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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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#670 - Thinking Clearly About The Vast Machine (& The Hopelessness It Produces)

23-11-2013 07:01

This episode looks at one aspect of the machine referred to by Graeber in episode 624 - the propaganda that is churned out and which prevents people from clearly facing their dilemma. We begin with a 2009 speech by Sut Jhally on advertising, consumerism and what this has done to the US population. After contributions from Chris Hedges and Robert Jensen, we finish with an optimistic vision by Nafeez Ahmed.

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Syria, Egypt Reveal Erdogan’s ‘Hidden Agenda’

20-11-2013 09:51

Erdogan obviously is seeking to recruit Muslims as merely “soldiers” who will fight not for Islam per se, but for his neo-Ottomanism ambitions. Early enough in December 1997, he was given a 10-month prison sentence for voicing a poem that read: “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers;” the poem was considered a violation of Kemalism by the secular judiciary.

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Libya almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable

13-11-2013 08:23

Libya is Europe’s single largest oil supplier. Cutting the Libyan oil and gas supplies to Europe on the eve of a winter that weather forecasts predict to be a very cold one would be an excellent pretext for inviting a European military intervention in the country, which seems the only option left for the transitional government of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan that ran out of options for its survival.

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Why is Cameron more stupid than Erdogan?

11-11-2013 20:46

It is not a matter of verification but of explanation: The quote-unquote nuclear renaissance – more precisely to be described as the scorched Earth economy – of the London regime follows a pattern of penetration of an uninformed public that is known from regions where atomic power is mystified as the last step of colonial independence and pushed into the faces of the people regardless of specific value for geopolitical triangulation. The post-colonial regimes are repeating the self-destructive mistakes of the colonialist and its heirs in order to overtake their failing economies and avoid more of the same, and the internal contradiction of that ambition transforms into mathematically suicidal projections of atomic power generation. Now since the last big reactor meltdown has slashed all economic foundations for atomic power in Europe, a financial blowback from these spoiled colonies serves as the new centerpiece of the so-called nuclear ideology there. That means Japanese reactors at the Black Sea for the Turkish politician Erdogan to assert himself of what he seems to feel as a lack of power, and now Chinese-financed French reactors in Britain. This pattern is being called suicidal because it is designed to evade meltdown compensation claims so that a catastrophe there would be likely to take down the local currency with it, since neighbours might find it even more difficult to take external enablers into account. In such a distorted situation the people do no longer have reactors, but the reactors have the people. And the most stupid politician would be the one betting everything on an absurd expectation that when the reactor meltdown comes everyone else would look even more stupid.

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Fuck s144! Some quick analysis of the Brighton squat trial

08-11-2013 11:32

mad mike the movie
The law criminalising squatting in residential buildings was introduced a year ago and is now being tested in the courts... and it's not looking that effective. This report with links at

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Saudis Fight a Lost Battle against Change

06-11-2013 07:21

It is not only the oil and political factors or the sectarian or military threats that are motivating the aggressive Saudi regional policies, but the preempting of the real threat of the ideas and thoughts of change, regardless of whether they come from a rival conservative (Iran) or moderate (Syria) sect or trend of Islam or from the liberal modernity.

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Nine Clauses of British Republicanism

04-11-2013 19:50

British Republicanism proposes a political system for the UK in which equality is guaranteed. In response to support swelling and growing anger at the anachronistic concept of monarchy, key tenants have been composed.

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Drying up Ideological Wellsprings of Arab – Israeli Conflict

30-10-2013 10:07

The “wellsprings” of “perpetual wars” and “extremism” in the Middle East during most of the past twentieth century until now could easily be detected in the unholy combination of real politics and the “radical ideology” of the secular - turned - religious Zionism.

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Is the Zamboanga Uprising more than a Spark in the Darkness?

29-10-2013 12:12

There is no clear definition what it is in its own view, but from the perspective of a distance it appears to be Asia´s fourth subcontinent, or its first one, depending on the direction of counting. The chain of volcanic peninsulas and islands along the tectonic line between East Asia and Australia is increasingly plagued by the same neoliberalist woes as its three subcontinental brethren. In addition to that, or more precisely as the cause of that consequence, it is affected by a sort of oceanic backlash where a weakening of the destructive forces harboured by the Americas on one side is resulting in their increased destructivity on the other, and in a different form also vice versa. In the recent weeks, as rebels on Mindanao began an offensive that could only succeed through crystallising a large amount of external attention in its early stages, this geopolitical focus has appeared as the most remarkable blind spot on the surface of the commercial narrative. In the rule of lies which is reporting about every little incident in West Asia, the MNLF seems to be operating on another planet. Yet at light speed the occurrence of its activity coincided with a major disruption of the imperialist narrative demanding explanation, the so-called "government shutdown."

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Solidarity Meeting

27-10-2013 18:11

A number of well intentioned activists have come together to discuss the problems facing our movement, we feel the need and desire to approach areas of difference and conflict in a more constructive way.

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London property market explodes (again): London as world financial hub

22-10-2013 15:23

On the day after it is announced that London House prices have risen an incredible 10% in just 1 month
just thought I'd share this with you - something I wrote in TLIO's name back in 2006/7 (updated):

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Anti-Fascist Football zine

22-10-2013 10:39

Call out for submissons for a new anti-fascist football zine

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Anniversary of Tower Hamlets Council being changed for the worse

22-10-2013 01:45

Dated 16 October 2010, the London 'satirical fortnightly magazine' 'Private Eye' carried a 'Rotten Boroughs' entry that summed up the problem that the Labour Party in Tower Hamlets, East London, faced.

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Catholic among the Pigeons

20-10-2013 10:18

Ciaron O Reilly, Assange and Anarcha-Feminism at yesterday's bookfair and beyond.

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Black power, anti-fascist struggle & anarchism in the US - 3 talks in Bristol

14-10-2013 10:31

Two former US Black Panthers visit Bristol - as part of a UK tour initiated by the London Anarchist Bookfair collective, various Bristol groups have banded together to arrange 3 discussion meetings in 2 days on 16th and 17th October.

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Israeli Factor in Syrian Conflict Unveiled

14-10-2013 07:08

Syria remains the odd number in the Arab peace - making belt around Israel; no comprehensive peace is possible without Syria; Damascus holds the key even to the survival of the Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian peace accords with Israel. Syria will not hand over this key without the withdrawal of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) from Syrian and other Arab lands.

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Goodbye, Welcome, my ‘Revolution’…Egypt, The Military, The Brotherhood & Tamarod

11-10-2013 16:26

Egypt…How do we move? In what direction? How do we do this? There is a consensus of urgency, of impending catastrophes, but what action do we take? Many of us think that if the operators of the system are changed that the situation will be resolved, but that is an illusion. We need to come together immediately and move to create a society that is beyond our current reality.

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When the captain refuses to go down with his ship: Yaxley-Lennon quits the EDL

09-10-2013 19:06

all ex-extremists together apparently
Anti-fascists should not be automatically celebrating Stephen Yaxley-Lennon’s move to quit the EDL. The real thing to celebrate in this is not anything to do with Yaxley-Lennon’s phoney personal journey but the confusion and chaos generated in the ranks of the far-right by the hand-grenade he has thrown into their midst.

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U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Take Argentina and NML Capital Debt Case

07-10-2013 18:39

The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to take the landmark debt case between Argentina and bondholders led by NML Capital, a hedge fund that buys the debt of countries in financial crisis. Argentina is expected to file a second petition in the coming months that the Supreme Court will review and decide again if it will hear the case. In June, Argentina filed a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court asking the court to overturn a ruling by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals made last October. The ruling ordered Argentina to pay bondholders $1.33 billion based on the court’s interpretation of a pari passu, or parity clause.

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University of Life

07-10-2013 14:23

An appeal to intelligent people everywhere.
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