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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Good Morning America: US Public Wakes up to the Destructive Nature of Capitalism

02-02-2010 23:30

As 20 million Americans struggle with unemployment and 40 million depend on food stamps, President Obama’s exhortation for “America to make painful choices” and to “live within its means”, must sound rather sickening. The president’s budget announcement calls for “austerity” in “discretionary spending” such as education and healthcare, but this frugality is not extended to the American military.

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The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti: Now we know

02-02-2010 19:17

"A US military occupation of Haiti under the guise of earthquake disaster ‘relief’ would give Washington and private business interests tied to it a geopolitical prize of the first order. Prior to the January 12 quake, the US Embassy in Port-au-Prince was the fifth largest US embassy in the world, comparable to its embassies in such geopolitically strategic places as Berlin and Beijing.[17] With huge new oil finds off Cuba being exploited by Russian companies, with clear indications that Haiti contains similar vast untapped oil as well as gold, copper, uranium and iridium, with Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela as a neighbor to the south of Haiti, a return of Aristide or any popular leader committed to developing the resources for the people of Haiti, -- the poorest nation in the Americas -- would constitute a devastating blow to the world’s sole Superpower. The fact that in the aftermath of the earthquake, UN Haiti Special Envoy Bill Clinton joined forces with Aristide foe George W. Bush to create something called the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund ought to give everyone pause.

According to Marguerite Laurent ('Ezili Dantò') of the Haitian Lawyers’ Leadership Network, under the guise of emergency relief work, the US, France and Canada are engaged in a balkanization of the island for future mineral control. She reports rumors that Canada wants the North of Haiti where Canadian mining interests are already present. The US wants Port-au-Prince and the island of La Gonaive just offshore – an area identified in Aristide’s development book as having vast oil resources, and which is bitterly contested by France. She further states that China, with UN veto power over the de facto UN-occupied country, may have something to say against such a US-France-Canada carve up of the vast wealth of the nation."

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J18 London & N30 Seattle 1999 - 10 years on

02-02-2010 15:01

Booklet compiled by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective - 3 articles looking at recollections and critiques of J18 and the anti-capitalist movement and the possibilties for future organising.

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Mossadegh and Ahmadinejad: Iran faces almost the same dilemma as 1953

02-02-2010 14:47

[1] Time magazine, 25 September 2006 - [2] Time magazine, 4 June 1951
There is a stark similarity between some aspects of the political atmosphere dominant over Iran today and those under Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh right before the U.S.-led coup of 1953 that resulted in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Iran and the establishment of a U.S.-puppet government of the Shah.

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Corruption in Ghana: Who is to Blame?

31-01-2010 14:10

The racist and anti-Afrikan Western media likes to publish to its readers that some how the Afrikan is innately corrupt and it is this trait in the Afrikan that is responsible for the chronic under development and impoverishment of the contnient.

This assertion is nothing more than a vile racial slur which my article will prove. What Westerners are not aware is that White governments and multi-national companies are at the root of this corruption enticing naive Afrikans to get what they want.

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Sheffield Humanist Society meeting: Why Social Inequality Persists

29-01-2010 22:04

The next Sheffield Humanist Society meeting on 3rd February will be on "Why social inequality persists" with Prof. Danny Dorling as our speaker.

The meeting is at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd February at the University Arms, 197 Brook Hill, Sheffield, S3 7HG.

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Anthony Blair Testimony, Iraq Enquiry, London - pictures.

29-01-2010 20:14

On an emotional day for many, the Iraq Enquiry hears testimony from former British Prime Minister, Anthony Blair, over his part in the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.

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Clinton Rejects Russia’s Call for New Europe Security Treaties:Typical propagand

29-01-2010 17:07

"Clinton said that a “cornerstone” of European security is the “sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states.” She repeated U.S. calls on Russia to honor the terms of a cease-fire agreement that ended the August 2008 Russia-Georgia war and the administration’s refusal to recognize Russia’s claims of independence for the breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia." Neither Cliton or the current author bother to recall for us that it was Russia that was the victum of a surprise attack from Georgia, a US "partner." I wonder why?

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Ghana and Afrika trapped by IMF/World Bank

27-01-2010 14:55

Contrary to what is written in the Westn racist press about corrupt Afrikan politicians "mis-managing" their countries, it is rather the draconian and vile policies of the Western owned IMF/World Bank that IS responsible for Afrika's woes by imposing bad policies like SAP's HIPC that have crippled Afrikan economies and made them the basket case of the world.

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A day of Anarcha-Feminism - 30th Jan Brighton

27-01-2010 10:54

A completely free day of super feminism for all ages and genders

10:30am onwards
The Cowley Club London Road

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Professor Peter Hallward on the US Invasion of Haiti

26-01-2010 12:25

The Rattansi and Ridley show is broadcast every Saturday at 8.30pm on channel 515

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The crisis in Venezuela: understanding the causes, assigning blame and ...

25-01-2010 23:03

* The public pronouncement from the Editorial Collective of El Libertario in mid-January 2010 on the current situation in Venezuela.

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Not just a Protest Vote: Sack the Parties, Vote Local

25-01-2010 09:40

A proposal for a non-ideological, word-of-mouth election campaign based on the principle of trust. In the forthcoming UK general election, candidates who represent no political party, only themselves (and by association the communities in which they live), stand for election with the single pledge to resign if elected. This gives voters a “none of the above” option, allowing them to vote against all the parties; but more than that, it gives them the chance to vote positively, for a trustworthy candidate who doesn't want power over others, and thus to vest moral authority in the local community, not in a distant Parliament.

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Just Say No to Academic Language

24-01-2010 19:33

For the vast majority of the English-speaking world, 'post-politics' is not a word. 'Problematise' is not a word. 'Subject' is not a word unless you mean 'topic'. And believe it or not, most people have not even heard of Adorno, much less read him.

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The Anarchist / Indymedia reaction to the EDL is not working

24-01-2010 11:41

The Anarchist / Indymedia reaction to the EDL is not working

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Call for EU pressure over Serbian human rights

23-01-2010 15:22

The continued incarceration of the Belgrade Six and fears over Serbia's willingness to maintain the human rights of its citizens has prompted mutterings both inside and outside the country - particularly as the process for country's EU membership application speeds up.

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Has Obama Given Up?

23-01-2010 13:57

"Expectations were too high". "We overestimated our ability". Time magazine’s interview with the President made for grim reading, unless you’re Israeli. Obama’s claim that "divisions within their societies" made "meaningful conversation...very hard" can be taken as a significant climb-down from the bold stance taken in Cairo.

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Theory into Practice? Shift Magazine no. 8

22-01-2010 16:05

Issue 8 of Shift Magazine is available now. It should be in radical bookshops and social centres soon, or can be ordered from the website.

This time, we have reports and analyses from Copenhagen, a look at Griffin's appearance on Question Time, and an interview with geographer Erik Swyngedouw. The focus is on the (im)possibility of alternative practice in a post-political world. To this effect, Anarchist FAQ author Ian McKay provides a critique of mutualism that shows up the limits of a cooperative lifestyle and the need for antagonistic action.

All content will be online eventually. So far, here is the editorial:

Full article

Nafeez Ahmed interview on Obama, the War on Terror, energy resources and more

22-01-2010 13:10

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed provides us with an overview of the role played by US military and intelligence practices in the creation of terrorism, particularly Al-Qaeda. He tells us about the status of investigations into the Blair government’s complicity with the Bush administration in supporting the invasion of Iraq. He discusses possible factors behind Americans’ long-held denial and dismissal of dark US foreign policy practices as conspiracies. Mr. Nafeez talks about the Obama administration, the ongoing posture of US corporate interests and the desire to dominate world energy supplies, the so-called liquid bombing plot and how it was mythologized in the US, and more.
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