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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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The myth of Al Qaeda is now almost totally exposed

28-05-2007 18:45

In raising the ante in Iraq, Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza by again raising the empty spectre of ‘al Qaeda’ in order to get at Iran, Syria and Hizbollah, the US and the Israelis have exposed their hand about the myth of ‘al Qaeda terrorism’ in the Middle East.

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Bush administration failing to achieve its “benchmarks” in Iraq

28-05-2007 17:38

US President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have all personally warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki that time is running out. Deadlines have gone or are fast approaching. Still, the Bush administration is no closer to achieving the “benchmarks” it demanded of the Iraqi government on January 10 and linked to the success of its current military “surge”.

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Bush expects everything to be solved with a bang.

28-05-2007 15:32

Bush is an apocalyptic person. I observe his eyes, his face and his obsessive preoccupation with pretending that everything he sees on the "invisible screens" are spontaneous thoughts...

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BBC is wrong to brag about the Paul Wolfowitz 'exclusive' interview today

28-05-2007 09:05

The BBC is bragging to the world today [UK ‘bank holiday’ Monday 28 May 2007] about its allegedly exclusive interview with the G W Bush-backed 'World Bank’ president, the soon-to-retire Paul Wolfowitz.

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Globalization And Democracy: Some Basics

27-05-2007 07:13

The goal of the transnational corporation is to become truly transnational, poised above the sovereign power of any particu­lar nation, while being served by the sovereign powers of all nations. Cyril Siewert, chief financial officer of Colgate Palmol­ive Company, could have been speaking for all transnationals when he remarked, “The United States doesn’t have an automatic call on our [corporation’s] resources. There is no mindset that puts this country first.”[i]

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Iraq war funding bill fiasco masks collusion between Bush and Democrats

27-05-2007 06:55

On May 22, 2007, Washington’s Democrats obediently capitulated to the Bush administration, handing Bush a war spending bill completely stripped of conditions that would, in any way, slow the administration’s relentless Middle East conflagration. In fact, the new bill is an even more egregious blank check for a massive “surge” of Bush administration violence throughout the region, opening the door for a war with Iran. New Iraq “benchmarks” pushed by the Democrats themselves will result in new atrocities and more bloodshed, funded by the Democrats themselves.

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Ken Knabb's "Situationist International Anthology" (25th Anniversary)

26-05-2007 03:23

review of the "revised and expanded" edition of the "Situationist International Anthology."

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The March to War: Syria Preparing for US-Israeli Attacks

25-05-2007 21:44

It is no mere coincidence that fighting has broken out in Lebanon between Fatah Al-Islam, a previously unheard of radical militant group, and the Lebanese Armed Forces, days after David Welch, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs at the U.S. State Department, held unprecedented meetings with General Michel Sulaiman (Solomon) the Commander of the Lebanese Armed Forces. Although Saudi Arabian, Jordanian, and American channels created Fatah Al-Islam, Syria is conveniently being blamed as the perpetrator in a calculated move to strengthen the manufactured war dossier against Damascus.

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Bush authorises covert CIA operations to destabilise Iran

25-05-2007 19:31

An ABC News report on Tuesday provided further evidence that the Bush administration is actively engaged in a covert campaign of destabilisation aimed at “regime change” in Iran.

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The Grauniad: An Unlimited Conduit for USUK's War Propaganda

25-05-2007 14:49

US Military Encirclement of Iran
Fed up of the garbage with which their mainstream media force-feeds them, North American as well as readers all over the world have turned to newspapers like the UK's Guardian in the hope of finding informed, intelligent reporting of world events. They will be disappointed. Today's Guardian is as much part of an Orwellian, Atlanticist, warmongering propaganda campaign as is the disgraceful New York Times.

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Guardian at the Gates: Surging Toward War With Iran

24-05-2007 21:27

US military spokesmen have been trying to push implausible articles about Shiite Iran supporting Sunni insurgents for a couple of years now, and with virtually the sole exception of the New York Times, no one in the journalistic community has taken these wild charges seriously. But The Guardian? Yes, the Guardian. Cole is rightly dismissive of "this silly article," but its silliness, its credulous stupidity, doesn't mean it can't have serious and sinister ramifications. Just as the New York Times was used to "launder" the Bushists' warmongering propaganda on Iraq into "straight news" -- from the leader of the "liberal media," no less! -- so too the Guardian makes an ideal patsy for fomenting war fever against Iran. On Iraq, Bush and Cheney solemnly cited the scary stories their own minions had planted in the Times, now they can refer to the stories in Guardian as proof of the reality of Iran's "acts of war" against the United States. In fact, the Guardian's reputation as a left-wing, even "socialist" paper makes it even more effective in this regard.

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For the deaf who won't listen...

24-05-2007 13:35

World cereal production is on track to reach a record level in 2007. In spite of this, supplies will be barely adequate to meet increased demand, boosted by the development of the biofuels industry...

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London lecture: 9/11 official story, fact or fiction?

24-05-2007 13:11

Friday 8th June 2007 - Separating Facts from Fiction - Why the Official Account of 9/11 is contradicted by genuine Scientific Research ...with Gordon Ross and Calum Douglas

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Ceci n'est pas une pipe

24-05-2007 08:57

The evolution of species

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Amnesty hits Aust on refugees, women's rights, Aboriginal, Hicks, WOT

23-05-2007 22:21

"We've seen a wave of xenophobia and racism against groups like Roma, we've seen a rise of Islamophobia and anti-semitism on the back of fear about security, about terrorism," she said.

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Nobody wants to take the bull by the horns...

23-05-2007 13:41

On March 28, less than two months ago, when Bush proclaimed his diabolical idea of producing fuel from food, after a meeting with the most important U.S. automobile manufacturers, I wrote my first reflection...

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Anarchism and Environment

23-05-2007 10:08

Social change, not climate change.

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Development Bank

23-05-2007 08:45


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The Hidden Pollution Issue

22-05-2007 23:57

It doesn’t matter who we are or where we live, we are all contaminated with harmfull chemicals that threaten our health and that of our children.
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