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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Libya and Syria: When Anti-Imperialism Goes Wrong

03-08-2012 10:03

Reflexive opposition to Uncle Sam’s machinations abroad is generally a good thing. It is a progressive instinct that progressively declined in the 1990s, as presidents Bush Sr. and Clinton deftly deployed the U.S. military to execute “humanitarian” missions in Somalia, Haiti, and the Balkans and progressively increased in the 2000s, as Bush Jr. lurched from quagmire to disaster in transparent empire-building exercises in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Crass: Capitalist traitors using copyright laws against Anarcho-Punk.Net

02-08-2012 20:06

Crass: Capitalist traitors using copyright laws against Anarcho-Punk.Net - 3000 albums deleted because of these greedy selfish sellout bastards. 2 days ago, Mediafire advised that a complaint concerning a copyright law was filed against at Mediafire related to 7 albums by Crass. We're talking about albums released 30 years ago and not the remastered stuff.

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another corrupt housing association

02-08-2012 17:03

the fifteen pound shuffle

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Peer 2 Peer Production as the Alternative to Capitalism: A New Communist Horizon

02-08-2012 09:15

The current crisis of capitalism has provoked protests, revolts and revolutions in major parts of the planet that include 3 billions of inhabitants. Even the mainstream Time Magazine made “The Protester” the person of the year. The caption on Time’s cover reads: From the Arab Spring To Athens, from Occupy Wall Street to Moscow. China, Chile, Spain, England, Italy, India, Israel, Iran and France, among many other places, can be added to Time’s hotbeds of recent social protests.

The protest movements have put alternatives to capitalism on the historical agenda (Hardt and Negri, 2011). This article argues that a section of knowledge workers have already created a new mode of production termed Peer to Peer Production (P2P) which is a viable alternative to capitalism. Although still in its emerging phase and dominated by capitalism, P2P clearly displays the main contours of an egalitarian society. The very fact that sections of P2P activists and ICT workers are also actively involved in the current protests may work as a good catalyst in connecting P2P to these movements.

In P2P production, producers collectively produce goods through voluntary participation in a de-centered, network-based production system. Volunteers choose the tasks they perform; the amount of time they spend on collective production; the place and time of their productive activity. In term of distribution, anyone in the world can use the products for free according to their own needs, regardless of their contribution (Benkler, 2006). This mode of production is very similar to what Marx (1978 a, 1978b) described as advanced communism. Therefore, it has also been called cyber communism (Kleiner, 2010; Barbrook, 2007; Moglen, 2003).

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Curo Group Somer Housing

26-07-2012 09:16


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Peace news 2012 Summer Camp open June 26th

26-07-2012 00:25

You can still come to the Camp if you have not yet registered or paid.

Online registration has now closed but you can pay for entrance and meals on arrival.

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A review of Take Back the land

22-07-2012 21:26

A review of take back the Land and what it means for the current situation within the radical climate movement.

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Palestinian territories: Is it the 'Native American Reservation' of our time?

17-07-2012 12:50

Focusing on how illegal settlements continue to destroy Palestinian lives, with some new information, including first hand quotes received by Noam Chomsky and Human Rights watch, in addition to a clear explanation on Zionism, with interesting historical references of land purchases.

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Striking miners greeted by violent police in Madrid

15-07-2012 18:10

Miners in the mountains of Asturias who have been on indefinite strike for nearly two months have arrived in Madrid to take their strike to the streets.
Faced by escalating police terrorism were attacked in the Spanish capital over the last few days by cannonades of plastic bullets and batons rained on them by the riot police.
The miners' only demand is that they be given back their jobs, with the Spanish State declaring an end to subsidies which effectively destroy the livelihoods of thousands of people, which effectively add up to the destruction of the main source of income to the region.

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EDL hierarchy restructured

13-07-2012 13:43

The EDL have announced they are restructuring their "command structure", which seems to be an attempt by "Tommy Robinson" to consolidate his control over the struggling organisation.

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latest article on Spain and Miners, & Durham Miners Gala July 14th

12-07-2012 09:17

The Durham Miners Gala this year promises to be the largest for decades. Already 100K strong recently, the addition of the Labour leader Ed Miliband is likely to tip the numbers higher still if the weather permits. The bands, speeches, marches, banner, Gala field, funfair etc all allow for a great family day out where old and new comrades meet and greet.

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Report of the Public Meeting held in Liverpool on June 23rd 2012

11-07-2012 20:54

Chairperson’s address:

Thank-you very much for coming today, to hear our presentation on The Historical Need for Communism.

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John Zerzan talk, London Saturday 4th August 2012

10-07-2012 20:48

"The Murderous Idolatry of the Future: Anarcho-Primitivism and the Endof Technology" Talk by John Zerzan

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The New Babylon - free film about the Paris Commune at the Cowley Club

09-07-2012 21:33

This Wednesday, July 11th, at 7:30pm we'll be showing a silent film from 1929, "The New Babylon". It's a visually beautiful film with a wonderful soundtrack by Shostakovich and one of only two well-known films that tell the story of The Commune.

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Venezuela: Interview with Rafael Uzcátegui

05-07-2012 19:28

* Rafael Uzcategui is a member of the group that publishes the anarchist newspaper El Libertario in Caracas (Venezuela). As antimilitarist, he is also a member of the War Resisters’ International and works in a Venezuelan human rights NGO called Provea. He is author of the books “Heart of Ink” and “Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle” in which he reports the so-called Bolivarian process of Chavez and the true face of his “revolutionary” government. Taking advantage of his conference tour in Germany, we interviewed Rafael for the magazine Gai Dao.

Full article

Bristol 'City Slackers' - media shy politicians named & shamed

03-07-2012 17:57

FRIDAY DRIVE: Bristol City council ‘slackers’ named:
Conservative 5/14 (36%), LibDems 9/32 (28%), Labour 5/22 (23%) & Green 0/2 (0%).

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Media Lens: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work

27-06-2012 14:23

The persecution of Julian Assange through the eyes of Media Lens - 'correcting the distorted vision of the corporate media'.

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Anarchism & Antisemitism: new publication now out

27-06-2012 11:01

Dysophia have released their latest pamphlet, titled Antisemitism: what it is, why it matters and how Anarchists can learn from confronting it.

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UG#592 - The Technology of Reunion (The Coming War on General Computation)

26-06-2012 05:12

We look at the possible future interactions between society and computing technologies. We start with Gary Webb's story of how he used the WWW to circumvent censorship of his revelations of CIA drug dealing. Then we hear Cory Doctorow on corporations increasing interest in limiting the ways in which users use computing devices. In our second hour, Eben Moglen describes his work on 'freedom boxes', to create securely encrypted connections between individuals.

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G4S security undercover: London Olympics is wide open to terror or false flag

22-06-2012 20:50

Exclusive interview with investigative journalist Lee Hazledean who is training undercover as a security guard for the London olympics with private security firm G4S. The olympics start in 4 weeks time.
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