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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Renowned Kenyan dissident Ngugi wa Thiong'o in Leeds 29-30 June

12-06-2007 13:01

Two hundred years on from the parliamentary abolition of the transatlantic slave trade, the celebrated Kenyan writer Ngugi wa Thiong'o will headline two major public events on today’s struggles in Africa and beyond for global social justice in late June being organised by the University of Leeds and the World Development Movement.

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Should Indymedia organise a whip round for the Blairs?

12-06-2007 12:36

Poor Anthony Charles Lynton Blair will cease to our lord and master on June 27th.
How is the poor chap to survive? Perhaps Indymedia readers should orgranise a whip round?

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Reflections on Rostok

12-06-2007 10:25

Future generations of propagandists will be offered the anti-G8 demonstrations this month as a text-book example how globalization crudely manipulated public opinion by demonizing demonstrators and labeling opponents terrorists.
On the other side future protesters will see Rostock as a symbol of civil disobedience, of determined resistance to the few power brokers who have usurped the democratic rights of the many and make decisions for all behind closed doors.

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The Real Danger behind US ABM Deployment in Eastern Europe

11-06-2007 21:00

Recent disinformation by the western media about Russia starting a new Cold War not only masks the threat of a US Anti-Ballistic Missile shield deployment but, as always, projects the blame on the victim, Russia.

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Round up of anti-occupation demonstrations worldwide.

11-06-2007 11:43

This is a collation of the many demonstrations against the illegal occuaption of Palestine which took place around the world at the weekend.

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Oil interests flout International Law in Balkans

11-06-2007 08:07

Republican president Bush follows Democrat president Clinton’s course in the Balkans; oil pipelines and gas supplies take precedence over every other consideration including international law and the sanctity of human life. Bush has challenged Russia, Serbia and International Law by announcing during his recent visit to Albania that Kosovo, a Serbian province, would become independent in the near future, negotiations must result in “certain independence ... that’s what’s important to know”, he said! Bush’s grammatically woeful statements beg the question, why the need for negotiation if the Texan president insists that independence is “certain” for Kosovo -- which remains Serbian sovereign territory?

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AFRICOM Eyes the Islamic Maghreb

10-06-2007 22:03

Why exactly is the Pentagon warning us about “al-Qaeda” terrorists that “probably could not attack the U.S. homeland”?

As usual, the answer is simple and predictable enough. “The U.S. focus on the group comes as the Bush administration finalizes plans to create a new military command in Africa, called AFRICOM,” part and parcel of the neocon vision of Pax Americana.

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John Pilger: "Resisting the Empire"

10-06-2007 20:35

“Resisting the Empire”: Documentary Filmmaker John Pilger on Struggles for Freedom in Israel-Palestine, Diego Garcia, Latin America and South Africa.

The renowned investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker John Pilger has spent the better part of his life documenting American empire and the resistance it has met. Pilger has made over fifty documentaries and is the author, most recently, of "Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire," which looks at ongoing struggles in Afghanistan, Diego Garcia, India, Palestine, and South Africa. Pilger joins us for the hour to play excerpts of his documentaries and speak of the struggles he has covered.

John Pilger joins the show 11:44 mins into the show.

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Gordon Brown must himself return to Labour Party values first -

10-06-2007 14:00

Gordoin Broiwn this lunchtime ahs been quoted as saying that the formerr Labour Party has "to consult, involve and engage the members of the party as we make our policies".

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Venezuela: The case of RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication

10-06-2007 00:32

* The Collective of “El Libertario”, Venezuelan anarchist newspaper, makes public its reasoned out position in the debate generated by the case of RCTV, in where the current government imposes a solution where we pass from the meanness that the capitalistic private oligopoly of TV to the dreadful that could be the monopoly of a bureaucratic and authoritarian state.

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I'm so sick and tired of the "Support Our Troops" mantra I could eat my internal

09-06-2007 21:03

Support our troops. It’s the only rallying cry left. It’s the dirty, shredded little yellow ribbons and tattered flags that used to mean nationalistic pride and now nobody’s really up to replacing them and, since it’s impossible to agree on much of anything about the Iraq invasion, occupation and subsequent unmitigated disaster, we’re all supposed to at least agree to “support our troops.”

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Wall Street Journal's Looking Glass World

09-06-2007 19:06

Made in Washington street protests threaten Venezuela

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The campaign to keep Paris Hilton in jail: nothing healthy about it

09-06-2007 17:05

The pious outrage Thursday over heiress Paris Hilton’s “early release” from jail in Los Angeles, accusations of “special treatment” and the vindictive demands that she receive “justice,” i.e., punishment, have nothing healthy or progressive about them—as the images of Hilton being taken in handcuffs to court Friday morning and from there, sobbing, back to prison should indicate.

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G8 summit: Climate compromise masks mounting conflicts

09-06-2007 16:27

The 3,500 reporters and photographers who travelled to the G8 summit in Heiligendamm, Germany, have accomplished their assigned mission. The world has been inundated with reports of progress and idyllic photos: Bush, Merkel and Putin sitting relaxed and chatting in beach chairs; Sarkozy and Blair talking over a glass of beer; a harmonious walk on the beach of the picturesque resort by all of the world leaders.

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Social Mystery

09-06-2007 05:16

The masses are considered to be moronic by political strategists and analysts of almost every persuasion and it’s easy to understand why. In full view of EXPOSED criminal governments, wholesale plunder, global exploitation, outrageous ‘salary’ contracts (hundreds of millions for corporate directors) the people, the herd, the sheep, the slaves, the ‘work force’ -- or whatever other fitting derogatory description you care to make -- sit in their socially underprivileged spaces eating ‘shit’, relatively speaking! In no way or by any stretch of the human imagination is a person who earns 100K/annum hundreds of thousands of times the inferior of a person who earns tens or hundreds of million per year – that is patently obvious YET the sheeple tolerate that inequity and much more.

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ElBaradei speaks against more sanctions and pressure on Iran

08-06-2007 15:47

Speaking on the BBC programme, Inside the IAEA: A year with the nuclear detectives broadcast today, Dr. ElBaradei gives a candid assessment of the current standoff between the UN Security Council and Iran. He stresses the fact that "having an enrichment capability and developing a weapon are two different things." He also makes it clear that Iran has a fundamental right to uranium enrichment and acknowledges Iran's belief that "the Security Council is exceeding its authority" in imposing sanctions.

Full article on g8 and related stuff

08-06-2007 12:34

KEIN.TV is a virtual, temporary, three day film and video program that will be published during the days of the G-8 meeting in Heiligendamm near Rostock (DE). It consists of breaking news, newly and on-site produced shows, recently recorded footage, a selection of documentaries edited at or brought to our studio as well as movies found in peer-to-peer networks. A snapshot of the current state of programming the schedule is displayed below. Please note that this program is under permanent construction even beyond its scheduled date. Each item is linked to the sources where the video can be downloaded, watched and re-distributed. Every file is encoded with the open source video codec ogg theora.

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Taking Aim: The Destruction of Palestine, Part One

08-06-2007 10:01

One hour radio show from Ralph Schoenman and Mya Shone titled: The Destruction of Palestine, Part One.

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The Shortwave Report 6/8/07 ¡Listen Globally!

08-06-2007 00:35

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, China, and Russia.

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Global social, political tensions dominate G8 summit

07-06-2007 19:02

The Group of 8 summit of industrialized nations, due to begin today in the German holiday resort of Heiligendamm, is dominated by extreme tensions, expressed both openly and indirectly. There has been no comparable summit in terms of the conflicts between the major powers since the launching of the annual meeting of world leaders 32 years ago.
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