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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Diplomatic tensions worsen after Britain expels Russian diplomats

19-07-2007 20:59

Britain’s expulsion of four Russian diplomats on July 16 has led to a further deterioration in already strained relations between the two countries.

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Why the AU Summit failed Afrika

19-07-2007 15:26

The historic AU Summit in Accra failed to take the bols steps that were needed to initiate the process of Afrika gaining true economic liberation and independence - this is what the grand arhitect of Afrikan Unity Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah advocated ironically in a similiar conference in Accra in 1965. Had the leaders then heeded Osagyefo's advice Afrika would now be a GLOBAL SUPER POWER able to determine its own affairs without White interference.

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Communists, Leftists Defy Indian Politics of Liberal Economics

19-07-2007 10:57

The accelerated pace of India’s liberal economics and pragmatic ties with the United States and Israel risks polarizing Indian domestic politics and invoking a deep-seated communist as well as Islamist anti – Americanism with a realistic potential for a foreign policy strategic shift leading unintentionally and indirectly to creating an internal political environment that could be receptive for the first time to the agitation of the extreme violent Islamists.

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Posstscript: the insurrectional perspective

19-07-2007 01:23

More than a year has passed since we finished the second issue of our journal Dissident, which introduced insurrectional anarchism in Sweden. We chose to introduce the insurrectional perspective because we think it brings us valuable insights and experiences. These include the critique of organisational fetishism and activism, the shift of perspective from the mass to the active minority, and the importance of projectuality. Some critics, mostly syndicalists, unfortunately interpreted the insurrectional perspective in absolute terms. This text aims to answer those concerns and move the discussion forward.

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Haiti: Labor Press Release on State Privatization

18-07-2007 16:58

Port-Au-Prince; July 11, 2007 Press Release Concerns of the CTH, regarding the management of the Country.

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Strange Weather Getting More Strange

18-07-2007 15:39

We can all remember in past years hearing of a large blizzard or a large storm that produced several tornadoes, or an area stricken by drought. Every year there was always one or two or three of these major weather occurrences. We were shocked but not unduly alarmed at the news.

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The March to War: Détente in the Middle East or "Calm before the Storm?"

18-07-2007 08:50

A deeper look must be taken at the evolving domestic conditions within the “American Homeland” and at the wave of events that are unfolding in the Palestinian Territories, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, the Persian Gulf, the former Soviet Union, and Iran.

There have been reports and chatter about war between Israel and Syria and a “Summer War” that could breakout in the Levant with the initiation of Israeli strikes in the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. The summer-months of 2007 may see international tensions rise, but witness no regional war that could potentially spread in the Middle East and beyond.

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Why the AU Summit failed Afrika

17-07-2007 14:19

The recent AU summit in Accra was an immesne failure becuase westernised Afrikan leaders succumbed to the whims of thier colonial masters by not settting a definite timetable to form a federation of Afrikan states that is the only solution to Afrika's problems and to bring much needed respect and dignity to ALL people with Afrikan ancestry.

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Who runs your local council?

16-07-2007 16:21

Who runs your local council, the officers or the councillors elected to represent the local community?

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Regurgitating Osama’s Greatest Hits

16-07-2007 08:41

In the wake of the Dorgan and Conrad amendment designed “to double the reward for information leading to the capture or death of Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks,” as KXMB in North Dakota puts it, a “new” Osama video has surfaced, prompting the corporate media to circle like a brood of hungry vultures.

It remains to be seen if “al-Qaeda” or its purported “home-grown imitators” will strike this summer. No doubt, as usual, it will depend on political expediency, especially now that even neocon-friendly Republican Congress critters are weary of the neocon “effort” in Iraq.

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William Rodriguez - inside the World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attacks

15-07-2007 23:52

William Rodriguez with
Witness interviewed - from inside the World Trade Centre during the 9/11 attacks

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What If...We All Stopped Breathing?

15-07-2007 21:46

Breathing might be the one form of carbon dioxide production humans carry out that is unavoidable, but that doesn't mean we all have to create the same emissions every time we do it.

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Michel Chossudovsky: 'Canada and the Afghan War' and 'America's "Long War"'

15-07-2007 20:36

Two presentations by Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Canada and the Afghan War a keynote presentation at the University of Winnipeg from 28th October 2006 and America's "Long War", from the Truman Doctrine to the NeoCons, the History of US War Crimes an address to the opening session of the Perdana Global Peace Forum to Criminalize War, Kuala Lumpur, 5-7th February 2007.

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German TV: Kurds Used to Attack Iran

15-07-2007 13:03

Last month, as the corporate media mulched over renewed Pentagon claims Iran is providing deadly IEDs to Iraqi “insurgents,” German television reported the Maoist Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or Partiya Karkaren Kurdistan (PKK), has “killed over 200 Iranians,” a handful by way of IED, according to a PKK terrorist quoted by German ARD television (original in German).

PJAK enjoys full neocon support, as should be expected, never mind PKK’s supposed lunatic Maoist persuasion.

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The Media on ‘Global Terror’

13-07-2007 22:17

Y‘know it’s amazing really, considering that for centuries Europeans have been invading other countries, enslaving their peoples, ripping off their resources and in the process impoverishing much of the planet. And what is more, moving in and taking up residence without so much as a ‘by your leave’ let alone being put through an intensive examination upon their arrival.

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Seasoned squatters & protesters needed!

13-07-2007 13:40

If you've got experience with the police, owners of squatted buildings and/or the court system, you believe in squatting and the history and philosophy behind it; and/or you have experience of protest camps and you're interested in spreading the word - read on...

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Fit to Govern: the Native Intelligence of Thabo Mbeki [Review]

13-07-2007 10:42

The latest book on Thabo Mbeki ' Fit to Govern: the Native Intelligence of Thabo Mbeki' by Ronald Suresh Roberts is denialist propaganda that should be countered by all progressive forces with the same amount of zeal and vigour as that expressed by its chief proponents.

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Who Are the Interventionist Left?

13-07-2007 10:21

The following short article is from the Red Pepper website (, and was linked from the end of the article '5 Fingers Beat 16000 G8 Cops: Are we winning again?' by Ben Trott

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The Bush domino effect drops also old buddies

13-07-2007 09:08

Unfortunately for the rest of humanity the U.S.A. conducts the global orchestra to the sound of American tunes. For the last six years the number one hit was a patriotic trumpet and drum duet that muted the rest of the more subtle orchestral sounds. Now those silenced instruments are elbowing their way back to audition level.

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What drove a doctor to become a suicide bomber?

12-07-2007 16:55

The detention of at least seven medics in connection with last week’s failed terror attacks in Britain has added to the public’s sense of shock. All the more so since the alleged perpetrators of the attacks were both initially identified as doctors working at Glasgow’s Royal Alexandra Hospital.
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