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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Tony Blair: A Sudden Turn Of Conscience? No.

14-07-2008 11:50

My inbox has been overflowing with love and best wishes to the planet from all sorts of people recently — one of them is no less than Tony Blair, that great peacekeeper (1), climate saviour (2) and lover of human rights (3) is pushing his big plan (yes, another one) to return the planet to its former health. It’s called “Breaking The Climate Deadlock” and you can read the latest report here [] (4).

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London anti-scientology protest 12.07.08

12-07-2008 20:03

UK, London. Anti-scientology demo at the scientology HQ. 2008
Images from the London anti-scientology protest, called 'Operation cult's closed' - apparently organised by the 'Anonymous' underground movement.
This protest took place at two locations across London on Sunday 12.07.08.

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Iran: War or Privatization: All Out War or "Economic Conquest"?

12-07-2008 14:32

Washington has no interest in the imposition of a privatization program on Iran, as an "alternative" to an all out war. In fact quite the opposite. There are indications that the Bush adminstration's main objective is to stall the privatization program.

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End G8 Domination!

12-07-2008 14:31

End G8 Domination!
Joint Statement on the 34th G8 Summit in Toyako, Hokkaido, Japan

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Free Online Book Now Available : A Matter Of Scale

09-07-2008 22:14

A Matter Of Scale is a book to help humanity survive the mess civilization has got it into. It is like no other book in its huge scope and the levels over which the problems and solutions are addressed. And, unlike almost any other book, it is free, because having people read the book is far more important than making money...

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G8 summit marked by impotence and division

09-07-2008 15:33

Facing what is arguably its most serious crisis since the end of the Second World War, the global capitalist economy has never been in greater need of co-ordinated policies from the world’s major national governments.

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Thurs 10th, London: Is This the End for FARC? (Media Talk)

08-07-2008 19:50

Will the release of Ingrid Bettancourt - arguably the world's most famous hostage, and FARC's main bargaining chip - along with 14 other hostages - mean the end of FARC and the beginning of serious peace negotiations with the Colombian government?
Location: 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ
Thu 10th July, 7.30pm Price: £10.00
This event will be webcast live - you can view it for free via the link on our homepage -

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John Holloway and Alex Callinicos debate strategies for changing the world

08-07-2008 17:26

John Holloway and Alex Callinicos debate strategies for changing the world at the marxism 2008 event.

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Scientology's KGB: Inside the Office of Special Affairs

08-07-2008 14:13

"These were enemies of the church. You shut them down. You find out what you can about them. You find their weak spot and you expose it. You make it so that they cannot survive or exist. You literally destroy them."
Frank Oliver, former OSA Agent. From ABC 20/20 - Scientology. Transcript

"In my opinion the church has one of the most effective intelligence operations in the U.S. rivaling even that of the FBI."
Ted Gunderson, former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office. Quoted in Time Magazine, 6 May 1991.

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Colombia: Pax Romana

08-07-2008 11:51

I have honestly and strongly criticized the objectively cruel methods of kidnapping and retaining prisoners under the conditions of the jungle. But I am not suggesting that anyone laid down their arms, when everyone who did so in the last 50 years did not survive to see peace…

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Hated Mafioso Ken Livingstone plots return by rubbishing Boris with media help -

07-07-2008 17:06

Ken Livingstone has been plotting his return with the help of his dodgy Labour friendly Newsnight friend Emily Maitlis. The Ray Lewis story was a plant and Mr Livingstone was brought on there and oddly enough to deal with the newly released story questioning him. The Conservatives under Cameron and New Labour under most of them are busily trying to retain the status quo and doing anything to keep the neo-Liberalist corporate London agenda going. Dodgy Ken's record speaks for itself...

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Topical Fish Freesheet- response to the Corporate Media

07-07-2008 16:00

Please find attached a PDF of the Topical Fish freesheet bursting with political comment, artwork, prose, vox pop and evening gardening tips!
E-mail for more information.

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London Mayor Boris Johnson’s return to “traditional Tory values”

07-07-2008 14:04

It is only two months since the newly elected Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson promised he would, with a new broom, sweep clean the sleaze and corruption he declared characterised the outgoing administration under the Labour Party’s Ken Livingstone.

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NETCU Support Psychotic Violence

06-07-2008 18:00

Sarah Whitehead is a brave and caring person. When concerned neighbours went to her for help as they were concerned about a beagle she acted and rescued that poor little soul from horrendous abuse. We would like to emphasise that this creature was not a much loved family pet as has been portrayed in the local media but a punchbag who was thrown about, denied adequate food, permanently muzzled, repeatedly punched and kicked and tied to a radiator.

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MI6 planting stories in the news - Annie Machon audio

06-07-2008 00:50

Annie Machon was recruited by MI5 in 1991, having studied Classics at Cambridge and begun a career in publishing. Along with her partner, David Shayler -- born and bred on Teesside -- she worked for MI5’s political and counter-terrorism departments in the 1990s.

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Iran attack 'imminent' US congressman declares. More 'terror' to follow?

05-07-2008 22:30

Congressman Ron Paul has warned millions of radio listeners that the US is heading into a deadly confrontation with Iran, revealing his disbelief at members of Congress who have openly voiced support for a pre-emptive nuclear strike on the country. Does this indicate that we can expect more 'terror' attacks both here and in the US?

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'The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites' -- by Kevin Ryan

05-07-2008 04:52

Kevin Ryan
Regardless of how thermite materials were installed in the WTC, it is strange that NIST has been so blind to any such possibility. In fact, when reading NIST’s reports on the WTC, and its periodic responses to FAQs from the public, one might get the idea that no one in the NIST organization had never heard of nano-thermites before. But the truth is, many of the scientists and organizations involved in the NIST WTC investigation were not only well aware of nano-thermites, they actually had considerable connection to, and in some cases expertise in, this exact technology.

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The Real Operation to "Rescue" Ingrid Betancourt and US Mercenaries

05-07-2008 04:37

In order to understand the "rescue operation" of Ingrid Betancourt and the Northrop Grumman Corporation mercenaries who were released with her, it is necessary to piece together articles published in the media, filter the content and out of this is formed a true understanding of the facts of what happened here.

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Energy Crisis: The Fantasy World of the UK Government

04-07-2008 19:38

BERR high price scenario for oil, natural gas and coal
This BERR report (small pdf ) published in May 2008 provides 4 alternative price scenarios for oil, natural gas and coal. The high scenario is shown below.

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The Odds of Change: A Statistical Look at Our Democrat’s Voting Records

04-07-2008 16:36

We want change. Obama says he will deliver change, as did the Democrats in '06. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth. Even the statistics prove the Democrats have failed us.
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