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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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A Web Between London and Stockholm: The Julian Assange Case.

13-09-2012 13:05

The first comprehensive investigation to be solely based upon all of the available legal documentation and using only research and reference material of the very highest standards. (See website for documentation downloads and research links).

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From Here On In - A new Bristol based periodical

12-09-2012 23:31

A new publication from Bristol

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Cracks in the Pavement- Call out for Articles

10-09-2012 11:36

Cracks in the Pavement Issue 2 - A call out for submissions of articles and illustrations.

*Deadline: November 9th 2012*
email:articlesubmissions *at*

Cracks in the Pavement is an anarchist journal with a mission to encourage critical reflection, undogmatic provocation and the uncovering of what is going on within our movement.

Right now we're on the hunt for articles for the next issue due out in all the wrong places in January 2013.

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Noam Chomsky: Why America and Israel Are the Greatest Threats to Peace

10-09-2012 10:28

Imagine if Iran -- or any other country -- did a fraction of what American and Israel do at will.

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This week's 9/11 anniversary: Vital questions UK mainstream media will not ask

09-09-2012 20:44

11th anniversary of 9/11 attacks next week: UK campaign Reinvestigate 9/11 and book: Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World.
Blogger Gari Sullivan interviewed about what's really going on in Syria

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The Constitution Unit - 'constitutional change'. Who controls it?

06-09-2012 20:58

The Constitution Unit describes itself as ‘The UK's leading research body on constitutional change’. It was also said by Ben Rogers of Prospect Magazine: as 'preparing the ground for a hung parliament and enabling the creation of a coalition government...’

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East London, "Lutfur Council" bullying Bangladeshis, EDL will be happy

31-08-2012 03:43

Tomorrow's threatened EDL demos in Walthamstow, E17, will pale into insignificance when compared with the "achievements" of Tower Hamlets Council. Also known as the "Lutfur Council", thanks to the work of Andrew Gilligan, Tower Hamlets Council has not dropped any of its sub-fascist traits despite the over-promotion of the Council as one “friendly” to the “ethnics” generally and to alleged Islamic Fundamentalist in particular.

So what is the truth?

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Bullying by RSL chums of Baroness Pola Manzila Uddin - East End of London

27-08-2012 06:44

"While in Notting Hill, Peter Rachman’s old SLUM OPPRESSION patch they “celebrate” a Carnival today [Bank Holiday Monday 27 August 2012], in the East End of London, innocent and socially conscious people are being bullied by employees or recent employees of “social landlord” outfits who do not want the community to defend itself against bad landlords, shoddy housing and serious failings by the local Tower Hamlets Council..."

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Equivalent of 75,000 homes worth of empty office space in Bristol

26-08-2012 14:45

After calling Savilles I was astounded to find there was around one-and-a-quarter million square feet of empty office space in Bristol. I set out to discover how many homes that floor space was equivalent to.

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Breivik the Masonic killer & his EDL mentor Paul Ray protected by Norwegian cops

24-08-2012 12:22

Breivik in his Masonic religious cult outfit
Don't mention the freemasons! Seriously though not a single of the 2.5 thousand or so English language mainstream media articles today mentions the fact that Breivik was a member of this religious cult.

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Another secretive European police working group revealed as governments remain tight-lipped on other police networks and the activities of Mark Kennedy

24-08-2012 10:01

Research by Statewatch has reveal the existence of a previously unknown international police working group geared towards discussing and developing covert investigative techniques. At the same time parliamentary questions in Germany have seen further details of other police networks emerge - although many questions remain unanswered - in particular on the work and activities of former policy infiltrator Mark Kennedy

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Tory Cllr & Cameron Balloons Boss' Leaked Letter Detailing Party Corruption

23-08-2012 10:07

Don Cameron says what others dare not - Corrupt Tory disciplinary procedure
The other Cameron, Don Cameron of Cameron Balloons fame, says something is rotten at the heart of the Tory Party and he explains why in detail.
This letter was sent to all members of Liam Fox MP's Constituency party, the North Somerset Conservative Association (NSCA) and was not reported by Northcliffe owned Bristol local paper The Post or their regional Western Daily Press. The owners of these newspapers are Tory party loyalists so perhaps this is why no reporting from thenm on this deadly serious matter of public interest and democratic accountability. However Northcliffe editors and managers work to different criteria of Economic Determinism.
The BBC however did report on the letter: 21st August 2012, Portishead Conservative councillor labels party untrustworthy

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WikiLeaks cable: Gaddafi funded, trained CPP-NPA rebels

21-08-2012 13:28

MANILA, Philippines - Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi was a key financier of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its military wing, the New People's Army (NPA), according to a US Secretary of State secret cable published by anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

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The Missing Option to Defuse Iran Threat

21-08-2012 11:58

Giving priority to making peace with Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian people on the land – for – peace basis would disarm Iran of its Arab, Palestinian credentials and create a new regional environment that would in turn render any Arab alliance with Iran unnecessary

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Assange and Asylum: What's next?

16-08-2012 16:13

The struggle between the authorities in Sweden and the US to arrest Julian Assange, the figurehead of WikiLeaks, has taken yet another turn. What are the real motives behind this pursuit and what are the possibilities for further developments?

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Craig Murray: America's Vassal Acts Decisively And Illegally

16-08-2012 12:02

From Craig Murray, on the possibility of the UK seizing Julian Assange from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

Full article

Corporate collaboration lets Mugabe continue abuses

15-08-2012 09:29

Zimbabwe’s political-economic crisis continues because dislodging decades of malgovernance has not been achieved by either a Government of National Unity that began in early 2009, civil society activism, or international pressure, including this week’s Maputo summit of the main body charged with sorting out democratisation

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Illegal eviction resistance tonight in Queen Square, Bristol

14-08-2012 01:46

66 Queen Square, site of tonight's illegal eviction by Avon & Somerset police
Roughly 15 young squatters aged from 16 up to about 22 were illegally evicted late last night - unfortunately cannot upload this to Bristol Indymedia as stories there take about 24 hours to appear

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A real Big Society: South Bristol's practical example of sustainable development

11-08-2012 12:16

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris
For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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UAVs do enable 'extra judicial asssassination' admits arms industry editor

09-08-2012 11:51

Darren Lake, Acting Editor of UNMANNED Vehicles, an arms trade magazine for for the drone industry makes some suprizingly candid admissions in his August/September 2012 issue editorial...
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