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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Philippines: Duterte tells CHR, women's groups: Go to hell!

01-05-2016 04:13

Rodrigo Duterte
MANILA - Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday told the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and those who filed a complaint against him on account of his alleged offensive remarks on rape to go to hell.

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8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair - Building An Anarchist Future

27-04-2016 11:18

Bookfair flyer
The 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – 30th April 2016, 11am to 6pm, at Trinity Centre.

The Radical History Zone is just 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop, from 12noon to 6.30pm.
You are all invited!

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Analyst Raps “Files On Wheels” Set-up

24-04-2016 10:26

It is the information age variety of the boy that pulled the table cloth at the family meeting because it was too cowardly to turn the tables at the temple – only that the childish conduct behind the „John Doe“ mask originates from these whose tables should have been turned long ago. Yes – it means mounting a serious people abuse charge to assert that a national government is behind the informational “meals on wheels” dropped in front of the noses of commercial news journalists. It would mark a qualitative leap from the hitherto spoon-feeding of disinformation to a policy of force-feeding abusing those employees as prisoners of unconventional war. Victims are being held hostage by the imagination that they were doing good while they in fact are tools of evil. Here´s the Abgar talk on the issue.

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Philippines: Rodrigo Duterte’s One-Man Revolution and the CPP

19-04-2016 09:55

Jose Maria Sison & Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarian vision is no way forward for the Philippines.

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Oberlin College Comes Under Hostile Attack from Israeli-Firster Websites

10-04-2016 23:01

Recently David Gerstman of the Tower Blog (actually called “The Israel Project’s The Tower blog”) attacked the entire liberal arts Oberlin campus in Ohio as being lax on anti-Semitism because he doesn’t like what “one” of the college’s assistant professors wrote on her own personal face book page. Ironically Joy Karega, the alleged anti-Semite, was not really criticizing Jews in general, per se, but mostly what can be defined as some dirty politics of the State of Israel that is terrorist in nature. But conflating criticism of Zionists as supposed to mean anti-Semitism in general is what many propagandists are deliberately trying to d0—confuse various forms of debate in order to create a freeze on any negative criticism of the Zionist project in Israel as State for Jews or their Zionist influence here in America.

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UG #733 - The Mena Connection (Laundering Drug Profits and Shipping Guns...)

08-04-2016 11:35

Another episode which illuminates the murky doings of the deep state in the US; we hear the soundtrack from a 1995 film which gives an insider's eye view of "The Enterprise". Terry Reed was a CIA spook whose distaste for drug trafficking lead to him attempt to blow the whistle on what the corporate media - misleadingly - referred to as "Iran-Contra". After outlining the drugs for weapons operation that was run out of Mena, Arkansas - including how the money was laundered through the Arkansas bond market with the help of the Clintons' entourage - the show centers on how the Reeds took flight from a rogue US Justice system which had labeled them as "armed and dangerous" drug traffickers.

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Stampede Resulted From Pyramid Scheme, Says Scientist

07-04-2016 10:19

The deadly stampede at Uzbekistan´s annual Uerobuy festival, the biggest religious event in the Asian country, resulted from a pyramid scheme in the organisation body, says Joschua Gewindeberg in an independent study by an internationalist association of researchers presented on the anti-government indymedia network. The incident had been cited by human rights organisations as a litmus test for the failure of the increasingly monopolised country´s constitution and justice system, as victims shied away from court appearances and the court appearance of a fireman requesting trauma compensation was declined with the argument that he was not a victim.

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UG#732 - A Billion Here, A Billion There, Pretty Soon You're Talking Real Money

02-04-2016 00:24

We look at a new topic on the show - one of the largest frauds committed in the USA in the 20th Century - and why it is that the looting of hundreds of billions of dollars has for the most part not only gone unpunished but uninvestigated. Our speaker is Pete Brewton, author of The Mafia, The CIA and George Bush.

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Bailey Gwynne The Untold Truth

16-03-2016 08:52

This is what the media are not reporting in this tragic case. A mass cover up is in place to protect the system

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Philippines' Bernie Sanders: A Conversation with Walden Bello

15-03-2016 08:21

Without a doubt, Sanders has captured the imagination of people, especially the millennials, around the world.

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Bahis Detay - Online Bahis Siteleri - YAYINDA

09-03-2016 00:41

Evet yanlis duymadiniz yayın hayatına mart 2016 da basladı piyasada tek el olmaya dandik webmasterlari fena yapmayı geliyor! hazir olan online bahis büroları bizden sorulur.

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Walden Bello: Sanders as US President good for US, Philippines, and Asia

02-03-2016 06:46

MANILA - “Bernie Sanders would be good not only for the United States but for the Philippines and Asia,” Walden Bello told the US media after he chatted briefly with the candidate for Democratic Party presidential nomination in Waterloo, Iowa on Sunday, 13 December 2015.

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How broken is this site?

28-02-2016 13:54

I'm wondering whether it's still even possible to post here.

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UK terrorist murders of elderly Muslim men - big questions for police and press

26-02-2016 22:48

Discussing the murder of Mohammed Saleem in Rochdale by a Ukrainian man – and two other hate crime and racism, media coverage of her father compared to Lee Rigby;

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Tory-Euro Bargain Blasted

26-02-2016 10:09

Mainland oligarchs are throwing Europe´s Founding Fathers under the bus as to appease a rogue warlord on Britain, says Dr. Bastian Al Abgar, who has advised the Greek government on anti-austerity issues. It´s the nose of disintegration entering the tent sugar-coated with the ideological syrup of neoliberalism. But though Cameron is munching of Thatcher´s dish, he is distracting from the “Iron Lady´s” sudden death over her learning of the international law decreed upon the failed confederacy and its collaborators. The Europeans could easily grab that madman at this rusty ring, push him back and put the lid on the barrel so toxic that even the flies avoid it. But the two sides are complicit in the events immediately preceding the heartache.

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Callout - Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2016 - Building an Anarchist Future

25-02-2016 20:40

Bookfair flyer - front
The 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on Saturday 30th April 2016, 11am to 6pm.
At Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW, with the Radical History Zone just 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop.

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UG#730 - The Life Blood of Empire (Secrets of The Seven Sisters)

23-02-2016 11:21

This week, a look at the stuff of empire, that is, the resource of preeminent importance to understanding geopolitics in the 21st century - petroleum. We adapt a documentary on The Seven Sisters, supplemented with the research of Russ Baker.

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UG#729 - The Dynamics of Deep State Capture (The SEC, Bear Stearns,Gary Aguirre)

18-02-2016 13:21

This week, we examine the topic of regulatory capture in the US financial sector. We hear of some smoking guns which are hidden in plain sight - the blindingly obvious leads not properly investigated by the SEC, the FBI, the US Justice Department or any agency of the US government. Our main presentation is a 90 minute piece from lawyer and SEC whistleblower Gary Aguirre is introduced by an outline of the take down of Bear Stearns from - which although produced in 2009 has enduring relevance for anyone seeking to better understand the importance of the Deep State in the Financial 'Crisis'.

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Megachurch Fusion Or Solar Encounter?

15-02-2016 20:54

When two men meet whose predecessors turned their backs against each other a millennium ago, does it make a sound? Easy one: If it were two comets passing by the Sun in that frequency, the public anticipation would have been swelling for years at least. But the meeting of the two Christian Bishops – Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox – in a Cuban airport transit area – as secular a territorial status as one might imagine – was a surprise first of all to themselves. By the letter of the law, as activists are familiar with it, it is to be rated as a truly spontaneous demonstration.

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Pakistan Intl.Airlines Royal high Identity theft am Inn Amsterdam

11-02-2016 16:14

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