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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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US-Iran "Game of Chicken": Iran Stays Firm despite UN Sanctions

28-03-2007 08:07

As it seems, U.S. is preparing public opinions by its propaganda to use force against Iran. However, U.S. is concerned about of international repercussions. The sharp decline of the financial market in late February gave a red signal to such a plan

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Prince Hassan: Neocons and Israel Plan “New 100 Years of War” in the Middle East

27-03-2007 22:32

You’re not supposed to know what Prince Hassan Bin Talal knows, in fact what millions of Arabs know.

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UN Security Council: Sanctioning the next war of agression

27-03-2007 22:21

United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has once again voted to impose yet another sanction on Iran for its failure to suspend a legal activity allowed by the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty [1], to which Iran remains a signatory state, and that the IAEA itself has found no indication of any nuclear material being diverted to military purposes.

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Independent Investigators Release Suppressed Blueprints of Destroyed World Trade

27-03-2007 21:26

Scans of original drawings of the North Tower of the World Trade Center have been published online by a coalition of independent 9/11 researchers and journalists.

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Prisons in Venezuela: Extreme Violence, Extreme Indifference

27-03-2007 20:11

° Abolitionist text about the facts of three Venezuelan prisons: Uribana, Guanare and Sabaneta. Traslated from El Libertario (# 49, 2007), the voice of the Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas

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UN Security Or United Rape?

27-03-2007 12:04

As I watched Iran being hauled in front of the United Nations ‘Security’ Council, a vivid picture conjured up in my mind – my native country Iran, a vulnerable and defenseless beauty being prepared for violation by brutal savages. As she struggles to defend her honor, no one is prepared to come to her aid, save a few. Even her own children, those raised on her soil hope she will be brutally violated. With lust-filled eyes, they hope to fulfill their ambitions on her ravaged ruins, her broken pride.

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Unwelcome Guests: #351 - Death Squads and Empire

27-03-2007 11:29

Attached is the Unwelcome Guests radio show from 25th March 2007, entitled For The Love of Tyranny, Banannas, Bad Apples, Death Squads and Empire. It features Dahr Jamail, William Blum and John Taylor Gatto (reading).

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UNSC Role Change

26-03-2007 23:04

As I watched Iran being hauled in front of the United Nations ‘Security’ Council, a vivid picture conjured up in my mind – my native country Iran, a vulnerable and defenseless beauty being prepared for violation by brutal savages. As she struggles to defend her honor, no one is prepared to come to her aid, save a few. Even her own children, those raised on her soil hope she will be brutally violated. With lust-filled eyes, they hope to fulfill their ambitions on her ravaged ruins, her broken pride.

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A Stunning Contrast...

26-03-2007 15:48

Free the Cuban Five!
Anyone following the news in recent times cannot be unaware of the wave of progressive change sweeping Latin America and the Caribbean...

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Operation Bite: April 6 sneak attack by US forces against Iran planned, Russian

26-03-2007 08:49

The long awaited US military attack on Iran is now on track for the first week of April, specifically for 4 am on April 6, the Good Friday opening of Easter weekend, writes the well-known Russian journalist Andrei Uglanov in the Moscow weekly “Argumenty Nedeli.”

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A little bit of background to the kidnappings in the Gulf

26-03-2007 01:14

On 23 March 2007, 15 Royal Navy personnel were taken at gunpoint by Iranian forces in the Gulf. Five days before, on 18 March 2007, the Sunday Times ran a story predicting that an incident like this had been threatened by Iran, and explained the reasons why.

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Afghanistan: Why Australia should get out

25-03-2007 22:56

Immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops
Howard’s recent proposal to double the number of Australian troops in Afghanistan has been applauded by Rudd and the ALP. The notion that more occupying troops will bring stability to Afghanistan must be opposed. Immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops would be a genuine step towards stability. However, given the almost total destruction of homes, schools, hospitals, industry and other infrastructure since 1992, payment of large scale reparations is also necessary.

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Iran and the British Media

25-03-2007 18:04

Exclusive to an interview on the British media's coverage of the confrontation between Iran and the United States with David Edwards and David Cromwell, editors of Medialens

The noises being made by the British and american governments are eerily reminiscent of the build up to the Iraq invasion. How has the media responded to this propaganda re-run?

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British Premier - East of Liberty, 1pm, Dalston Rio cinema, May Day Bank Holiday

25-03-2007 10:35

The British premier of East of Liberty, a hard hitting documentary about gentrification in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The director, Chris Ivey, will be attending to answer questions at the end.

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Britain and the Shatt al-Arab

24-03-2007 22:31

I bought a newspaper tonight with a headline about the fifteen British sailors and marines seized by Irans revolutionary guard. The girl selling it to me pointed to the headline and said 'That's it, we are all going to get nuked'. I pointed out Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons and she responded 'Well, they are starting taking our sailors, we have to nuke them'. I pointed out the captives and their families probably wouldn't agree with her.

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Corporate Media Grooms “Diplomatic Row” Over “Kidnapped” Brit Marines

24-03-2007 17:11

The Brits appear to be guilty of staging “a deliberate provocation” by taunting the Iranians, who are rightfully paranoid of having their cities and populace shock and awed by the neocons.

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The Failure of Modern Western Society

24-03-2007 08:52

Wind down from your artificially induced stress/pace and confront your personal reality – take stock for a moment. Your existence has been confined to sustaining and maintaining a system that makes ever-increasing demands on your liberty and freedom – the pillars upon which joy and satisfaction are built/derived! The frenzied pace of western society is largely the result of the manic need for ever increasing profits and greater concentrations of wealth in the fewest possible hands, which inevitably makes higher demands on those at the bottom of the financial scale. Obtaining wealth is simply a matter of applying unfair downward pressure in favour of upward flowing benefits; wealth is not created it is the result of manipulation and/or theft – the historical record bears this out. Put simply, profit is exploitation/theft!

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Navigating the web of lies and hoaxes seeded against Venezuela’s Government

24-03-2007 00:49

VHeadline en Español News Editor Jesus Nery Barrios writes: Continuing our cyber crusade, navigating the web of lies and hoaxes seeded against Venezuela’s Bolivarian Government, President Hugo Chavez and its brave people in the mainstream media, and to show readers the other side of the coin, allowing them to achieve some balance in the information they receive and to arrive at their own conclusions, we find yet another oft-reiterated topic concerning the land of Simon Bolivar, Luis Aparicio and Jacinto Convit (the Venezuelan physician who discovered a vaccine for leprosy).

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Washington's Covert War inside Iran

24-03-2007 00:30

Much attention has been given to the Bush Administration’s preparations for possible war against Iran as well as its drive to impose sanctions. Meanwhile, a less noticed policy has been unfolding, one that may in time prove to have grave consequences for the region. There is a covert war underway in Iran, still in its infancy, but with disturbing signs of impending escalation.

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OutRage!:Why has the Left gone soft on human rights?

23-03-2007 18:35

Two articles by gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell published this week:
The Independent. March 22nd_ Why has the Left gone soft on human rights?
Democratiya Journal_Spring 2007 Their Multiculuralism and ours.

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