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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Julian Assange, Sex Crimes and the U.S. Proxies in Cuba.

09-11-2012 03:45

Young European politicians are now acting under the banner of activism with their governments' assent to support the United States 59 year de facto war with Cuba.

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Crash! Financial Crisis event on 24th Novemeber

08-11-2012 15:44

Free Event 10.30 – 17.00 Saturday 24th November. Main Building, Aston University, Aston Triangle, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Get to grips with the basics of the financial crisis, and make links with other people from Birmingham and the West Midlands who want an economic system that puts people before profit.

If you want to understand how the global economy got into such a mess, and what to do about it this event is for you.

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'Sworn Enemies'? A Response To George Monbiot from Media Lens

07-11-2012 11:04

Hi George

It's good to know that your email is intended in a 'friendly and constructive spirit'. We hope you will post a link to this response on your home page and via Twitter.

You write that Media Lens is a 'project whose purpose is to engage and persuade progressive journalists by critiquing their work and encouraging people to write to them'.

We do, of course, encourage readers to send polite emails to journalists. But our primary purpose is to raise public awareness by highlighting examples of corporate media bias. What people do with that awareness is really up to them. Our hope is that it feeds into activism, campaigning and the creation of non-corporate media like MediaBite, News Unspun and BS News.

Above all, we're trying to stimulate debate and participation. Engaging with journalists is certainly part of that, but we have few illusions about influencing media employees who often have little room for manoeuvre and who are deeply dependent on the corporate system. We do hope for marginal improvements as a direct result of our work - they do happen and do matter - but it's not a primary concern.

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What next for anti-fascism after the 'return to Walthamstow'?

31-10-2012 16:07

This Saturday's attempt by the English Defence League to return to Walthamstow marked another chapter in the decline in fortunes of the organisation. Time was when they could get 3000 to a national demo. Now they only managed 60. After a previous national demo at Walthamstow where 300ish EDL were outnumbered by a couple of thousand opposition, leader 'Tommy Robinson' (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon to his mother) announced there would be a return to Walthamstow. A strange strategy... what made him think that re-running the whole thing two months later would change the result is mysterious.

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Rape Victim Fury at Julian Assange Prosecutor, Marianne Ny

29-10-2012 21:29

"I am a woman. I was raped. But I never lied about my experience..." Why the case against Julian Assange is nothing other than an attempt to silence.

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Demonization of Dissent in the United States

25-10-2012 22:52

On Oct. 3rd, 2012 Wired.Com’s (or Wired Magazine’s) Danger Room came out with Spencer Ackerman’s story of a leaked although unclassified U.S. Army “chart” that lists indicators and behaviors for identifying people who are supposedly becoming radicalized to terrorist potential. But what is so startling about this Army’s presumptively rational analysis (more like propagandic analysis) is its broad categorization of symptoms for identifying those thought alienated enough to become potential terrorist material.

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Snake-Oil Remedies For Capitalism

18-10-2012 10:57

Remedies for curing the current ills of the capitalist system are coming thick and fast. So-called 'experts' appear on talk shows and news events with all the self-confident panache of 'snake-oil' salesmen. This short article looks at one such remedy and provides links to a longer article looking at another 5.

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Anarchist Zine about NI

15-10-2012 23:38

Troubled; An Anarchist Primer on the Occupation of the North of Ireland

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Despite Cuts Government Spending Increases

14-10-2012 21:27

The government’s austerity measures were described by the Financial Times as “the most drastic cuts in living memory...” The chancellor’s 2011 budget admits that estimates suggest the UK to be the most indebted nation on the planet. Four years on from the financial crisis not much has changed. Spending hasn’t decreased, it has increased.

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Henry: Bristol's first victim of Ken Clarke's squatting criminalisation

09-10-2012 23:01

Audio production resource archive for Dialect Radio in Bristol, UK. Public service provided by the Bristol Radio Co-op.

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Who stopped police helicopter from pursuing Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik?

29-09-2012 20:08

Oslo policewoman Britt Borve
Despite having his number plate phoned in the Oslo police failed to follow Anders Breivik on 22/7 from Oslo to Utoya island. But was that a genuine error or part of a wider operation to paralyse national police reaction including spies and agents within the Norwegian security forces?
Oslo Police Department's Operation Leader Britt Børve, Britt Borve - it appears blocked the anti-terror DELTA force pursuit of pro-Zionist, anti-Muslim 'crusader' terrorist Anders Breivik. Her identity has been hidden from press and public, only her initials were revealed, but looks likely according to those in the know that it was indeed her that twice blocked requests for the helicopter.

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The Film 'Four Horsemen' & ARK (Absolute Return for Kids)

29-09-2012 17:09

'Four Horsemen', a recent film of exposure/analysis of the so-called economic disaster, interviews Camila Batmanghelidjh, who operates hand in hand with ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) which therefore undermines the credibility of this film. ARK is part of the insidious ‘olympians’ (aka Committee of 300, or John Adam Street Gang) network.

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Everyone to the Stacks! Some Contradictions of the Squatted Library

26-09-2012 14:22

Friern Barnet Squatted Library
Some thoughts occasioned by the occupation of the Friern Barnet library and the ways in which volunteer-run projects could end up supporting the Tories' 'Big Society'.

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QE3 Another Fed Give Away to the Banks

25-09-2012 12:03

Ben Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve, announced a few days ago QE3, quantitative easing three, and now he says they're going to continue to buy assets, multibillion dollars of purchases, until the unemployment rate goes down. He was then followed by the European Central Bank and the central bank of Japan

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PHILIPPINES: The ghosts of martial law

25-09-2012 01:25

On September 21, forty years ago, President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law. For almost 13-and-a-half years afterwards, the country suffered terribly from a brutal and corrupt dictatorship. Among the victims of the grave violations of human rights under martial law were the following: 3,257 “salvaged” (summarily executed), 35,000 tortured, and 70,000 incarcerated, as documented by historian Alfred McCoy.

Full article

Exclusive: Roger Cook, how Murdoch's News Of The World killed The Cook Report

23-09-2012 23:45

Friday Drivetime: BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling. At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world. After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers. For all the shows back to Easter 2009 visit the Friday Drivetime archive page.

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The Innocence of Muslims

20-09-2012 11:03

Anti-Islam film: Christian and Islamic fundamentalists leaning on each other

Full article | 8 comments

Religion and Violence.

19-09-2012 19:49

All criticism of Islam is seen as problematic. Yet Islam is also viewed as a religion justifiying violence. However, all Abrahamic religions have a violent aspect, which along with patriarchal forms of oppression need serious and sustained criticism. This article considers the contradictions in the concept of a higher power, however, conceptualised or personified.

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Spring Turns To Autumn

14-09-2012 20:51

Behind the outbursts of anger against the Embassies of the West over publication of an anti-Islamic film, lies a deeper and more fundamental hostility to the USA and Europe. The elites in the US and Europe are in denial over their aggressive interventions and therefore focus on secondary symptoms.

Full article

Natalie Bennett is the wrong leader

13-09-2012 15:08

The new Green Party leader is unlikely to improve their electoral prospects. If Kate Hudson can win the Manchester Central by-election, Respect is more likely to bring about radical change.
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