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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Black Bloc: the culture of coercion and poor strategy at mass actions needs an overhaul

08-11-2011 09:14

As someone who has often defended black bloc tactics since I first encountered it at the Seattle WTO in 1999, I find myself searching for a greater critique, discussion and engagement around strategy and what really is the best approach to contributing to an effective movement that brings significant social, economic, and environmental change to this world. I have come to the conclusion that the typical narrative of the black bloc that has prevailed at mass actions in the U.S. has proven to be counter productive.

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Are you a pacifist?

08-11-2011 00:03

Are you a pacifist? signed, The OAKLAND LIBERATION FRONT

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10-min film that'll persuade others why they should support the Occupy movement

07-11-2011 02:45

Crisis of Capitalism explained, by David Harvey
How to explain to your friends and family members why it is important to support the Occupy movement for the 99% in a town or city near you? Get them to watch this 10-minute video of a lecture by David Harvey (with excellent accompanying snapshot annotation with cartoon illustration)

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The war on squatters

06-11-2011 20:59

What we are seeing is a well-orchestrated clampdown on alternative culture. Again. By the Tories. Again.

We need to keep our eyes peeled.

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Interview with John Holloway, published in Shift#13, now available online

05-11-2011 15:36

Shift Magazine interview John Holloway, author of Change the World Without Taking Power and Crack Capitalism, about anti-capitalist politics, the state, and the recent uprisings across the world. Read the full text on the Shift website:

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Occupy history: Luddite uprising began in Nottingham 200 years ago last night

05-11-2011 13:00

BCfm’s weekly politics show
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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Sole military Super-Bloc: NATO Issues Daily Reprieves To The World

05-11-2011 00:34

A Stop NATO feature in August provided an, admittedly incomplete, list of nations that NATO, actuated by its first Strategic Concept for the 21st century adopted at the bloc’s summit in Lisbon last November and its initial implementation in Libya this year, could attack or otherwise intervene in next: Algeria, Belarus, Bolivia, Central African Republic, Chad, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cyprus, Ecuador, Eritrea, Iran, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Moldova-Transdniester, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, the South Caucasus (Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia), Sudan-South Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Uganda, Venezuela, Western Sahara, Yemen and Zimbabwe.

The time is ripe and in fact long overdue for issuing a call for an international anti-NATO initiative addressed to individuals, organizations, political parties and governments to convene an extraordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly to demand the disbanding of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as a – as the gravest – threat to world peace.

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World War 3 A Foregone Conclusion?

04-11-2011 14:43

The hypno-induced psychotic public can't even hear the war drums any more, no matter how loud. They've become background music, white noise or something to tap your foot to. With sadistic glee still warm over Gadhafi's public torture and execution through the streets of Libya, the bloodthirsty mind-controlled western public will count a Syrian overthrow a nice after dinner mint, while monstrous illegal death drone attack reports on innocent civilians in Pakistan and Somalia are savored pastries while sipping their morning coffee.

WW3 Conditioning Complete - They Won't See It Coming

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Resisting the lure of the Freeman movement

03-11-2011 16:55

The last few years have seen a significant growth in the Freeman of the Land movement. Increasingly, its voice is being heard at environmental and other anarchist based protests and events, from the various UK climate camps to Rossport Solidarity Camp.

Nebulous in its nature, its promise of ways of claiming back power from the state is clearly seductive. Indeed, on a superficial level, it even looks quite like anarchism in action. The aims of the Freemen movement is to use a particular interpretation of the legal system against the government in the name of gaining back freedoms and advantages.

Its mixture of family, moral conservatism and individualism has given it the appearance of an apolitical movement that can easily hook up with both the left and right. So while you can find the Freemen at protests camps, where its apparent anti-government stance will fall on fertile ground, you can just as easily find them being supported by right-wing groups with racist agendas, whose critique of government is more it does not represent their own jaundiced views.

As I will hopefully show, the Freemen agenda is already falling into the sort of bastardized political thinking that gave rise to the likes of anarcho-nationalism. If anything, what it is, is individualist libertarianism, and as such acceptance of this movement needs to be challenged by anarchists.

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Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality

03-11-2011 16:28

The text of a talk given at Occupy Wellington, New Zealand, on October 27 2011. The talk was organised to try to counter the prevalence of conspiracy theories amongst the local wing of the Occupy movement.

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Syria, the Arab Yugoslavia of Middle East

01-11-2011 11:37

U.S. and NATO seem now in a race against time to preclude the implementation of the Syrian package of reforms, until the ruling regime is coerced into compliance to trade their support of these reforms for the current Syrian foreign policy agenda.

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Historical Materialism Conference

31-10-2011 18:28

Historical Materialism Conference

Spaces of Capital, Moments of Struggle

10-13 November, SOAS, London, WC1

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Stupid editing Lloyds List

31-10-2011 11:07

Lloyds List put 'The Crisis of Capitalism' into an email that had to be followed up but led an entirely different view.

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Racism gives Australia one of the worlds' worst deaths in custody records

30-10-2011 09:40

Australia has one of the worlds' worst deaths in custody records - prison and police custodial - however this country's social wealth is envied by most of the rest of the world. Therefore, how is it possible that Australia, with its social wealth, perpetrate the most horrific statistics in terms of custodial deaths, in terms of the rate of deaths and in terms of crude totals? How is it that the Aboriginal peoples of this nation are disproportionately borne with the brunt of deaths in custody and borne with disproportionately wild incarceration rates? Aboriginal incarceration rates are five times the rate when compared with apartheid South Africa, and West Australia's Aboriginal incarceration rates are eight times the rate when compared with apartheid South Africa. In any other country these types of targeted incarceration and deaths in custody rates would have led to a civil war or en masse confrontations.

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"Wake up and smell the cordite" Norways far-right Anders Breivik EDL link update

29-10-2011 22:36

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling
At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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Legal Activism: The Spatial Politics of Squatting in the UK

28-10-2011 20:47

SQUASH and Alex Vasudevan discuss the Government’s plans to criminalize squatting and the legitimacy of engaging with the state over the proposed change in legislation.

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The murder of Kaddafi by lynch mob and a dark start to “new” Libya

27-10-2011 13:38

The killing of Muammar Kaddafi and the victory of the rebel forces have been quickly celebrated by Obama and other leaders of the NATO, whose warplanes massively bombed the cities of Libya over the past eight months under the guise of “protecting civilians”. The manner in which Kaddafi was killed has, however, been considered by many in Africa as a return to what they called the dark days of colonialism and slavery where captured victims were treated with disrespect and in a dehumanising manner.

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Plans afoot to criminalise squatting in residential buildings

26-10-2011 17:49

Despite the respondents to its very own consultation overwhelmingly supporting squatting, the Government is still moving full steam ahead to criminalise a solution to emptiness. It's a farcical situation! But one which may have far-reaching consequences...

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The BBC: NATO’s media partner-in-crime

25-10-2011 21:49

Well they’ve finally silenced Muammar Gaddafi, the man the BBC calls “an oddball until the end”. The manner of his capture and death seems not to bother the BBC but then who cares about ‘oddballs’?

Attacked by NATO jets, then tortured and shot in cold blood in front of jubilant ‘rebels’, all BBC’s chief foreign correspondent John Simpson has to offer is the perpetuation of racist Western myths about the Arabs, about the ‘other’. Disgusting stuff but totally in tune with BBC’s role as NATO’s media partner.

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Attention to Greece. Class war intensified.

25-10-2011 16:18

A small analysis as contribution to counter-information about the events of 20th October.
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