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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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USA: Government shutdown - Again!

06-10-2013 18:41

The recent shutdown of some government services in the USA are a symptom of the current crisis of the capitalist mode of production. This articles considers the underlying causes and the implications of of these for other parts of the world.

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UG#665 - Living In An Age Of Political Paralysis (The World According To Hedges)

05-10-2013 02:58

What to do amidst a vast apparatus designed, as Graeber wrote in episode 624, to "perpetuate hopelessness"? Chris Hedges recommends a path of courageous and unflinching non-violent resistance to the US plutocrats. We hear a 90 minute interview from earlier this week, interspersed with half of a classic Hedges speech, "War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning".

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Want to fight the cuts? Passive protests are not enough!

03-10-2013 11:54

Leaflet Image (web)
New leaflet about how the anti-cuts movement needs to be more militant, more inclusive, and more democratic...

Full text and pdf here:

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Rapprochement with US Reinforces Iran Hand in Iraq

03-10-2013 07:09

The US – led military invasion of Iraq in 2003 pragmatically but counterproductively made the best use of the Iranian vengeance, which was in the waiting for whatever window of opportunity might open to revenge the ceasefire in the eight – year Iran – Iraq war, which the late leader and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, lamented as “gulping the cup of poison.”

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Anarchy vs. Chaos: An Introduction to Anarchism

30-09-2013 14:57

A series of short presentations and discussion in Bath this Saturday, examining the relevance of anarchism in modern Britain

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UG#664 -The Bloodstained Laundry Of Capitalism(&The Coming Revolt Of The Guards)

29-09-2013 07:36

This week, a trio of angles on capitalism which sharply contradict the idealized world so aggressively pushed by economists and the commercially-controlled media. After Geoff Bailey introduces the concept of "Accumulation by Dispossession", David Graeber summarizes some key points from the book we last year, Debt, The First 5000 Years and we conclude with the final chapter of Howard Zinn's People's History Of The United States.

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Informal Anarchist Federation or Intelligence Dirty Tricks To Infiltrate Squats?

28-09-2013 09:53

Domestic Extremism or Intelligence Manipulation? Criminal damage and sabotage by apparently Bristol based UK Informal Anarchist Federation (IAF) setting £16m police firing range on fire – other supposed anarchist attacks – are some of these false flag?

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Is Rafael Correa the Haile Selassie of Ayahuasca?

26-09-2013 20:04

The dying empire that has threatened to take the rest of us with it now is in a horrifying condition: In its desperate grasp to continue as if nothing had happened, the hemorrhaging regime is trying to play over mutiny in its inner circles with increased harassment of opponents and allies alike. From a diagnostic point of view, its predictable reaction against the rapid erosion of its imperialist delusion is expressing a monstrously enlarged reproduction of its deepest inner contradictions: Its present incapability to cease its spying even as it becomes a threat to its existence is resulting from the same self-destructive impulse that brought it to this irrational behaviour in the first place. The deceptive assumption that the truth about such crime could be repressed forever has not only enabled its perpetration but now is also fueling the illusion it could be forgiven without even being ceded. At the same time it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that the so-called “democratic project”, as its false idealism describes itself, is headed to end up on the wrong side of history, while no human thought can predict how much more destruction it might pile up before being spent there. In such a situation it makes sense to cease following the narrative details of its death spasm and instead look at what could be offering itself as an alternative. Hence this text.

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Me, Gilad Atzmon and the'Truth'

26-09-2013 13:00

Roy Bard and Gilad Atzmon - London 25/9/13

Housekeeping: This article is by an IMCista. It does not easily fit the Indymedia uk guidelines, but we did discuss it as a collective, and agreed it could be posted. I have put much thinking into its writing, and I am clearly identifiable as a result of putting so much of myself into it. It will make some people very uncomfortable and it is likely to generate some hostile responses and trolling. If people choose to troll or attack anonymously, they should expect their posts to be hidden. If people are disrespectful they should expect the same.


Whilst thinking about the issues in this article, I also discussed it with some people. One person noted in a discussion that:

Feeling that you are set apart by historical experiences and by a sacred text can allow for that defensive feeling to seem justified.

It isn't a big step from realising that to realising that:

Understanding that you are set aside by historical experiences and by a sacred text can allow for that defensive feeling to be overcome.

I thank them for that, and ask that you think about this whilst trying to understand the points I have struggled to express here.

This piece could also have been called "We need to talk about (and with) Gilad."

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Killing in the name of God.

25-09-2013 17:08

The recent assassination of shoppers in Kenya is just the latest in a growing list of killing in the name of religion and god. This article considers the problems this creates and the ideological tap-roots of this ancient textual prejudice and sectarian practice.

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UG#663 - Geoengineering for Fun and Profit (One Technofix To Rule Them All?)

24-09-2013 15:35

150 episodes on from our first show on geoengineering, we return to the topic with a pair of recent speeches from academics. In our second hour, an hour long speech by Clive Hamilton, author of "Earthmasters - Playing God with the climate". To set the scene we begin with a recent talk on education by professor Stephen Gough.

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UG#662 - Leaving The Cave of Media Shadows (Transcending The Paltry Ego...)

23-09-2013 02:22

A philosophical, reflective, show this week mixing analysis, poetry and eyewitness testimony. Author Morris Berman likens most of the US population to prisoners in Plato's Cave, nurse Cathy Breen describes her experience of traveling to Iraq just before the US started bombing in 2003, and Peter Dale Scott discusses and reads his poetry on a lifetime's struggle to resist war.

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Rules of Engagement: Anti-Fascism After Tower Hamlets

22-09-2013 02:37

Antifascist black & red flags by the police van. Some of AFN bloc got real close
The Tower Hamlets demonstration against the EDL on September 7th was a big day for those of us who have been hoping for a renewed opposition to be able to tackle the rise of the far-right and the new forms of racism spreading in this country. There were a lot of expectations riding on what happened on the 7th and a lot turns on how it comes to be perceived and what lessons are drawn from it.

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Katsiaficas/Geronimo at Cowley Club - Oct16

20-09-2013 18:06

Book cover
Speaking tour with George Katsiaficas and Geronimo

To celebrate the recent release of Asia's Unknown Uprisings Volume 2 (PM Press) George Katsiaficas and Geronimo will be speaking at several events in the UK (including the Anarchist Bookfair in London). They will discuss the Asian Wave from 1986-1992 which overthrew 8 dictatorships in 6 years, the 1980s German autonomous scene and discuss what links can be made to current uprisings, rebellions and revolutions.

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Robotics and the real (sorry, Karl, you got it wrong) final crisis of capitalism

17-09-2013 16:56

Robotics is advancing rapidly. Probably within the lifetime of most people now living – and conceivably within the next ten years – there will be general purpose robots (GPRs) capable of doing the vast majority of the work now undertaken by human beings. When that happens international free trade and free market economics even within a closed domestic market will become untenable. The final crisis of capitalism will be the development of technology so advanced that it makes capitalism in the Marxist sense impossible because machines make humans redundant.

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Brighton talk by anarchist writer

12-09-2013 09:45

Anarchist writer Paul Cudenec will be giving a talk at the Cowley Club in Brighton on the evening of Wednesday September 25.

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The Shortest Path to Peace in Syria

12-09-2013 05:32

Israel, protected by what President Barak Obama repeatedly describe as the “unshakable” support of the United States, is still maintaining its military occupation of the Golan as a “bargaining chip” to enforce upon Syria, irrespective of the regime and who is ruling in Damascus, the fait accompli which was created forcefully by the creation of the State of Israel in Palestine in 1948.

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The War on Syria and Noam Chomsky

05-09-2013 10:39

A careful reading of the “Left” liberals’ response to the Western-backed terror in Syria, reveals that the “Left” liberals have display a staggering level of complacency, complicity and outright hostility to the Syrian people. Representatives of the milieu of the “Left” liberals led by the like of Noam Chomsky have lost credibility. Their arguments are part of the standard propaganda talking points that serve Israel-U.S. Zionist ideology.

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Jordan Invites US Targets for Syrian Retaliation

04-09-2013 13:26

Centcom’s Forward Command in Jordan, officially called Centcom Forward-Jordan (CFJ), remains the oldest and the most important US target for Syrian retaliation.
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