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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Report of Edinburgh protest against NATO on Saturday 14th November 2009

21-11-2009 01:51

Here is detailed report of the demonstration against NATO in Edinburgh last weekend. 20 photos of the day are included.

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Alan Woods: No light bulb will shine, without the kind permission of the workers

20-11-2009 21:59

Alan in Mérida, Venezuela.
Alan Woods: Ningún bombillo brillará, ninguna rueda girará, sin el permiso amable de los trabajadores del mundo.

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Monbiot on Peak Oil: If Nothing Else, Save Farming

20-11-2009 14:29

George Monbiot's latest article on peak oil is introduced thus: "It’s probably too late to prepare for peak oil, but we can at least try to salvage food production."

Of course governments are doing nothing to transition to the production of food without fossil fuels -- what little is happening is coming from the grass roots, see for example the Soil Associations pages on community supported agriculture:

The following article was published in the corporate media and the role that the tiny number of voices like that of George Monbiot play in the bigger picture is considered in the latest Medialens alert:

A Comparative Review of Flat Earth News and Newspeak

For more background on peak oil and food and what it means, essentially the end of industrial civizilation, listen to this talk by Nafeez Ahmed from last year:

Food Crisis & Peak Oil

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It’s Xmas – Welcome to Manchester Plc

20-11-2009 14:21

Businesses in the centre of Manchester must wish it could be Christmas every day. Or to be more precise, that the Christmas shopping period came more frequently. They got an early present of their own this week, when the Council proudly announced it will be providing city-centre shops with a free marketing campaign worth £600,000.

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National Day of Black Consciousness (by Latuff)

20-11-2009 09:39

Dia da Consciencia Negra
The principal symbol of the Afro-Brazilian struggle and resistance in Brazil is Zumbi dos Palmares. Zumbi was born in Alagoas in 1655 and died in 1695 on November 20, a date commemorated throughout Brazil as the National Day of Black Consciousness.
(Source: BRAZZIL - News from Brazil)

In the cartoon, cop says: Zumbi my ass, hands to the wall, nigger!

Originally published in Contraponto, bulletin of Sindicato dos Servidores das Justicas Federais no Estado do Rio de Janeiro, SISEJUFE.

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French Workers Union CNT Boycott Israel

18-11-2009 19:22

The French Workers’ Union CNT Joins BDS Campaign


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The EDL: The BNP’s Useful Idiots? (Part 2)

18-11-2009 10:28

The second part of Ragnor Ironpants look into the links between the English Defence League (EDL) and the BNP…

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Berlin and Prague through Seattle to Copenhagen

17-11-2009 15:18

If 1989 saw the birth of democracy and 1999 its coming-out party, then 2009 in Copenhagen will see its coming of age.

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Czech president signs Lisbon Treaty/ResultofEU dirty deal regarding human rights

17-11-2009 03:28

With the EU guarantee to the Czech president, that the Czech State should not be exposed to property claims of expelled Germans after World War II, the EU not only implicitly consents with ethnical cleansings, it is also highly hypocritical, since the EU regularly points a finger to human rights violating countries like Sudan, Myanmar and Iran
It is high time the EU should look in its own mirror, among else with regard to police abuse, racism and violation of the rights of migrants and real or alleged terrorsuspects

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US and China free to pollute (by Latuff)

17-11-2009 02:43

US and China free to pollute
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Drones: A slam-dunk weapons system or our ticket to hell?

16-11-2009 19:36

"This, then, is the future that you can see just as well as I can. When the Obama administration decides to up the ante on drone use in Pakistan and Afghanistan, as it's soon likely to do, it will be ensuring not the end of al-Qaeda or the Taliban, but the long life of robot war within the US's ever-more militarized society. And by the time this set of robotic dreams fails to pan out, it won't matter. Yet another mini-sector of the military-industrial complex will be etched into the American grain.

Whatever the short-term gains from introducing drone warfare in these past years, we are now locked into the 24/7 assassination trade - with the US's own set of non-suicide bombers on the job into eternity. This may pass for sanity in Washington, but it's surely helping to pave the road to hell.

Haven't any of these folks ever seen a sci-fi film? Are none of them Terminator fans? Are they sure they want to open the way to unlimited robot war, keeping in mind that, if this is the latest game in town, it won't remain mainly an American one for long. And just wait until the first Iranian drone takes out the first Balochi guerrilla supported by American funds somewhere in Pakistan. Then let's see just what we think about the right of any nation to summarily execute its enemies - and anyone else in the vicinity - by drone. "

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President Chavez insists: The Only Road is towards Socialism!

16-11-2009 17:51

Franz & Jutta lecturing on Human Emancipation.
We have to link the criticism of the present with the concrete utopia of the future, to actuate the alliance of thinking and suffering (wo)men and to liberate human society from the shackles of the bourgeois mode of production and destruction.

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14-11-2009 10:59

Swan Hotel 737 Atherton Road, Hindley Green, Wigan, WN2 4SB

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Clinton appoints former embassy hostage as point person on Iran

13-11-2009 10:38

John Limbert, Clinton's newly appointed point person on Iran
When the Iranian Revolution exploded on the world scene three decades ago, John Limbert was a greenhorn diplomat assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Tehran. After that station was taken over by revolutionary students, he spent 14 months as a political hostage in the building that came to be known as the “Nest of Spies.”

Today Limbert is the newly appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Iran in the State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. That makes him Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's point person on Iran, just as pressure is building in Congress to impose more sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

While Limbert's preferred methods may differ from those of his predecessor Dennis Ross, it would be naive to think that his political goals are any less ambitious: undermining Iran's growing ability to oppose U.S. policy in the Middle East by restricting its access to alternative energy sources while promoting a change to a government friendlier to Western corporate interests.

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Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino for the next Philippine President

11-11-2009 02:01

An administration that shall not enter into any compromises with Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), her family and her cronies. A government that shall commit to reverse the political and economic damages wrought by the Arroyo administration. A political leadership that shall use its authority and shall exercise political will to introduce basic reforms that would restore our faith in our own capacity to lead decent and honorable lives.

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The Crisis

10-11-2009 11:57

The crisis in modern society isn’t just about economics. It’s about the crisis in the environment too and about the crisis in international relations. Several major wars are being fought “on our behalf” whilst worldwide rabid nationalism., fascism and fundamentalism are making headway. All of these crises effect each other. We need to examine the effects of these crises, how they interconnect and whether a solution to these problems is possible.

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Nafeez Ahmed: Our Terrorists

09-11-2009 14:52

Following is an extended and footnoted version of an article previously published at the updated version has been described by Nafeez as "a bit meatier, and murkier".

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Constructing cultures of resistance

09-11-2009 02:39

Free Derry - a community of resistance
A member of Cambridgeshire Anarchists on creating communities of resistance. This is an individual’s perspective and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the whole group.

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Zhibin Gu: is China a socialist nation: politics, economy, history and Communist

08-11-2009 06:05

What has gone wrong with China's Communist revolution? Puzzle 1: why does China have a totally corrupt government? Puzze 2: Is China's bureaucratic corruption going to ruin the nation and economy in light of global financial crisis? How should one understand the Chinese Communist bureaucracy and its wild corruptive practice? Get realistic analysis and knowledge on Chinese economy, politics, and society from provocative Chinese thinker George Zhibin Gu of World Association of International Studies at Stanford University (5 parts)

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Remembering Allan Francovich who relentlessly exposed the CIA's political crimes

08-11-2009 01:51

In three programmes shown over consecutive weeks in BBC2's Timewatch strand, Allan Francovich interviewed key Gladio players such as Propaganda Due head, Licio Gelli, Italian neofascist and terrorist Vincenzo Vinciguerra, Venetian judge Felice Casson, Italian Gladio commander General Gerardo Serravale, Belgian Senator Roger Lallemand, Belgian gendarme Martial Lekue and former CIA director William Colby.
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