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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Giuliani’s Neocons

07-08-2007 17:35

Be the next president Clinton or Giuliani, and it will likely be the former, foreign policy will remain virtually the same, no doubt with a few stylistic differences.

The “left,” headed up by the decider gal Hillary Clinton, will pick up the neocon baton and go after Iran, as planned.

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Dispatch - new workers' bulletin on the public pay dispute - distro help request

06-08-2007 21:06

We are a group of workers mostly in the public sector, who met via the website who are putting together a bulletin called Dispatch - Public sector pay dispute—information for action. An ad hoc newsletter for the ongoing struggles, mainly in the post office at present, against sub-inflation pay offers.

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War on Terror - Solidarity against poverty needed

06-08-2007 14:16

It is a slide show broadcast then banned by the US government, depicting graphically the horrors of HIV/AIDs, poverty, homelessness etc. While the twin towers were hit and the US pushes the "War on terror",it reminds us of the many more people who have been killed or affected by poverty, HIV/AIDS, homelessness etc and reminds us that solidarity with these p0eple is vital.

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end of the world show (a different analysis of climate change)

06-08-2007 11:50

"The oil burns, the forests burn, the sun shines, the world turns. People eke out a living, institutions consolidate their power. Climate change leaves the atmosphere, the forests and the icecaps behind and becomes twisted and mangled by capitalistic institutions and ends up a creation of their market needs. Our perceptions of it cannot be isolated from their manipulations, and if we use their concept then we run the risk of simply serving their agenda and reproducing their world."

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For a Middle East Free of All Weapons of Mass Destruction

06-08-2007 00:22

On the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, an International Statement for a Middle East Free of All Weapons of Mass Destruction is released which is endorsed by several of the most influential peace, anti-nuclear and community organisations around the world as well as five Nobel Laureates. It demands that Israel join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and dismantle its nuclear arsenal and calls for a peaceful resolution of Iran's nuclear programme exclusively through negotiations and dialogue within the framework of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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Tancredo Again Calls for Bombing Mecca, Medina

05-08-2007 23:08

Tancredo would have us believe “al-Qaeda,” the database, has nukes and is itching to use them, and thus we should be ready to bomb and destroy religious sites and kill thousands of people, all of them quite innocent of any crime against Tancredo or the United States. Of course, “al-Qaeda,” the legend of scary campfire stories, does not have nukes and will not pull off a terrorist attack, nuclear or otherwise, unless it is politically advantageous for the neocons.

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The "Counter-Situationist" Operation includes bad translations

05-08-2007 19:50

Indeed, Ken Knabb leaves out so many passages -- and not due to apparently objective considerations of "limited space," but due to obviously subjective considerations (we leave our readers to deduce what they are from the passages he has suppressed) -- that his efforts as putative "translator" constitute a one-man counter-situationist operation.

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The Calamity of Disregard

04-08-2007 23:13

It is now chillingly clear: MI6's pre-Iraq warnings were swept aside by an obsessed White House. (And No. 10 ...Let's not forget that Bliar was more than ready to collaborate in this Act of Aggression.)

Remember, we still don't know who was responsible for the attacks of 9/11/2001, as the LIARS in Bush/PNAC haven't been able to support their Conspiracy Theory in six years, and that much compelling evidence points to an inside job.

At any rate, Afghanistan was planned before the attacks that enabled it, and was about gaining Western access to a vital energy corridor, and restarting the heroin industry destroyed by the Taliban.

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Cuba 2007: Speaking with the Cuban Libertarian Movement (MLC)

04-08-2007 16:48

* Interview by the Russian newspaper SITUATION from libertarian collective Autonomous Action regarding the current political picture in the island. A Spanish translation was published in El Libertario #50, Venezuela, 2007. For more info go to: -cuban anarchist website- and

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Manifesto of solidarity with Venezuelan anarchists and social movements

04-08-2007 16:44

* The newspaper Tierra y Libertad, mouthpiece of the Iberian Anarchist Federation, published in edition 227 of June 2007 this manifesto of the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA; in support of those who in Venezuela today confront the bureaucratic capitalist project of the Chavez government as well as their social democrat and right wing opponents.

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Clown Army - Hebden Bridge

04-08-2007 14:49

Introduction to Clown Army Hebden Bridge

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The Shortwave Report 8/3/07 ¡Listen Globally!

03-08-2007 00:37

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.

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Obama Follows the Neocon Mass Murder Script

02-08-2007 19:49

Now Obama wants to bomb them. Of course, this is simply political grandstanding, as the president is not really the decider guy but rather a factotum who takes orders from on-high. If our rulers want to kill “al-Qaeda”—that is to say, dirt farmers and peasants in Pakistan’s Federal Administered Tribal Areas—that is precisely what will happen, no matter if the commander guy is a Republican neocon or a Democrat neolib.

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Justice and the Cambodian Knot

01-08-2007 22:40

The wheels of international justice are turning so slowly in Cambodia the leaders of Pol Pot’s genocidal regime in the 1970s are in danger of dying of old age before a court hears the evidence against them.
Unlike other parts of the world - the Balkans for example - the baffling delay in bringing to justice the last of the still alive Khmer Rouge ogres is partly the result of reluctance by an international community whose own conscience over the Cambodian Killing Fields is far from lily-white and partly the fault of a Cambodian government anxious to sweep this murderous chapter of its past under the table without delving too deeply into who was guilty, who was not and who collaborated.

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Second round of Iran-US talks: Cheney camp pushes for war

01-08-2007 17:00

The alarming and unanimous passage with 97 votes to zero by the US Congress of an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill drafted by the leading proponent of war with Iran, Sen Lieberman, on 11th July, which accuses Iran of "intolerable acts of hostility towards the US" and demands the US government to take "Immediate action" can be regarded as the prelude to a declaration of war

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Bush-Brown summit: Tensions but no policy shift by Britain

01-08-2007 13:43

There is a scene in the film Love Actually when the newly elected Prime Minister played by Hugh Grant finally takes a stand against the president of the United States after repeatedly attempting to get him to change policy direction. The denouement takes place at a press conference, in which Grant makes a cringe-worthy defence of Britain as a “small country” but a “great one” before telling the president, “I fear that this has become a bad relationship...a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend.”

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Asbestos campaigners support call for investigation into PPG Group

01-08-2007 12:45

Contaminated asbestos sites need medical doctors not spin doctors...
Rochdale asbestos campaigners are backing calls for an inquiry into allegations of “bribing, bullying and bugging” regarding residential planning applications. The claims have just been made by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme “Britain’s Bad Housing”.

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Converging Interests in Iraq Allow Bush an ‘Iranian Option’ - Arabs Threatened

01-08-2007 09:09

A potential “Iran option” for Bush, whether it emerges out of a diplomatic engagement or a military confrontation, be it on Iraq or on Iran per se, would embroil Arabs adversely and directly because both protagonists are waging their political as well as military battles on Arab land and skilfully using Arab wealth, oil, space, diplomacy and even Arab proxies to settle their scores towards either political engagement or military showdown.

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Chem-trails NOT Contrails!

31-07-2007 10:08

This image shows that it is not from the exaust of the engine but from the wings that the spray lines are being sprayed from. look closely and you can see the lines from the wings:

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Rough guess

30-07-2007 13:41

Adapted version of a feature which is published by Big Issue in the North. New figures show the number of street homeless in Manchester could top 400. The official number of rough sleepers in the city is seven.
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