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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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`Stop the War on Iran before it starts` talk by Professor Abbas Edalat

29-04-2006 21:25

This is a 640 word article about the talk on Iran given in Edinburgh on April 27th 2006 by Professor Abbas Edalat of Imperial College London. Five photos are attached.

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Sindicalismo y trabajadores en Venezuela

28-04-2006 21:05

* Estos tres textos han sido tomados de El Libertario # 47, mayo-junio 2006, vocero bimensual de la Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas. En ellos se pone al día y condensa una perspectiva anarquista sobre la situación del movimiento laboral en este país.

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Zapping the Empire: The Other "United 93" Trailer

27-04-2006 15:01

In light of the oening of the neocon propaganda psyop "United 93", here is another version you might want to listen to. (20:00)

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26-04-2006 06:34

THE PEACE PATRIOTS - OPENING SEGMENT Watch the film’s first 4 1/2 minutes which includes the opening narration by Air America Radio host Janeane Garofalo, instrumental music by John Sheldon, and the song, "Not In Our Name Pledge of Resistance" read by poet Saul Williams with music written and performed by DJ Spooky (Paul MIller). (Running Time 4:36)

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Immaterial Labour Conference and Negri Cambridge This Weekend: 27-29 of April

26-04-2006 04:03

Ed Emery has organized the Immaterial Labour, Multitudes, and New Social Subjects: Class Composition in Cognitive Capitalism" Conference in Cambridge this weekend (August 28-30th). This conference will have a keynote open to the public by Antonio Negri, co-author of Empire on recent events in France.

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New ID card proposal to flush out those using anonymity

26-04-2006 00:41

Government of such dubious credentials
That' s a very big, very serious dimension to the whole database and ID card issue here in Australia. With a government of such dubious credentials on their commitment to human rights playing footsies with rendition to torture countries, blanket opposition to a bill of rights, denial of the refugee convention word and spirit, denial of fundamental but inconvenient property rights like native title, and likely lots more, why trust this government on the ID lite card proposal?

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Why Howard must resign

25-04-2006 22:13

John Howard Denies He Lies
If they did not know then they have to go. Howard want's it both ways on the wheat for weapons scandal - he should take it like a man and resign today.

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Bush&Co: Making America Safer One Released War Crime Victim at a Time

25-04-2006 18:42

There has been no word about apologies from the U.S. to these captives, but you’d think it would be a smart idea to hand each victim a fat wad of cash before sending them on their way.

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Khoodeelaar No to Crossrail hole Bill campaign gets Tory HQ backing

24-04-2006 13:01

A little piece of campaign history has been made this afternoon in the Brick Lane where Conservative Party Chair Francis Maude actually said that his party would oppose the Crassrail hole plan. This comes nearly 3 years after Khoodeelaar! started the campaign to defend Brick Lane London| E1 area against the CrossRail hole assault. Francis Maude was answering questions from Khoodeelaar organsier Muhammad Haque as Maude left a Party gathering held in the area.

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English... Go Home!

24-04-2006 09:14

IDENTITY CRISIS: Would St. George mind if the day of the English was less Queen Vic and bowler hats, more corner shop and jerk chicken?

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The need for the Simultaneous Policy in Brazilian politics and other news

24-04-2006 08:35

The Spring 2006 edition of the Simultaneous Policy newsletter, It's Simpol !, is now available at

Plus news of the Simultaneous Policy seminar at the European Social Forum in Athens on 5 May.

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Macho Men and State Capitalism - Is Another World Possible?

23-04-2006 17:37

* Latin America is boiling with revolutionary potential these days that could redefine economics, politics and social relations. But sometimos things aren't always as they seem. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is widely seen to be at the center of Latin America's transformation by building a regional trade bloc through the creation of ALBA and Venezuela's membership in Mercosur to oppose U.S. dominance and its constant push for free trade agreements with Latin American governments.

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Video on the plight of minorities in Bangladesh

23-04-2006 13:45

This video highlights the tragic situation for ethnic minorities in Bangladesh

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What Nepal could learn from the winsor rabble

22-04-2006 08:25

Anyone fancy booting our dictators out on mayday?

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Mary O'Neil McCarthy: Fired CIA Leaker, Clinton Spec. Assistant

22-04-2006 06:57

Mary O'Neil McCarthy is the senior CIA official who has been fired for blowing the whistle about the CIA's illegal secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Her leak provided the grist for the Pulitzer Prize-winning of Dana Priest of the Washington Post, breaking the news about the CIA black sites. She was a Special Assistant to President Clinton. She was serving, at the time she was fired, under the CIA's Deputy Director for Operations, Jose A. Rodriguez of McLean, VA.

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Decay and Renewal

22-04-2006 05:03

The latest offering from the Bush administration is a nuclear attack on Iran; after only a few years in power this insane administration is ready to wage nuclear warfare! If this is not cause for alarm then resign yourselves to your fate (lemmings).

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21-04-2006 07:51

- GO AND WITNESS – Thursday, April 20th 2006.
- GO AND WITNESS – Thursday, April 20th 2006.


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2 Registered Sex Offenders Killed in Maine

20-04-2006 21:48

Two registered sex offenders
The shootings of Joseph L. Gray, 57, of Milo, and William Elliott, 24, of Corinth, led state police to take down the Maine Sex Offender Registry Web site as a precaution, state Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland said. The site lists the photos, names and addresses of more than 2,200 sex offenders.

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Announcement of AK (Assembly of Salonica) about the recent arson of its centre

20-04-2006 14:33

... the price of the Struggle for Freedom is heavy and requires responsibility ...

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How close to the edge of the abyss do you go before you back away?

20-04-2006 14:11

Crude oil prices jumped to a new all time record high of over $74 a barrel today as the market responded to a faster than expected decline in U.S. gasoline stocks and growing unease over the situation of U.S. led action against Iran.
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