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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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When Populism Is Dangerous For Democracy - To The Media Gallows With 'Controversial' George Galloway

04-04-2012 07:01

George Galloway’s stunning victory in last week’s Bradford West by-election afforded a rare opportunity to witness naked imbalance, establishment scorn of any challenges, and blatant anti-Muslim propaganda in the corporate British media.

The excellent News Sniffer website exposed how the Guardian hurriedly fixed political editor Patrick Wintour’s ugly analysis of Galloway’s 10,140 majority win, with a staggering swing of 36 per cent from Labour to the Respect party. Wintour’s shoddy journalism had initially focused on how the constituency’s ‘Muslim immigrant community’ had largely abandoned Labour. The offensive trope of ‘immigrant’ Muslims appeared three times in his piece. And Galloway’s popular call for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, and ‘a fightback against the job crisis’, was disparagingly cast as ‘fundamentalist’.

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Thomas Jefferson: "An Equal Application Of Law To Every Condition Of Man Is Fund

29-03-2012 15:48

Laws not respected
Iran is playing a particularly important role in this midst, as it is more concerned than any over the situation of Bashar Assad in Syria; the mullahs have found that they cannot afford losing Assad, and they can therefore not allow the situation get out of their control

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Occupy Birmingham Budget Response

24-03-2012 03:24

Occupy Birmingham General Assembly
During the 19 week encampment in the heart of Birmingham city centre, Occupy Birmingham spoke with an estimated six thousand members of the general public. Anticipating more crippling 'austerity' measures ahead, cuts to the most vulnerable in society and further tax breaks for those richest at the top. We asked, 'what alternatives might people like to see in the upcoming budget?'. The following article has been informed by our many conversations with the 99%. Through our group discussions and general assemblies this is our budget response.

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MoD procurement privatisation - crucial article that didn't appear online

23-03-2012 13:55

This article appeared in the print edition of the Bristol Evening Post but someone somewhere decided it should not appear in the online edition - wonder why? It names and shames the massive companies that are circling round the MoD procurement centre at Abbey Wood, North Bristol like vultures. Just imagine if the private arms firms were in charge of overseeing government arms contracts. Bye-bye future - it's 1984 in spades! The last line - as ever - is the most important considering BAe Systems are 'at the heart of corruption' in the global arms trade.according to Andrew Feinstein (see below)

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast: #2 – Population, Climate Skeptics, Kony 2012

23-03-2012 10:55

Dean Puckett and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed discuss population and why it isn’t a main focus in the film, have an in-depth chat about Climate Skepticism and dissect KONY 2012 – Enjoy !

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Budget Day Protest Council House Birmingham

22-03-2012 10:31

Union Grandee's sabotage success

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Canada, dude, you used to be cool

17-03-2012 14:35

Since thier election in 2006 the Canadian Conservative party, through lies, stealing and cheating, have turned their beautiful country into one of the worst human rights abusers in the world. It´s time for Canadians to say ENOUGH!

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Crisis of Civilization Podcast: Episode 1 – Syria, Libya, Iran

16-03-2012 19:19

During a screening of The Crisis of Civilization in Cambridge, Dean Puckett and Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed had a one hour, in-depth chat about the current situation in Syria, Libya and Iran – and about the West’s response to the Arab Spring.

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Long-awaited Hereford Heckler #21 now out!

10-03-2012 18:14

It's been a fair while since the last Hereford Heckler paper came out, but this is hot off the press...

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"Crimes of the 1%" conference March 17th Friends House

10-03-2012 15:16

Crimes Of The One Percent - 2nd State And Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference
March 17th 2012, Saturday 9.30 - 5pm,
Friends house, Euston, London NW1
Speakers: Ellen Brown, Daniele Ganser (skype), Nafeez Ahemed, David Southwell, Peter Challen, Martin Summers, Ian Henshall, (others tbc)

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Death & Devil

10-03-2012 12:01

This is a message to everybody and nobody from no one in particular. I am writing because you need to know that I have no voice, no face and no identity. I only have a presence. But this includes all the world, even these who continue to abuse it. My past has been stolen from me, since I was looking at the future without an experience of abuse. Now history itself is revisionist because everything in the present is a lie in the flow of time. Any truth has become a target for evil, and the closest thing to evil on Earth, the regime, has attacked the closest thing to truth here, the human yearning. This means you because only you can abolish the regime, clear its legacies and rehabilitate the targeted. You have to decide upon what is to be done and how this can be successfully prevented in the future. Just like there already is a first amendment to the categorical imperative, you can add another one.

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Billions wasted as MoD police fraud squad turn a blind eye to procurement crime

09-03-2012 23:08

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris - For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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The August 'Riots': film, talk, and discussion in Leeds

09-03-2012 19:00

Radical and historical analysis, discussion, and film about the widespread riots across the UK last summer.

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Darknet - Alternatives for a free inernet away from Facebook

09-03-2012 13:50

Social networking sites such as Facebook pose an inherent risk to activists, hackers, campaigners, etc. due to the fact that Facebook demands and stores large quantities of your own personal data which is freely available to the government, the police and anyone else who might have an interest in tracking activists online.

With Facebook's clamp down on fake profiles, their demands for phone numbers during registration, and so on, the time has come for activists to look further afield and use more clandestine means of communication for their publishing and planning activities.

Full article

UG#583- Unwelcome Christmas Truths from African Slave Traders to Pagan Festivals

05-03-2012 02:32

We continue our look at the dark sides of the modern money system. We hear the documentary Christmas Unwrapped, on the pagan roots of the Christmas festival. We conclude Games with Sex and Death, chapter 6 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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New evidence casts doubt in Lockerbie case

04-03-2012 16:36

This documentary film investigates the case against Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie bomber, and finds new evidence to suggest that he and Libya may have fallen victim to a huge miscarriage of justice.

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It's not Greece. It's Capitalism, stupid!

03-03-2012 22:41

The Greek crisis provides the best evidence that the Capitalist model of governance has utterly failed and must be overthrown. By Nicolas Mottas

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Whistleblower's CCTV evidence WTC rigged to blow a fortnight before 9/11

03-03-2012 12:22

Friday Drivetime - BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

Full article

Anti-corruption activist savages BBC on its 80th Birthday

02-03-2012 17:47

The BBC is marking the 80th anniversary of its World Service, and has been gushing about its supposed virtues. It claims to be: ‘fearless and so impartial that it allows its critics to argue their case on its own programs’. Meanwhile it continues to white wash fraud and corruption on UK military equipment contracts.

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