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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Norwegian Terrorist Had Links to EDL!

24-07-2011 09:56

Anders Brehing Breivik -- EDL Supporter
Whilst it comes as no surprise that he was a violent fascist who attacked democracy and "left-wing" students, (if the Nowegian Labour Party could even be described as "left-wing"), nor should it come as any surprise that this violent psycho had links to the EDL! The only surprise is the silence on the EDL forums since it turned out that one of the worst terrorist attacks ever seen in Europe was committed by one of their own, especially considering the regular threats and hatred posted on their Facebook pages!

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UG#560 - Cyberluddism (Reclaiming Luddism on the Bicentennial)

23-07-2011 03:54

This week we look at the goings on in England which started 200 years ago this November, headed by the mysterious figure of Ned Ludd. Why did the Luddites break certain machines but leave others? Why did central government send more troops to crush Luddism that to fight Napoleon in France? But first, the soundtrack of two videos, Robots vs. Luddites and New Technology Whose Progress?'

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What did he know and when did he know it? Cameron Coulson and those pesky emails

22-07-2011 13:23

The political/corporate class must be rueing the day email arrived, it is proving to be the undoing of many a powerful individual and perhaps even the downfall of the government? But only if the media do the job they claim to be doing, investigating malfeasance at every level.

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Amid the Murdoch scandal, there is the acrid smell of business as usual

21-07-2011 22:40

In Scoop, Evelyn Waugh’s brilliant satire on the press, there is the moment when Lord Copper, owner of the Daily Beast, meets his new special war correspondent, William Boot, in truth an authority on wild flowers and birdsong. A confused Boot is brought to his lordship’s presence by Mr. Salter, The Beast’s foreign editor.

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Boy, Do We Need A Hippocratic Oath For Journalists

21-07-2011 20:52

For the record: Around June 17 or 18, both Edward S. Herman and I each began submitting manuscripts to the Guardian of London, prompted by false and misleading claims that had been made by the British writer George Monbiot on June 14, in his weekly commentary for this prestigious newspaper. "Left and libertarian right cohabit in the weird world of the genocide belittlers," was the title the Guardian had given it. At Monbiot's own website, the title he had chosen was more direct: "Naming the Genocide Deniers" (June 13).

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Is America Fascist?

21-07-2011 19:08

Before we can determine if America has succumbed to fascism, we first must have a good definition and understanding of what fascism really is.

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A Memorandum to the President of the Philippines

18-07-2011 10:42

MEMORANDUM FOR President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy)

FROM : Your boss, the Filipino people

SUBJECT : Your job evaluation and our recommendation

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The implications of China’s increasingly active role in multilateral Institution

18-07-2011 03:56

The implications for Asia Pacific security due to the active role and growing influence from the Peoples’ Republic of China’s (PRC) approach to particular multilateral institutions are both economic and strategic.

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Targeted killings and "surgical interventions", the automation of death

17-07-2011 23:17

Last week The Washington Post and The New York Times amongst other U.S. corporate media outlets reported on the first attack by U.S. unmanned aerial vehicles ( drones ) in Somali territory

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Real Democracy right now

17-07-2011 11:07

Chronic debt is not an issue, and States are over spenders. This comes from the former model of State, when finance was outside institution. Now, as happen with individual, debt is only a way when invested in improving production. It is not the case and States are under financers. I will come into this scenario and suggest alternatives.

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UG#559 - Famine, The Fruit of Disconnection (Jailing Gardeners, Raw Milk & Soil)

17-07-2011 02:38

A show on the 'developed' world's fundamental disconnection from the soil that ultimately sustains us all, with an emphasis on the insanity of modern US food laws. Julian Cribb on the global famines ahead, Ivan Illich on soil and virtue, David Gumpert on why FDA agents went undercover for a year to catch an Amish farmer accused of selling raw milk. Then Frederick Kaufman on global food market profiteering by Goldman Sachs and Patrick Holden from the UK soil association on organic food and use of direct action to escape the market model of food provision.

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Is anarchism more radical than Leninism?

13-07-2011 19:12

The Socialist Workers’ Party have published another “critique” of anarchism: It’s pretty much a repetition of the standard Leninist myths, but I thought I’d take a moment to reply to their distortions anyway.

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The British security service is the elephant within the room in the Murdoch press hacking scandal

12-07-2011 11:38

The Guardian, along with the rest of the MSM have so far managed to ignore the elephant within the room in the Murdoch press hacking scandal. One would have thought given the latest revelations about Gordon Brown and his family, someone might have asked the question exactly what was the British Secret Intelligence Service doing whilst News International hacked into the British prime ministers private life.

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A critic replies to Chris Knight

12-07-2011 09:28

A response to Chris Knight's recent article "In Defence of Activism".

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Fortress Drop HLS: It's Official - No More Loan

12-07-2011 03:09

Fortress have been in talks with SHAC volunteers over their stopping of their loan agreement to HLS, this has been a rather protracted affair lasting many months, with Fortress' attorneys being slow to give us the proof we needed. (Remember, Fortress had lied in the past to the campaign, see So we not only requested a statement, but we also wanted to see the legal documents showing the end of the loan between Fortress and HLS.

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6th Anniversary of 7/7

07-07-2011 23:11

Six years on from an event with the largest single loss of life in London since the blitz can the Metropolitan Police, with it's long track record of complicity in facilitating Miscarriages of Justice be allowed to offer a 'narrative' which is so deeply flawed and suspect? How about a 'narrative' which has remained unexamined and unchallenged except by the July 7th Truth Campaign? A 'narrative' that has ascribed guilt to four men without their families having the opportunity and legal representation to question, particularly when the four accused have been denied their own Inquest proceedings? Or a 'narrative' deemed outside the scope of inquiry by the 7/7 Inquests, and a 'narrative' which has led to the demonisation of the Muslim population? This is the same flawed and unproven narrative that has been the basis for the questioning of multi-culturalism and a 'narrative' which has done much to fuel the race-hate and bigotry of the far-right neo-fascist organisation, the EDL.

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The strange silencing of liberal America

07-07-2011 19:50

How does political censorship work in liberal societies? When my film, 'Year Zero: the Silent Death of Cambodia', was banned in the United States in 1980, the broadcaster PBS cut all contact. Negotiations were ended abruptly; phone calls were not returned. Something had happened. But what? 'Year Zero' had already alerted much of the world to the horrors of Pol Pot, but it also investigated the critical role of the Nixon administration in the tyrant’s rise to power and the devastation of Cambodia.

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UG#557 - The Making of Police State USA (The Rosenberg Case -The 2010 FBI Raids)

07-07-2011 15:10

This week, a two part show on the US Police State. In our first hour, recordings from last month's meeting of the National Committee to Reopen The Rosenberg Case, including Robert Meeropol's Eulogy to his parents, by whose 1953 killing the US government intensified the red scare. In our second hour, we hear from the Chicago civil liberties community on the September 2010 FBI raids there and subsequent use of grand jury proceedings in an effort to chill dissent.

Full article

'Extreme Dishonesty’ – The Guardian, Noam Chomsky and Venezuela

06-07-2011 23:11

The headline of last Sunday’s Observer article on Venezuela set the tone for the slanted and opportunistic piece of political ‘reporting’ that followed:

‘Noam Chomsky denounces old friend Hugo Chávez for “assault” on democracy’.

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Why the News of the World Scandal Indicts Capitalism

06-07-2011 12:44

Murdoch's sway over UK politics is legendary
The News Of The World (NotW) telephone hacking scandal threatens to cost the Murdoch media empire millions, as advertisers scurry to distance themselves from a now toxic brand. Furthermore, it has caused great embarrassment for Prime Minister David Cameron, as the extent of Murdoch's penetration of the state becomes clearer. But perhaps more significant than any of this, the furore is an indictment of the capitalist system itself, and how it twists every profession, not least that of the journalist.
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