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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Interns are workers and should be paid

31-07-2009 13:47

The Carrot Worker Collective's analysis of Alan Milburn's Social Mobility Report "Unleashing Aspiration". On the grey area of unpaid internships and work placements and their impact on current labour conditions.

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“Responsibility to Protect” is Warmed-Over Imperialism

30-07-2009 05:57

"Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) is the latest American device to justify military aggression and regime-change in the developing world. “The doctrine is a warmed-over version of so-called 'humanitarian' military intervention – another excuse for big powers to make war on weaker nations.” The doctrine is “reminiscent of the term 'protectorate' – a legalism for a country that is run as a virtual colony of one of the big powers.”

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The Coming Insurrection: A Tiny Book That Could Change The World

27-07-2009 16:04

This is a review of the radical French publication, The Coming Insurrection. Because of its availability for free, and importance as a text, I think this is considered worthy of Indymedia.

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Colonialism in Iraq

27-07-2009 15:39

I've heavily cut this article by Michael Schwartz for brevity, but anyone who is interested in the subject should read the full article with supporting references instead. Even if you aren't particularly interested you should read the first and last lines.

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Honduras Coup: the US Connection

27-07-2009 14:33

General Vásquez's troops occupy the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa
The topic most widely debated in Latin America at the moment is what Obama’s administration has got to do with the recent coup in Honduras.

The answer is straightforward – everything. The coup is aligned with US strategic objectives and is going to be used by Washington to regain positions in the region which it lost during George Bush’s presidency.

Full article | 11 comments

How the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software

26-07-2009 22:12

The bullying of the copyright industry in Sweden inspired the launch of the first political party whose platform is to reduce copyright restrictions: the Pirate Party. Its platform includes the prohibition of Digital Restrictions Management, legalization of noncommercial sharing of published works, and shortening of copyright for commercial use to a five-year period. Five years after publication, any published work would go into the public domain.

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Venezuela coup d'etat rumor may herald things to come given mighty interests

26-07-2009 22:05

Jutta Schmitt
With all the problems, vices and malpractices existent in the current administration I still consider President Chavez as the very centerpiece for change in Venezuela and Latin America, and all those who are tirelessly working to make it happen, against all odds.

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Global Power and Global Government

25-07-2009 00:59

Humanity is on the verge of entering into the most tumultuous period in our history. The prospects of a global depression, the likes of which have never been seen before; a truly global war, on a scale never before imagined; and societal collapse, for which nations of the world are building totalitarian police states to control populations; are increasing by the day. The major global trend forecasters are sounding the alarms on economic depression, war, a return to fascism and a total reorganization of society. Through crisis, we are seeing the reorganization of the global political economy, and the transformation of capitalism into a totalitarian capitalist world government. Capitalism has never stayed the same through its history; it has always changed and will continue to do so. Its changes are explained and analyzed through political-economic theory, both mainstream theory and critical. The changes are undertaken over years, decades and centuries. The next phase of capitalism is one in which the world moves to a state-controlled economic system, much like China, of totalitarian capitalism.

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City Council Rips off Poor Parents while the Sheriff Picks on Geese

24-07-2009 17:44

New blog posts on NCC's decision to very quietly reduce help for low income parents to buy school uniforms, while the Sheriff tries to stop us feeding Canada geese.

Full article

Bush and Obama: Different Styles of Coup-Making

24-07-2009 07:39

General Vásquez's troops occupy the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa
Although nobody but Americans believes Washington was not behind the late June coup in Honduras, Barack Obama brings his own touch to subverting one's hemispheric neighbors.

Full article

Poet who blew whistle on Sellafield dies.

23-07-2009 21:13

Duncan Ball outside Sellafield during Peace Vigil of 2007
Talented poet and former nuclear foreman Duncan Ball died on July 17th aged 49. He was a man who tried repeatedly to blow the whistle on unsafe practices in the Magnox plant at Sellafield where he was employed as a foreman. His subsequent experience followed the same route as the dissident scientists who were sacked from Sellafield after expressing doubts about nuclearsafety in the 70’s (NEW STATESMAN July 1983)

Full article

Zelaya Heads Home to Honduras on the Anniversary of Bolívar’s Birth

23-07-2009 20:05

"Presuming that thousands of Hondureños and Hondureñas will flock to the border to accompany their President, a land crossing like this presents various dilemmas to the coup regime, which claims to have 18 criminal charges lined up to imprison Zelaya, but blinked from the opportunity to arrest him on July 5, when it blocked a runway to prevent his airplane from landing. To arrest him, the regime would have to violently break through a multitude of its country's own citizens. If it does arrest Zelaya, he will become an even more powerful symbol from prison inspiring greater resistance to the coup."

Full article | 3 comments

OPT - A new Form of ECO Nazism?

23-07-2009 13:14

Audio Mao, Stalin, Porritt
Are the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) pushing an agenda via a third way, an agenda that ultimately wants to wipe billions of people off the face of the planet?

Full article | 4 comments

Twitterers paid to spread Israeli propaganda

23-07-2009 07:53

The passionate support for Israel expressed on talkback sections of websites, internet chat forums, blogs, Twitters and Facebook may not be all that it seems.

Full article | 10 comments

The Fear

23-07-2009 06:49

One threat level goes up another goes down.

Full article

This Might Be A New Revolution!

22-07-2009 17:39

Protests continues in Tehran and major cities for more than 5 weeks
The reality is that after 20th of June massacre 2009 the time of hope in reform has come to an end.the only hope the fearful heads of the regime have now is the lack of revolutionary forces on the ground and the low level of public awareness which has been caused by years of repression and censorship.

Full article

Honduras: Anti-Chavez ‘free speech’ warriors linked to coup

22-07-2009 12:07

"So why are these free speech crusaders so soft on the coup regime in Honduras?

Probably because IAPA representatives in Honduras have been central to the coup.

For instance, Roberto Micheletti, who was installed by the coup as de facto president, is the owner of various companies, including the newspaper La Tribuna.

One of his associates at the newspaper is Edgardo Dumas Rodriguez, a Honduran representative to the IAPA. "

Full article | 1 comment

Germany And NATO's Nuclear Nexus

22-07-2009 07:28

US B-61 nuclear bombs are stored in Büchel Air Base
Among the American nuclear arms in Europe are 200-350 air-launched B-61 bombs stored in air bases in Germany, Turkey, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

US nuclear weapons stored in Germany "can be mounted on German Tornado fighter planes" because "nuclear bombs stored at NATO bases are designed to be delivered by planes from the host country" and "German air force pilots headquartered in Buechel will be ordered to drop nuclear bombs in case of a military attack or war."

Full article | 12 comments

Climate Camp - Will Your MP, Cops, MI5, & Special Branch Be There?.

21-07-2009 10:50

Many MPs claim they use the summer break to spend time in their constituencies; Coppers, FIT Surveilance Teams, MI5 and Special Branches go to Climate camps in the summer and claim double time, huge amounts in expences and have second homes, Just like MP´s they are accountable to nobody. An inquiry is needed to determine whether they turning up for work or bunking off? We also need a revolution of sorts next year, after the General Election..

Full article | 2 comments

US State Department: No coup d'etat has taken place in Honduras

21-07-2009 07:30

Despite the United Nations, European Union, Organization of American States and every Latin American nation clearly condemning the events as a coup d'etat, the United States government has today stated it doesn't consider a coup has taken place in Honduras.
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