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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Film Night: Reclaiming our Food System

25-08-2011 14:35

6 Billion Ways presents an evening of short films, interspersed with discussion from expert speakersm, to explore the idea of 'food sovereignty', a way of putting people and planet first and challenging the corporate dominance that makes our food system so unsustainable. Asian Dub Foundation’s John Pandit will then kick up some tunes while you dance, chat or find out more about food justice campaigning.

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"The August 2011 Riots in Britain" : an analysis

25-08-2011 02:15

For a few days in August 2011, the riots in Britain's cities flashed a searing light across the troubled sleep to which we, the ordinary people of that country, have been reduced by three decades of spiritless submission to the logic of capitalism. The only meaningful questions to ask about the riots are: how far did they go in repudiating the society that dominates us, and how can that repudiation be extended and deepened? Everything else is the howling of dogs.

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Criminal Ruling Class: Financial Oligarchy & How To Stop Them

24-08-2011 01:10

The US & European Financial Oligarchy Backed By The Military Industrial Complex & How To Stop Them The Time Has Come

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The Libya media hoax: Fabricated scenes of jubilation & euphoria on Green Squa

23-08-2011 20:18

Fabricated scenes of jubilation and euphoria on Green Square, Tripoli, 22/08/11
Surpassing previous mass media fabrications, both in scale and boldness, yesterday morning's Al Jazeera mise-en-scène will surely go down in history as one of the most cynical hoaxes committed by corporate media since the manipulated pictures of Iraqis topplying Saddam Hussein's statue after the US invasion in 2003.

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The "elimination" of poverty

22-08-2011 21:44

The ideologues of the New World Order which was imposed by the capitalist neo-liberal globalization have already proved their great skill to eliminate or distort annoying terms such as socialism, democracy (in its classic meaning of self-management), resistance against occupiers (defined today as "terrorism"), etc.

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Stories of Activism in Sheffield, 1960-2011

22-08-2011 16:12

An event co-organised by the University of Sheffield’s Centre for the Study of Democratic Culture and the Centre for Peace History.

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Film presentation about anti-fur activism in Norway, this Wednesday in Sheffield

21-08-2011 22:58

An activist from the Norwegian animal rights group Nettverk For Dyrs Frihet (Network For Animals' Freedom) will be presenting short films about the group's undercover investigations into the country's fox and mink farms. We'll be starting at 7pm in the Rutland Arms at 86 Brown Street (near to the Showroom Cinema and the railway station). Newcomers are especially welcome!

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Occupied Afghanistan: The attack on the British Council in Kabul

21-08-2011 15:09

The British Council in Kabul, 19 August 2011

The attack on the British Council in Kabul on 19th August, resulting in twelve deaths and many injuries, further underlined how unwelcome the occupiers are, in a country in which they should never have been in the first place. Further tragedies, heaped on tragedies, also illustrated how out of touch those both on the ground in country - and those in high places abroad are. The day of the attack was both the Sabbath (Friday) and national holiday marking the 92nd anniversary of Afghanistan's independence from Britain in 1919 and of course, the 19th: 19 -1919.

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Unlimited Liability or Nothing to Lose? By Clinical Wasteman

21-08-2011 07:29

The first of two articles by Clinical Wastemen surveying the landscape of social struggles in austerity UK 2011. The second article, on the UK riots, appears here:

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Dignified and Undignified Rage:Brief Notes on a Pending Invitation, the UK riots

21-08-2011 06:12

here are some thoughts i wrote about the london riots and wider world dynamics.

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UG#564 - Choosing A Life of Action (Deschooling Society 4)

21-08-2011 05:51

The show this week reflects on why, in the face of dire predictions if we do not make big changes to how we live, so many people feel either powerless or even disinterested to try to effect such changes. We continue with last week's Gatto interview, followed by another chapter of Deschooling Society and an essay by Philip Balla.

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The Insurrection of the English Underclass

20-08-2011 20:16

In this article, Takis sees the tremendous explosion of anger by the British underclass as part of similar recent explosions in France and Greece of the main victims of neoliberal globalisation and particularly those who have not yet been integrated into it.

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Coda to an open letter

20-08-2011 13:26

Three follow-up comments on the London riots, drawn in part from astute comments from friends and strangers.

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US navy seals destroyed to cover up Washington’s Bin Laden execution hoax?

20-08-2011 08:47

The Mail on Sunday, 7 August 2011
The wiping out of 30 US special forces in the Chinook helicopter crash in Afghanistan comes at a time when Washington’s official version of how it carried out the assassination of Osama bin Laden was falling apart from incredulity.

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Rant: Cameron's Wars - Coming Home Soon To British Streets?

20-08-2011 00:35

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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Pro-Populus: Give the People a Chance!

18-08-2011 21:35

The recent cacophony of events have explicitly revealed the shortcomings in the multi-faceted beast that is our 'United' Kingdom. Let us use this opportunity to change it for the better.

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Merkel, Sarkozy plagiarise from indymedia

18-08-2011 18:04

While all the periphery of Europe is in turmoil, the centre of the subcontinent appears remarkably calm. But that appearance is deceptive. There has been a hidden struggle going on beyond the surface of the hegemonic narrative for a long time, and now the fog is beginning to clear.

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The stench of a police state

18-08-2011 06:20

The events of the last 12 days are a warning to the working class in Britain and internationally. The state repression and right-wing hysteria unleashed in response to youth rioting in London and other cities reveal the preparations of the ruling class for police-state forms of rule.

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Nick Clegg ARSONIST - make this go viral ASAP

15-08-2011 18:49

Nick Clegg ARSONIST - make this go viral ASAP
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