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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Ludicrous Assumptions

19-11-2006 03:21

Ludicrous assumptions are many but perhaps the most absurd is the assumption that those who steal the greater percentage of available wealth and continue to implement economic strategies designed to enslave are (somehow) safe and secure. From the Pacific islands to the pitch battles in Mainland China, exploited people of the world are retaliating against injustice.

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No hope now for a decent mental health service in London

18-11-2006 11:53

With cuts in mental health services and difficulties in staffing due to the high cost of living in London I am sure that most mental health services are hoping that workers will strike bar those that are in hospital. In Haringey or Wandsworth they have yet to do so and as such have lost any respect from me.

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Congestion charge to travel outwards from the zone

18-11-2006 11:25

Apparently the increase in the congestion charge zone to include West London
will decrease revenue due to the increase in exemptions as more residents are included within the zone. Perhaps having a charge to travel outwards from within the zone as well as a pollution charge could assist with revenues as well as decreasing traffic especially in areas outside the congestion charge zone.

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hoWARd's connections with the abc in Australia and abroad

18-11-2006 06:48

Iraq and Afghanistan that's a huge leap
[So you have to have a story behind it to make up for the distance between false flag opps in Indonesia all the way across to Iraq and Afghanistan that's a huge leap to cover without a terror tale to hook into? What about the Icon of the Terror movement G W Bush? At least we know he's guilty! Osama bin Laden hasn't been found guilty of anything, yo!] And Indonesia has been blowing up bombs in their own country just to move people out of villages for years!]

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United Kingdom now a self-evident sick society

17-11-2006 20:59

As I type this in a web cafe as people leave the cafe I am being verbally intimidated with people stating 'star' in a really nasty way. The fact that such verbal intimidation is epedemic and such practice started in London is proof that the United Kingdom is a world leader in social sickness.

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17-11-2006 18:56


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BNFL MOX Shipment - 22nd November 2006

17-11-2006 17:14

According to news sources, a shipment of MOX fuel will leave the Sellafield Nuclear Facility in the UK, for France. The shipment is due for arrival on Wednesday the 22nd of November.

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Rushmoor fortnightly bin collection

17-11-2006 16:48

The proposed fortnightly bin collection in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has nothing to do with recycling, everything to do with cutting services, cutting corners and making bin men redundant.

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Unconditional Basic Income - A Way to a Modern Socialism

17-11-2006 13:03

In a world full of concrete suffering, the particular individual and his inner nature can be assured in a new way. Trust is based on experiences made in experiments of alternative life and is neither naive nor blind. People would no longer be forced to only experience others as competitors on the foreign-determined market of capitalism.

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Australias "Guantanamo" on remote Xmas Island

17-11-2006 05:31

"Guantanamo" on remote Xmas Island
A new maximum security immigration detention complex under construction on Christmas Island, has been dubbed "Australia's Guantanamo Bay". Australia's new remote offshore detention centre will have cameras in bedrooms, electric fences and electronically controlled doors - to force centre-wide lock-downs. The level of security and surveillance, greater than at any existing detention centre, makes parts of the complex comparable to a maximum security prison.

The 1200 bed centre, is said to cost more than $300million...

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palestine: the united and secular state of rwanda

16-11-2006 20:44

an opinion on the middle east

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Public Meeting: Our World is Not for Sale

16-11-2006 20:21

Oxford World Development Movement (WDM) is hosting a public meeting to discuss possible ways forward in the fight against global poverty in the Long Room, Oxford Town Hall, on the 22nd November from 7:15-9:15pm . The topic for discussion is, 'The World Bank and International Monetary Fund: Reform or Abolition?'

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Targeting Iran?

16-11-2006 15:58

The United States has already started a campaign of destabilization through fomenting ethnic unrest. There have already been a series of explosions and bombings targeting mostly civilians, in Khuzestan and Kurdish cities bordering Iraq, and raids on government vehicles and even civilians in Baluchestan, on the Pakistani border, by small groups which have surfaced calling for independence.

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Inverted Values

16-11-2006 15:31

An Australian corporate director who FAILED to perform was recently relieved of his position; he nevertheless was able to walk with a $30 million severance package. This case is not uncommon, directors who fail to perform ensure they win regardless of other factors. Public companies are milk cows for these unscrupulous types.

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Nerve 9 Launched on Merseyside

16-11-2006 14:33

Catalyst Media have published the ninth edition of Nerve - our inspirational, agitational, entertational social justice and culture magazine.

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International Day of Action for David Hicks

16-11-2006 07:20

Close Guantanamo! Bring David Home!
David Hicks: Five years in hell. Close Guantanamo! Bring David Home!

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Lobster for Iran

15-11-2006 18:06

The European and American reaction to Iran’s nuclear program was that of Uncle Tom’s slaveowner, Simon Legree, on learning of an escaped slave. How does this dusky dare to touch the white masters’ toys? Their empty talk of an “Iranian threat” is designed for the ignorant: Iran has never, ever attacked a European nation since the wars for Anatolia in the 5th century BC; whereas European imperialists have repeatedly occupied and controlled Iran, most recently in 1942, or by proxy in 1953, when they deposed democratically-elected Mosaddeq and returned to dominate this ancient nation.

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New terror warnings issued to justify policies of war and repression

15-11-2006 10:47

The overwhelming popular opposition to the Iraq war manifested in the US elections and the resulting weakening of the Bush administration have raised concerns in Britain’s ruling circles. There is fear that the anti-war and anti-Bush vote in America might become a catalyst for popular opposition in Britain to the crisis-ridden Blair government and its policies of war abroad and attacks on working class living standards and democratic rights at home.

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Israeli Minister sacked

15-11-2006 10:36

Goes back to old job.

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Rupert Murdock clarifies Rulership

15-11-2006 04:24

Not too long ago Rupert Murdock would have trounced anyone in his media group for letting the ‘cat out of the bag’ (stating plain truth). It was therefore with jaw-dropping amazement that a local Australian audience listened to Murdock plainly state that we should not allow a particular administration to affect our attitude to the United States. “Administrations come and go”, he said, inferring REAL POWER, which Murdock represents, continues unaffected by the whims of democratic process!
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