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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The 3-in-1 revolution

21-06-2014 03:32

At the risk of oversimplifying the definition of revolution, I dare say it involves three dynamics: critique and destruction of the existing social order, building a new world, and the continuous reinvention of the self.

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IMF Releases Paper on Ending Predatory Behavior

20-06-2014 19:00

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) officially released a major paper focused on increasing stability in the financial system and preventing predatory hold-out behavior in debt restructuring.

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Struggle for National Democracy

20-06-2014 13:45

This book by Jose Maria Sison is a historical record of the legal struggle for national liberation and democracy against U.S. imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism in the 60s and early 70s. It was the principal legal study material in discussion groups and schools of national democracy which educated the youth cadres and militants from 1967 through the First Quarter Storm of 1970 to the declaration of martial law in 1972.

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Iraqi hydrocarbon prize of U.S. invasion in danger

20-06-2014 07:35

The unfolding collapse of the U.S. proxy government in Baghdad has cut short a process of legalizing the de-nationalization of the hydrocarbon industry in Iraq, which became within reach with the latest electoral victory of the Iraqi prime minister since 2006, Noori al-Maliki.

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Antagonizing Palestinians, Australia’s linguistic blunder snowballs

17-06-2014 18:07

“There has been no change in the Australian government’s position on the legal status of the Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem,” Bishop “clarified” in her statement. She was not convincing. The credibility of Bishop’s and Abbot’s denial of “change” could hardly be plausible.

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Philippine agrarian reform: Powerful law, ineffectual bureaucracy

15-06-2014 10:35

When the original CARP program that was passed under President Corazon Aquino was in danger of unraveling, the peasant movement came together and pushed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms, or CARPER, through Congress in 2009.

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UG#685 - The US Deep State, 1963-1981 (Coup of 63, The Cabal, Watergate Coup...)

14-06-2014 18:44

This week, I read the first half of one of the most remarkable essays I have ever come across on the subject of Deep Politics. In our first hour, we read Mark Gorton's compelling Fifty Years of the Deep State which traces a secret thread from the assassination of JFK, through the assassinations of RFK & MLK to Watergate, Ford, Carter and up to the Iran hostages affair. Our first hour concludes with Peter Dale Scott speaking on the US "overworld". In our second hour, a deconstruction of the Ford presidency and the Watergate coup from the inimitable Webster Tarpley.

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Pope’s unbalanced neutrality in Holy Land

04-06-2014 05:09

The pontiff’s message to the Palestinian people during his three-day “pilgrimage” to the Holy Land boils down to an endorsement of the Israeli and U.S. message to them, i.e.: “The only route to peace” is to negotiate with the Israeli occupying power, refrain from unilateral actions and “violent” resistance and recognize Israel as a fait accompli.

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Hindu Supremacism – A Spent Force of Casino Capitalism

30-05-2014 17:42

When some commentators termed the numerical outcome of the recent Indian election historical, it reminded a bit of the pompous theatrics of North American democracy: There, every election is of “historical” dimension until the next item in the news cycle kicks in. But one can find a grain of truth in the comparison: Like for the current Unitedstates president, Modi´s biggest achievement is not being his predecessor. And with India having tasted gold austerity and women´s liberation, it is an easy temptation for any empty agitator to keep his loyalists happy with frog-marching “bitter clingers” through the global village until the rest of the world has better things to do with its time, such as it is an obvious clue that this very tactic has arrived at a dead end in Unitedstates where the phoney klan blamefest is over and any appearance of charisma finally spent. The farce set to follow the tragedy would be futile from its very outset. But in a deeper sense, the Indian election rather resembles an European pattern: The “winning candidate” is only the second choice, the religious conservative could take the ballot because the openly fascist “first choice winner” was spoiled out of it, in this case though not by splitting the vote along some virtual fault line but by material force of armed insurgency (see May 29, 2013). The place of the assassinated “Salva Judum” leader was taken by a replacement mirroring the same hierarchy in the state religion. Instead of an organiser of genocide came an apologist of genocide. As history knows when the automatic spy planes of imperialism saw that tactic, the first thing they did was to copy it, targeting their guns along succession speculations. The only remarkable thing about the predicted outcome of the Indian election is that the Naxal decided it a year ago.

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Starting a help account for cats in need of help

30-05-2014 12:18

Hardly glamorous topic. But in London there is a desperate shortage of helpful places that cat owners in low income can access.

Cats matter too much.

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Who Should the Average American Blame for CIA Torture?

29-05-2014 22:17

Blaming primarily people in the CIA and the military for egregious torture and murder doesn’t recognize these acts fall within this far broader set of corrupted cultural realities (even as we realize the very egregious nature to this globally expanded clandestine archipelago of secret prisons and hundreds if not thousands of renditions). And yet a lot of this stuff should be pegged to the many political figures and pundits who are not employees of CIA or the Pentagon, but because of a great deal of government and media deceit became the prime movers in getting our country involved in illegal wars.

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UG#683 - The Standardization of Mind & Body (DSM-5, Disabilities & Fruit Trees)

29-05-2014 15:07

Last time we looked at how mass communication technologies were shaped into the propaganda tool that big media is today. This time, a look at how the medical profession has responded to similar systemic pressures, gradually refining technologies and public expectations about physical and mental health so as to buttress the status quo. After Jess Martin's talk on 'disability' we hear Gary Greenberg on the DSM-5. We conclude with an alternative perspective from Tony Wright - that modern society, far from being a healthy norm from which any deviation is suspect, is itself a deeply dysfunctional result of millennia long changes in human brain biochemistry.

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Democracy and socialism

28-05-2014 12:18

Democracy is the most popular word in the vocabulary of politics but also the most brazenly abused.

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The ‘revolutionary’ face of the Syrian conflict

23-05-2014 03:35

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay was quoted as saying in a briefing to the UN Security Council that the actions of the forces of the Syrian government "far outweigh" the crimes by the “opposition” fighters. However, scrutiny of the statistics of the death toll and the facts of the humanitarian fallout of the conflict tell a different story.

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The German Sustainability Scam and its Fascist Purpose

21-05-2014 00:02

For the military-industrial complex it is a lethal menace, such as is sunlight for the ants under a pile of debris that is taken away to make room for a garden: The coming revolution of the political and economic system without which it would only take a few generations to leave nothing but debris of the planet. The environmental cost of war machines are so obviously totally irresponsible once the human consciousness expands across the generational horizon that it is an easy temptation to factor them out of any such calculation in an early stage. It appears perfectly reasonable to put out the debris on the street and treat the land as if it was already gone, so when it is finally being collected for incineration, the renaturation process has yet accumulated some momentum. But the political fallout of three major reactor meltdown incidents which were followed by the missile rampage (Three Mile Island), the fence breakdowns (Chernobyl) and the digital blowback (Fukushima) teaches a different lesson: With every deterioration of the state of the planetary waste, it has become ever more aggressive against its immediate surroundings. Under these circumstances, the disposal service might never arrive and all the efforts put into the garden be wasted to a predictable risk. Hence an analysis of the unsolicited remainder is mandated for the purpose to reduce its amount, its presence and its risks.

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[a] Water is an Issue in Africa

15-05-2014 21:09

Editorial Note: This analysis is being reproduced here for archival reasons because the indymedia site where it first appeared at June 3, 2013 went down or survived neighbouring sites going down in regime attacks. Please see the list at the bottom of this page for current writing and the complete Internationalist Observer archive.

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[a] Demon Dawn in the Drone Debacle

15-05-2014 21:07

Editorial Note: This analysis is being reproduced here for archival reasons because the indymedia site where it first appeared at May 25, 2013 went down or survived neighbouring sites going down in regime attacks. Please see the list at the bottom of this page for current writing and the complete Internationalist Observer archive.

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The Pacific Fata Morgana and its Imperialist Origins

12-05-2014 15:03

Historically, it is going to be read as the definitive acknowledgement that the “Giant Bike Basket” has failed and the predictions the Tokyo regime would be unsuitable as a tool to clean up its own mess have proven true: The so obviously phoney Japanese “peace initiative” is yet another instance of the observation that when it comes to capitalist states, behind the cry for peace there hide the murderers. Abolitionist movements remember: Because no one in Japan wanted to have the reactors in their backyard, but the regime was too evil to draw the consequence of abstention, the compromise had been to hide them behind a mountain. There they sat on top of a permanent groundwater stream carrying the precipitation captured thereby into the ocean. When the meltdown finally came, it was discovered that no waste-water storage system was sufficient to collect all the contamination and only a reduction of their water intake could stop the toxic clods that once were reactors from forever unloading their deadly cargo into the Pacific. Reflecting the sweatshop architecture conditions of the Nonproliferation treaty, which left the supervision over the Japanese-American disaster to a Japanese diplomat in the “Nuclear Lottery” of the Unitednations organisation, the Tokyo regime ordered the clean-up of the Fukushima disaster to the hierarchy that had produced it and the result was the project of the “Giant Bike Basket.” The hollow structure was projected to be assembled into the ground around the molten reactors, and then frozen by means of the insertion of a refrigerant into the tubes to bring about an emergency clod pool whose water throughput could be regulated. The current situation where it cannot equals a scenario in which the notorious serial killer continues to go around – just because the regime has proven to be too dumb to understand the effects of Natural water cycles, the contamination, proliferation and worldwide lethal effects thereof go on. When now, without being able to put an end to its disaster, Tokyo is attempting to sell itself as the crystallisation core of world peace, it bears all the hallmarks of replacement psychology – a “Japanese peace” would be a radiological catastrophe.

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UG#682 - The Commercially Controlled Media (Shadows Of Liberty)

11-05-2014 02:09

This week, a look at the CCM, how the corporate media is commercially controlled - how large money successfully shapes its output. We adapt Jean-Phillipe Lemay's Shadows of Liberty, followed by an excerpted speech by Jeremy Scahill on war crimes carried out by the US but unreported in USA by the large media corporations.
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