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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The most perilous nuclear arsenal in the world:Israel invites the world torevolt

06-06-2010 20:38

Israel's weapons of mass destruction
Over the past 60 years, the racist regime of Israel has been continually scoffing the international community under the cover of "deliberate ambiguity" to develop one of the most perilous nuclear arsenals in the world.

According to the Federation of American Scientists, Israel possesses more than 200 nuclear warheads which are simply adequate to evaporate the whole world in a matter of moments.

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US-Israel:Gaza aid convoy attack reveals the real "Axis of Evil" facing theworld

06-06-2010 13:41

The aftermath of Israel’s recent actions clearly demonstrate that the international community is now faced with a mortal threat from this US-Israeli axis – an axis of permanent state of war on the world.

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Stitching It Up In Secret: Elitists' Bilderberg Conference in Spain

05-06-2010 19:48

Guardian's Charlie Skelton reports from super elite - super secret conference near Barcelona in Spain.
Founder Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands' close links to the Nazi SS.

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Israel is already singled out: Unbending US support to Israel's nuclear weapons

05-06-2010 11:00

By criticizing the final resolution of the 2010 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, the U.S. government once again demonstrated its indifference and unresponsiveness towards the international community and the bloc of 188 nations that demanded Israel to join the NPT and put its nuclear facilities under the comprehensive safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). "We strongly oppose efforts to single out Israel, and will oppose actions that jeopardize Israel's national security," President Obama said in a statement published immediately after the conference wrapped up.

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How the UN Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) reports on Iran are distorted in the West

05-06-2010 10:56

Le Monde, 21 May 2010
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has issued a report on Iran's nuclear activities that's still confidential pending review by the Security Council. Now how do you go about spreading false information without actually lying?

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Irish Free Gaza ship heading toward Gaza coast and...

04-06-2010 16:34

"It has also been reported that the angle of some of the entry wounds indicates that the victims were shot from above. This suggests the Israelis did shoot from the helicopters as the activists have stated and as Israel has denied. No wonder the "brave IDF soldiers" had their faces covered with masks. Commiting murder is not they want their moms seeing them do. Or do they?"

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America Kills Peace

03-06-2010 18:23

Nothing scares the United States more than the possibility that peace might break out. Turkey and Brazil committed an unforgiveable sin, by finding a way to resolve questions about Iran’s nuclear fuel stocks. The U.S. pushed the agreement aside, preferring to move closer to war – as if that is Washington’s desired result.

The president of the United States claims the right to interfere in relations between sovereign nations, target his own citizens for death and hold anyone prisoner indefinitely. This is the description of a nation that is for all intents and purposes at war with the rest of humanity.

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Media disinformation regarding Israel's murderous assault - The role of the BBC

03-06-2010 15:04

More newsspeak from the BBC, that having spent years helping to demonize (democratically elected) Hamas, is clearly worried that Israel’s actions threaten to undo all the ‘good work’ the BBC has done on behalf of it patron, Israel.

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Announcing Bilderberg 2010: Plutocracy with palm trees

03-06-2010 00:22

Sitges, nr Barcelona, Spain
There are usually 115 participants in each annual meeting. Eighty are from Western Europe and the remainder from North America. From this mixture, one-third are from government and politics, and the remaining two-thirds from industry, finance, education and communications. The meeting was named after the hotel that the first meeting was held at in 1954. Anyone who is who tries to enter the meeting uninvited is instructed to be removed at all costs, and if resisting the individual is to be shot and killed where he stands. The purpose of this secretive annual meeting is to provide a forum where the worlds most powerful individual's can discuss and direct world events without anyone knowing what they are determining. If these elite world rulers had nothing to hide this meeting would at least be spoken about publicly.

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Brian Haw - 9 (nine) years in London's Parliament Square!

02-06-2010 06:48

Today the peace campaign initiated in June 2001 by Brian Haw reaches nine years. Here is a selction of photos through the years of the campaign.

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As for Zionism;

02-06-2010 06:38

“It depends on what you mean by Zionism. I was a Zionist activist in my youth. For me, Zionism meant opposition to a Jewish state. The Zionist movement did not come out officially in favor of a Jewish state until 1942. Before this it was merely the intent of the Zionist leadership. The Zionist movement for a long time stood against the establishment of a Jewish state because such a state would be discriminatory and racist.”

~ Noam Chomsky

‘If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.’

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Oil Leaks in the Gulf of Mexico & Niger Delta: Double Standard World Racism

01-06-2010 02:12

In the mirror of Africa, in the darkness of the oily mess, we can already see the black future of globalization.

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Manchester Class Struggle Forum #4 - The Organisation Question

31-05-2010 15:32

The next Manchester Class Struggle Forum will host a discussion on the organisation question.

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President Obama Should Be Honest About the Iran-Turkey-Brazil Nuclear Deal

30-05-2010 19:37

Brazilian President Lula, Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan, and their foreign ministers have been too polite in their characterization of President Obama's role in the nuclear deal they mediated with Iran last week.

For we now have documentary evidence that President Obama's Secretary of State and his White House spokesman are simply not telling the truth when they say that the Brazil-Turkey deal does not meet the standards that the United States has defined for an acceptable international arrangement on refueling the Tehran Research Reactor.

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The IMF and Afrika - the Double standards and hypocrisy

30-05-2010 14:22

Many in the West wrongly beleive that Afrika has squanderd billions in so-called developmental aid money due to the corruption of its leaders. However what the WEstern media fails to point out is the vile and greedy corrption of western multi-national conpanies and thier networks like the IMF - this article seeks to point out to Westerners and others who really benefits from so-called aid money to Afrika - and its not the corrupt leaders the Western media and politicians would have us believe.

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Cuba-Venezuela relationship: What can be said from an anarchist perspective?

29-05-2010 21:07

* This text appears in the June-July 2010 issue #59 of El Libertario, describing the position this voice of the Venezuelan anarchist movement takes regarding the close links between the governments of these two countries.

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Obama's letter to Lula exposes US dishonesty with Iran

28-05-2010 22:38

Washington grew visibly nervous as signs emerged that Brazil and Turkey might achieve peacefully what threats and sanctions from major powers had not accomplished in Iran. Hours before the prime minister of Turkey and president of Brazil left for Tehran, Clinton told a Washington news conference their mission was doomed.

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Black Flag 231: out now

28-05-2010 17:30

This issue is both a celebration of big anniversaries and big voices who are sadly no longer with us, while also keeping an eye on the future for information. We're giving you a bigger read than usual for the teaser as well (see link), publishing our centre pages where Liz Willis explores the history of our struggle for healthcare. Enjoy!

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The role of fear in the neoliberal plan

26-05-2010 20:11

The neoliberal plan needs the people to be frightened in order to succeed. Starting from the current situation in Greece, this article is about the background of neoliberalism and its blows on societies. The article was written by S. Seferiades, professor of politics at the Panteion University and was published (in Greek) with minor modifications at the weekly newspaper "Epohi" on 9/05/10

Full article

Obama Continues to Bully Iran

26-05-2010 15:33

No policy of the Obama administration better illustrates its fundamental mendacity than its policy of bullying Iran.

In his very first press conference following the election, President Obama was asked his response to Iranian leader Ahmadinejad’s congratulatory letter. He replied, changing the subject: “Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon, I believe, is unacceptable. And we have to mount an international effort to prevent that from happening.”

It was a clear signal to the outgoing administration and its neocon masters of the Big Lie that he would persevere in their crusade to topple the Tehran government, using the convenient ploy of nuclear fear-mongering.
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