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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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CIA Agent Captured in Cuba: Beware "DAI."

14-12-2009 18:47

"To date, the OTI still remains in Venezuela, with DAI as its principal contractor. But now, four other entities share USAID’s multimillion dollar pie in Caracas: International Republican Institute (IRI), National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Freedom House, and the PanAmerican Development Foundation (PADF). Of the 64 groups funded from 2002-2004 with approximately $5 million annually, today the OTI funds more than 533 organizations, political parties, programs and projects, mainly in opposition sectors, with an annual budget surpassing $7 million. Its presence has not only remained, but has grown. Obviously this is due to one very simple reason: the original objetive has still not been obtained; the overthrow or removal of President Hugo Chávez.


This organization dedicated to destabilizing governments unfavorable to US interests has now made its appearance in Cuba, with millions of dollars destined to destroy the Cuban revolution. Ex CIA officer Phillip Agee affirmed that DAI, USAID and NED “are instruments of the US Embassy and behind these three organizations is the CIA.“ The contract between USAID and DAI in Venezuela confirms this fact, “The field representative will maintain close collaboration with other embassy offices in identifying opportunities, selecting partners and ensuring the program remains consistent with US foreign policy.” There is no doubt that “selecting partners” is another term for “recluting agents” and “consistent with US foreign policy” means “promoting Washington’s interests”, despite issues of sovereignty. Clearly, all DAI activities are directly coordinated by the US Embassy, a fact which negates the “private” nature of the organization.
The detention of a DAI employee is a very important step to impede destabilization and subversion inside Cuba. This episode also confirms that there has been no change of policy with the Obama Administration towards Cuba – the same tactics of espionage, infiltration and subversion are still being actively employed against one of Washington’s oldest adversaries."

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A Memory Abused: No Rest or Peace for Neda Agha-Soltan

13-12-2009 20:28

The ruthless exploitation of the death of Neda for political purposes is an egregious example of a propaganda war being waged by the enemies of Iran – everyone should be concerned, however, since the manipulation of the media and public opinion is a feature of domestic news coverage in the West as much as it is of reporting on a Middle Eastern state.

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The United Nations' Role in Peace and War.

12-12-2009 23:09

"Let me add in the context of UN perception number three - that the Programmes, Agencies, bodies of the UN do good work everyday all over the world - WHEN not instructed by the Masters of the Universe to do otherwise - such as:

the unwillingness of the World Health Organisation to deal honestly with the appalling dangers of military usage of Depleted Uranium. I am sure you have seen the latest data from Fallujah? Where child mortality has sky rocketed and birth deformities – two heads, no limbs – are increasingly common. Women are now afraid to get pregnant. Believe me, the horrors of Fallujah today will be faced by the rest of us tomorrow - if we do not ban the use of Depleted Uranium. There is world movement afoot; the website is
OR the weak mandate and capacity provided for the UN Environmental Programme to anticipate, manage environmental/climate calamities world wide. We know about the disappointments of Kyoto, and now Copenhagen looks very tough going. Although we now see movement from China and the US, the UN – needs independent oversight authority re climate change policies and implementation if Copenhagen is to be different from Kyoto.

Or the IAEA – the Atomic Energy Agency - whose objective expert advice is too often set aside by the Security Council when military aggression is more politically attractive, or simply ideal for empire building. Or in respect of some nuclear states – such as Pakistan, Israel and India – IAEA is allowed no role at all!"

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Why was President Obama Gifted the Nobel Peace Prize?

12-12-2009 19:45

Ever since hectoring hegemons have existed, ever since oligarchs have existed wielding power from behind the scenes through their 'errand boys', ever since they discovered social engineering, and especially ever since Edward Bernays discovered and employed Public Relations which coincided approximately with the time that Nobel peace prizes started to be awarded, these accolades from the high and mighty serve the oligarchic agendas as needed.

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Who runs Manchester?

11-12-2009 17:08

Q. What do the Sir Richard Leese and Wayne Rooney have in common?

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Pacific Rescue Plan.

11-12-2009 14:09

Even before the plans of establishment a free Sunland settlement on one of the Pacific Islands were declared, a large-scale strategic document - "The Pacific Plan of freedom and development" has been proposed for discussion of all interested countries, organizations and individuals. But the challenges to the Pacific island countries are so threatening, that it would be more correct speak about the plan of salvation.

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Muhammad Haque, the first Political Lines on Obama's acceptance speech

10-12-2009 21:57

Today’s official news releases on Obama’s acceptance speech at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony where he pledged to continue wars…

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Solidarity in the Attack

10-12-2009 00:16

Wherever I see you mad power, without wasting too many words, I'll try to do you in !

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Obama's War Speech: The Questions It Raises… And The Answer That Must Be Given

09-12-2009 19:17

On Tuesday, December 1, at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, President Barack Obama announced that he would send 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan. He also called for 10,000 more NATO troops, which pushes the total U.S.-led forces to nearly 150,000, and he announced plans to step up the war on a number of fronts including (without being specific) in Pakistan. Obama has now tripled the number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan since he took office.

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Climate and Capitalism in Copenhagen

08-12-2009 23:24

Beginning in the second week of December, representatives to the United Nations Climate Conference in Copenhagen will wrestle with the challenge of climate change. This week, influential actors in the World Trade Organization Seventh Ministerial Conference taking place in Geneva are trying to push for a conclusion to the nine-year-old Doha Round of trade negotiations.

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08-12-2009 21:53

Here's the pilot episode - it gets a bit 'blue' at times so keep the kiddies away!

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U.S., NATO War In Afghanistan: Fifty or more countries in a single war theater

08-12-2009 18:48

B-52 jets carpet-bombing Afghanistan
Over the past ten years citizens of the United States and other Western nations, and unfortunately most of the world, have become accustomed to Washington and its military allies in Europe and those appointed as armed outposts on the periphery of the "Euro-Atlantic community" engaging in armed aggression around the world.

The bombing and the ground combat operations in Afghanistan continue since October 2001 and both will be intensified to record levels in short order. The combined U.S. and NATO forces in the country would represent a staggering number, in excess of 150,000 soldiers.

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Meet the commanded-in-chief

07-12-2009 17:59

"In Congress, a senate maneuver that only a few years ago was so rare that the response to it was nicknamed "the nuclear option" - needing a 60-vote majority to pass anything of significance - has, almost without comment, become a commonplace for the passage of just about anything. This means Congress is eternally in a state of gridlock. And that's just for starters when it comes to ways in which the US government, so ready to surge its military and its civilian employees into Afghanistan in the name of good governance, is in need of repair, if not nation-building itself."

and if this was not bad enough:

"Think of this as Obama's anti-MacArthur moment. In April 1951, in the midst of the Korean War, president Harry Truman relieved Douglas MacArthur of command of the American forces. He did so because the general, a far grander public figure than either McChrystal or Central Command (CENTCOM) commander General Petraeus (and with dreams of his own about a possible presidential run), had publicly disagreed with, and interfered with, Truman's plans to "limit" the war after the Chinese intervened.

Obama, too, has faced what Robert Dreyfuss in Rolling Stone calls a "generals' revolt" - amid fears that his Republican opposition would line up behind the insubordinate field commanders and make hay in the 2010 and 2012 election campaigns. Obama, too, has faced a general, Petraeus, who has played a far subtler game than MacArthur ever did. After more than two months of what right-wing critics termed "dithering" and supporters called "thorough deliberations", Obama dealt with the problem quite differently to Truman. He essentially agreed to subordinate himself to the publicly stated wishes of his field commanders. (Not that his Republican critics will give him much credit for doing so, of course.) This is called "politics" in our country and, for a Democratic president in our era, Tuesday night's end result was remarkably predictable.

When Obama bowed to the Japanese emperor on his recent Asian tour, there was a media uproar in this country. Even though the speech last Tuesday night should be thought of as bowing to the American military, there is likely to be little complaint on that score. Similarly, despite the significance of symbolism in Washington, there has been surprisingly little discussion about the president's decision to address the American people not from the Oval Office but from the US Military Academy at West Point."

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animal rights remberance day

07-12-2009 16:52

one the tenth of december activists will be out to show there respect to the dead animals though factory farming and vivisection and other vile trades

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New Research on BNP voting levels 2009 covering 310 wards

07-12-2009 11:52

This is part 2 of a 2 part pilot study of BNP voting levels, covering the totality of the UK electoral political field. 310 wards were used where results are available, from 16.10.08 to 27.8.09, all from the ALDC website.

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Nestle KitKat to be Fairtrade - except bars involving child slavery

07-12-2009 03:37

The Guardian newspaper (7 December 2009) has reported that Nestlé is to have four-finger KitKat chocolate bars certified by the Fairtrade Foundation in the UK.
Two-finger bars and other chocolate outside the scheme will continue to involve child slavery, according to critics.

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Peace Laureate Obama expands Afghan War

06-12-2009 19:57

Within weeks of being awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, war maker, warmonger and war criminal Obama has announced a huge escalation of the Afghan War to West Point US Military Academy trainee US storm troopers in a speech littered with outrageous lying by commission and lying by omission.

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The systemic nature of swine flu

05-12-2009 21:32

The multidimensional crisis and now the biological crisis provide ample evidence that what is good for the elites who control not only our way of living but our survival itself is far from good for us. Furthermore, the elites’ actions show why it is so imperative to build a massive movement for the establishment of a genuine democracy, an Inclusive Democracy, so that it is ourselves, rather than criminal elites interested only in making more money, who decide what our needs are and how best to meet them.

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Chomsky as Chávez’s Clown

05-12-2009 19:02

* This article criticizes the weak and untenable posture the celebrated North American linguist and essayist holds in support of the current Venezuelan government. It was originally published in Venezuela’s anarchist newspaper El Libertario, issue # 57.

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Af-Pak War Racket: The Obama Illusion Comes Crashing Down

05-12-2009 16:13

As Obama announced plans for escalating the war effort, it has become clear that the Obama Illusion has taken yet another horrifying turn.

Barack Obama, the anti-war candidate, has proven to be a perfect decoy for the military industrial complex.
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