 2 (One Global Family)

29-12-2010 16:51

This week we continue our series on the age of reunion. We start with Elisabet Sahtouris speaking on evolutionary leaps which spring from cooperation, the unification of formerly disparate organisms to create new life forms of massively greater complexity. Next Brian Willson recalls his unexpected empathic connection with a faceless victim of US napalm in Vietnam. In our second hour, we hear Jonathan Balcombe, author of Second Nature : The Inner Lives of Animals on the rich inner lives of animals, and why scientists are showing interest in them after ignoring them for so long. We conclude with a moving speech by Anita Burke on the role of forgiveness and love in changing corporate culture.

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Preston Poverty: Figures

29-12-2010 14:32

New figures show the starkness of the growing inequality in Preston, Lancashire.
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