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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Obama, The Pied Piper of Washington (by Latuff)

07-11-2009 20:54

Obama, The Pied Piper of Washington
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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National Resistance Against the Coup d’Etat Announces Boycott of November 29 Hon

06-11-2009 18:42

"As of midnight last night, the National Resistance Front against the Coup d’Etat will begin its process of delegitimizing the electoral process. In a statement issued by President Zelaya, from the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa where he has taken refuge the past 46 days and nights, he said that the coup regime was plotting “a giant political-electoral fraud” through “constant violations of human rights, the cancellation of public liberties, the shutdown and confiscation of media like Channel 36 and Radio Globo, and the situation of having the President who was elected by the people surrounded by military soldiers in the diplomatic seat and the overall political persecution.” Zelaya added:

“We announce our total non-recognition of this electoral process and its results. Due to the above mentioned violations, elections under a dictatorship are a fraud to the people.”
The de facto government on the other hand, went about interpreting the Tegucigalpa/San Jose Accord as it pleased, supposedly naming its reconciliatory government while maintaining coup “president” Roberto Micheletti in power. The US will now have to answer to the international community – including the Organization of American States (OAS) – as the only government that says it might recognize the Nov 29 elections in Honduras."

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Racism and the Censorship of "Gay Imperialism"

05-11-2009 15:42

Peter Tatchell Gags the voices of Lesbian Muslims

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Anglo Iranian Youth Society Press Conference. Downing Street, London - pictures

05-11-2009 14:29

An End to Religious Dictatorship.
As the Iranian Mollah regime hold its annual anti-US day of protests in Iran, which are met with a new movement of pro-Democracy students angry over the questionable re-election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President in June, the Anglo-Iranian Youth Society meet outside Downing Street to hold a press conference.

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Climate Change Denial and "Death Denial"

05-11-2009 08:30

Following is an article by George Monbiot on the rise of climate change denial which starkly contrasts this with the increasingly dire warnings from scientists about where we are heading, perhaps 4+°C by 2050. The denial has been stoked up by a massive disinformation campaign as the scientists at have documented. "Denial" and "maladaptive coping strategies" have also been recently considered in an article by Clive Hamilton, how to deal with climate change grief.

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What will Bo Johnson do to help an ordinary London woman in real distress?

05-11-2009 02:35

The Guardian and other British media have hailed Boris Johnson the London mayor in the past 24 hours. His achievement? The reported rescue of a London film director named as Ms Franny Armstrong.

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Three dead in garment workers' clashes - unions promised new role

04-11-2009 12:00

The latest clashes in the highly charged arena of the Bangladeshi garment industry...

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US aid to Pakistan 2 (by Latuff)

03-11-2009 11:23

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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seriously ?

29-10-2009 16:00

about the Armed attack against police station in Athens,

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Iran Pro-Democracy Rally at the FCO, London - pictures.

28-10-2009 19:50

Group executions in Iran.
Iranian pro-democracy campaigners gather outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London to protest the human rights abuses committed by the Mollah regime in Iran.

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Attack to a Police Station in ATHENS with kalashnikovs few hours ago

28-10-2009 05:24

the 600.000 euro reward for the 3 "terrorists"
Only one day after the wanted and 600.000 euros reward issued ( FOTO) and the attack to the Police station happened.. >>

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The happiest people in the world?

26-10-2009 14:12

In a Oprah show regarding Denmark and the Danish society from October 2009, the Danes is presented as the “the most happy people in the world”! In the 20 minutes show reel the Danish society is presented as an almost paradise on earth.

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British secret service chief justifies torture

26-10-2009 00:41

With efforts by the Labour government to suppress evidence of collusion with the United States threatened with collapse, the head of Britain’s secret service, MI5, last week made a public defence of the use of torture to obtain evidence against alleged terrorists.

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Troops Out of Afghanistan March, London - pictures.

25-10-2009 12:28

Lance Corporal Joe Glenton.
As the British and US Governments military campaign in Afghanistan falls into debacle with the failure of the so-called democratic Government of Hamid Karzai, and against a backdrop of increasing British military casualties from sporadic engagements with Afghani regional partisans...

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New Mayday magazine with Postal Worker theme

24-10-2009 00:28

Here is the latest front cover of Mayday magazine, its fab:) Launched at the Anarchist bookfair later today.

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Next: A Popular Referendum for a New Honduras Constitution?

23-10-2009 18:14

"The coup was held on June 28 precisely to stop a non-binding referendum – one that asked if Hondurans wanted the right to vote for or against a new Constitution – but the regime’s own insistence on holding faux “elections” on November 29 inadvertently provides the people with the opportunity to do the very thing the coup was intended to stop: To put up ballot boxes outside of every “official” polling place and survey the people on that original question.
Now that the Honduran civil resistance and its diverse social movements are so much better organized in every town and city than ever before, the little bird asked, why not utilize the November 29 date of the regime’s sham “elections” to hold a real referendum?"

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The establishment mugs Nick Griffin, but only to steal his political clothes

23-10-2009 12:52

What entertainment! What a fascinating and gruesome TV spectacle! Griffin the fool on the box! What a ratings boost for ‘Mentorn’ (the private company that runs question time, that’s been begging the BBC for years to have the Griffo freakshow). Yes it was great to see Nick Griffin look ridiculous on TV. He really is an unctuous buffoon. But it was still a bad idea to give him a platform on Question Time. The only mitigating factor was being able to see a huge, angry demonstration by anti-fascists outside the BBC TV centre to show how we all feel. (The woman seen being dragged along the floor still wagging her finger at a copper is my especial hero).

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Shift Magazine: Interview with German anti-fascist group TOP Berlin

23-10-2009 10:30

As Labour, Conservatives and Lib Dems lay into Nick Griffin on Question Time yesterday, the mainstream of society could present itself as anti-fascist and anti-racist (despite the tough rhetoric on immigration that all three adopted). This interview with anti-fascists from Germany recalls a similar situation there.

(originally published by Shift Magazine at

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Griffin torn apart, but not literally unfortunately

23-10-2009 09:42

Yesterday, Thursday the 23rd October saw unprecedented protests outside BBC television centres across the country over the planned appearance of the fascist BNP party leader Nick Griffin on the current affairs programme Question Time. Numbers eclipsed even the protests sparked by the BBC's refusal to air a Gaza aid appeal last January. Crowds gathered to hear the usual speeches and chant the usual slogans, but after a car entered the television centre a large crowd surged forward towards the main gates to be met by police. Soon enough the cops were overpowered and pushed aside with officers climbing over the gates to escape. The gates were forced open, officers on the other side struggling to hold them shut. Seconds later the crowd stormed the gates and headed towards the BBC entrance with dozens of activists entering the building. Protestors were seen being dragged outside by security. As the evening wore on the scene became moody with reports of police using CS gas. Inside the television studio the scene was not much calmer.

I saw a rather succinct review of Question Time: "Griffin came across as a blithering idiot while the other three politicians acted like a bunch of kids fighting over a bag of sweets, Jack Straw seemed to drop most of his sweets on the floor when asked about immigration. Bonnie Greer was hilarious". This about sums up what happened, but here follows a more in depth analysis.
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