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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The Trap of Clausewitz – Why Imperialism Fails Even Without Climate Collapse

31-12-2014 13:33

And suddenly it is gone – once again the ocean swallowed a passenger plane, presumably with a little help from above. It is unknown just like the last time whether there was human intervention on board, which could have steered the flying mass grave away from the likely places to look before the burial, or whether it was crashed by ground control. Yet it appears a notable coincidence or causality-induced appearance thereof that it does again happen at a moment when the calculations of war are ushering toward a dead end. In the first instance, it was the Chinese head-in-the-sand approach to the independence of Crimea which encountered a rude awakening. Then the Netherlands found themselves punished for their complicity with the European fascists in the independence issue. And now Indonesia gets its extra oath unwrapped and fingered by an apparent coincidence. It is as if the “Bermuda triangle” of the past century was reappearing in the cloth of a “Gaia triangle” that can pop up just everywhere and rip a hole into the illusion of normalcy. And there could be meaning in the increased lapses: Like the shepherd that raises its voice in the moment the fire circle is gliding into a shouting match, the holes in the climate-justice-incompatible normalcy do occur like warning shots directed at preventing an irritated Unitednations structure from decline into overt fascism. The root cause of this risk is a system construction that favours power brokers more than fundamental reflection of purpose, and once the flaw becomes “normalcy” the normalcy of the flaw occasionally transforms into a flaw of normalcy, such as in the cases of the lost aircraft passengers. Did they not know that they were using a dead-end technology?

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The Royal Family—32 reasons why they must be required to answer police questions

30-12-2014 23:25

32 reasons why Mrs and Mr Windsor, Andrew, and Charles, must be compelled to answer police questions for the UK's Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

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Congolese president’s nephew in shady French political deals

22-12-2014 15:09

Jean Dominique Okemba, the newphew of the Congolese president, is involved in shady deals in France together with financial institutions from France and Proparco, the French investment agency.

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calling out unprincipled attacks on the SWP

19-12-2014 04:14

the Martin Smith issue is history, the SWP have moved on, you should move on to.
We need to unite to fight the cuts, and stop the war, and not attack each other.
A strong SWP is good for the working class.

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Why Is the Islamic State Morally Right to Debug the Big Lie?

18-12-2014 15:01

When learning of corruption, most readers will have an idea of cash money buying a small official, a local leader or maybe even an influential opinion maker. But one instance of system-wide corruption, such as incorporated by the dynasty in Riyadh, can be more damaging in result than a myriad of small scale cases – indeed the rot at the top of a hierarchy induces a steady renewal of it everywhere below. The same is the case with the so-called “cyber war” – a privileged spying racket somewhere can be a worse threat to digital freedom than all less centralised instances of criminal hacking of user passwords and banking codes and so forth. In fact the systematic spying is the origin of a significant share of petty data crime. Such as the use of paper money brought about a historical escalation of corruption, the use of “drones” does with “cyber war” – entirely outmatching the earlier problems of metal impurity resp. veteran disorder.

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Protest outside the St Andrew Square branch of Barclays Bank in Edinburgh

14-12-2014 09:04

There was a protest outside the St Andrew Square branch of Barclays Bank in Edinburgh on Saturday November 29th 2014 which was lively and well attended. The protesters were demonstrating against Barclays support for the Elbit Systems Electronics Company which manufactures drones used against Palestinians.

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An Open Letter To Russell Brand from the Silent Majority

12-12-2014 22:09

The Silent Majority reaches out to Russell Brand.

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Never Mind The Ballots…It’s The 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!

08-12-2014 08:37

Coming at you live and direct from east-central Bristol, just 13 days before the 2015 British General Election & local elections, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – and there wont be a single lying, corrupt, austerity-enforcing, media-spinning politician in sight.

Saturday 25th April 2015, from 10.30am – 6pm, at Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW.

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John Pilger: War by Media and the Triumph of Propaganda #LoganCIJ14

05-12-2014 18:51

Following is John Pilger’s address to the Logan Symposium, “Building an Alliance Against Secrecy, Surveillance & Censorship”, organised by the Centre for Investigative Journalism, London, on 5th December, 2014

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Obstacles to Solidarity: On the Decline of Radical Activism in the UK

05-12-2014 16:19

Five years ago, radical activism in the UK appeared to be entering a golden age. Today, it seems to have run out of momentum and ideas. In his latest column, Mikhail Goldman examines the sources of the malaise, and potential ways out of it.

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The Greatest Mistake in the Existence of „NSA“ and its Counterparts

05-12-2014 12:47

The late capitalist state does not make errors, it is a historical aberration. It talks of intelligent design while it smears a bacterial fighting gene into a food seed as to degrade the Earth to a mere factory floor and squeeze a quick extra profit out of its own inflated stupidity. But even though there is nothing to be corrected about it having made specific choices that contribute to its own detriment, and inflict severe damage upon its manufacturing of peace (or more precisely of abusive intimidation, such as through farm detectives checking crop design licenses) among the contradictory interests of its followers, they are fundamentally wrong. More important than that though is the absolute point that there shall be no coercion in evolution, and that stupidity and intelligence are cleanly separated by definition: While the scam „scientist“ when confronted with a contradictory situation is likely to describe it as „mostly compatible,“ the true scientist will understand the very same perception as „it is evolving a bit.“ The capitalist state however in its desperate attempt to outmatch natural evolution with unintelligent manipulation does not evolve, which is why it is being described as what it is in the first place.

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Why the Guardian axed Nafeez Ahmed's blog

04-12-2014 22:13

Nafeez Ahmed’s account of the sudden termination of his short-lived contract to write an environment blog for the Guardian is depressingly instructive – and accords with my own experiences as a journalist at the paper.

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Inequality and Liberal Democracy: A Disturbing Association

01-12-2014 08:00

How do we bring fundamental reforms about at a time when organized minorities and disorganized, quiescent majorities appear to be the norm in both the North and the South?

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Is Africa Over the Watershed?

27-11-2014 18:01

At a first glance it might appear so. The Ouagadougou bubble has burst, another old fart was overthrown without colonial soldiers rushing in, and the same chaos that burdened Africa with the colonialist contact is also bringing it home. There is still heavy bleeding going on, as the consciousness of that continent is playing the loudest fiddle in the human rights abuses emanating from these afflicted by colonialism in the active sense, but the inner-African containment of the Burkina Faso crisis on the model of the Ulan Bator – Beijing treaty has pissed off the colonialist so much that it fell to the temptation to claim it as its own achievement while in earlier such instances it had been humiliating African regimes to call in the evildoers such as into Mali, the Central African Republic or Sudan. Yet as the limits of that tactic are, it has not led to Ouagadougou ousting the already present colonialist mercenaries in the Sahel. So there is no reliable precaution against a fallback into collaboration with the failed states in Europe and North America. Some African states have indeed smeared themselves with unspeakable historical guilt by enabling the colonialist regimes to expand their lifespan against natural decay. The lesson of Gaddafi, that anyone who remains involved with imperialism on an international scale domestically degrades himself to that level and in addition is at risk of being dumped at whim, is far from already having taken hold everywhere, and the few and far between taking upon themselves the tremendous task of teaching their fellow Africans about the culture-deprecating evil that is going on around the cradle of humanity still have a lot to do (see Jun 3, 2013 + Feb 21, 2014 + May 4, 2014).

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The Windsors: 23 reasons why they must be compelled to answer police questions

17-11-2014 21:35

The British Royal Family is connected to at least 23 individuals suspected, or convicted, of sex offences.

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Can Beijing Fool the Climate Scientists?

17-11-2014 15:58

This is a serious concern, despite the fact that there are much worse traps waiting for the same targets. The Chinese-American climate treaty, whose occurrence indicates that both currencies are chained to the same throne, which was sufficiently shaken by the impact of attention directed against it, proves with certainty that Jinping can fool Obama (and thereby keep his even more reactionary competitors at bay). The essence of the treaty is that each side puts a blind eye towards the other side´s accounting trick, which is in the American case the backward projection of the calculation baseline to a date before peak oil, and in the Chinese case the forward shifting of it to a date after peak coal. Of course any meaningful climate treaty would use the date of signature as the common accounting baseline for emission reduction measurements, not only to create an incentive for everyone to sign in at the same time but also to sign in as soon as possible before unavoidable reductions fall behind the entry of competition. This is not the case with the “Beijing Protocol,” and although in this one at least backward projection is not mutual, deprecating the entire treaty, the trade-off of the two different scams leaves a “fossil gap” between the two peaks of the length of one generation that mirrors the uneven consumption of the two substances due to the grotesque energy thirst of a century of militarism. It is not only that the negotiated result makes Unitedstates look stupid because they have to reach their declared targets before the other side even begins to wind down, which leaves the Chinese regime with zero risk. It also leaves the international public with the situation that there is a diplomatic framework but with no effect, because it neither involves targeted competition nor reality-based planning. Only the please-boss-do-something-crowd can spell “cool for our time” as if they had their right of political engagement delivered to them by governments and corporations.

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Eric Pickles "vs" George Galloway! Galloway's RETURN to East London!

12-11-2014 17:14

Eric Pickles is featured more than once about the “rotten borough” of Tower Hamlets, London in the next issue of “Private Eye” (Issue 1379) (dated 14 Nov to 27 Nov 2014). Does the "Private Eye" coverage take the "crisis" to any resolution?

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Media ignores coming world famine

12-11-2014 17:08

The mainstream media routinely ignore the threat of world famine in the coming decades, while focussing on economic predictions about the future. Here’s a complaint I made about this today to the BBC.

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Oil War: Another Parrot Bites the Sand

11-11-2014 16:37

The incredible has happened: After the British leader, the Unitedstates commander-in-chief is directly picking up from this platform. This is about the animal feeding advice in last week´s analysis, particularly the part about spreading out food given to captive animals because they cannot make a fair division like free ones. On top of the current imperialist provocation in the Persian Gulf, Unitedstates leader Obama has now chosen to spread out his overseers (so-called military advisers) over the remaining territory of the shrinking Iraqi state instead of keeping them concentrated in the capital. In other words, in losing its grip on the country the foreign military-industrial complex is spreading out its funding in order to micromanage the remainder of the Iraqi military. It is not only that this reveals how the imperialist perceives its allies as domesticated commensals driven by short-sighted instincts. It is also an admission that the terror bombings from the air have failed their intended purpose, instead of which they sucked in its accomplices. Apparently triggered by putting the stethoscope of online research on a stability keeping mechanism of the supply chain, evidence was obtained that “Iraq” is a stable state not quite in the sense the Baghdad regime would like to explain to the population. By someone throwing a coin on the internet, one percent of the dollar empire´s annual military budget was neutralised with the push of a button, and the nature of the puppet state revealed. But first of all it is an indication that the imperialist´s overall calculation is contained in this analysis. The empire has arrived in the strategy of defeat: No longer being able to decide independently, it is openly imitating its irreversible opponent, speculating it was possible to hide the direct reference from the public although it cannot hide it from any other regimes. Yet the mantra goes “too little, too late” – apparently the so-called nation building effort had never been spread out.
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