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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Lies, damn lies, and humanitarian intervention

23-03-2011 02:54

The Independent, 10 March 2011
Masquerading as "humanitarian intervention," Washington launched full-force barbarism on six million Libyans, all endangered by America's latest intervention.

Beginning March 19, it was visible. However, months of planning preceded it, including US and UK special forces and intelligence operatives on the ground enlisting, inciting, funding, arming and supporting violent insurrection to oust Gaddafi and replace him with a Washington-controlled puppet like in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Plan to "destabilize" the Country

22-03-2011 20:24

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan to Destroy JP Morgan, Crash the Stock Market, and Redistribute Wealth in America

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Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! No Intervention!

22-03-2011 11:02

No to imperialist intervention in the Libya! Saudi, UAE troops out of Bahrain!
Support Middle Eastern democracy struggles! End imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan!

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Letter to Male Activists

21-03-2011 13:36

This letter arose from a specific set of experiences in the activist community and we are aware of the fact that many men will find it difficult to read. However, we publish it here in the hope it will provoke some critical self-reflection among those who need it.

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Reasons to oppose the attack on Libya

21-03-2011 12:45

This is the text of a leaflet suggesting some reasons for opposition to the attack on Libya.

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"Libyan Combat Flight Simulator"

20-03-2011 17:46

(The Most Intensive No Fly Zone You'll Experience...)
If you enjoy intensive, high-adrenaline air combats, you'll LOVE this game.

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NUS elections: interview with left-wing candidate Mark Bergfeld

20-03-2011 09:19

Ahead of the National Union of Students elections in April 2011, we publish here an interview with the left-wing candidate Mark Bergfeld, as well as two short replies by students involved in education campaigns.

“I doubt Bergfeld has the strategy to win”, says Patrick Rolfe, Really Open University

“Let’s critically support Mark”, says Jess Bradley, Students for Sensible Drug Policy

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SchNEWS 763: Losing His Wragg

19-03-2011 23:31

Animal rights activists in Cambridge scooped the jackpot this week as they were awarded compensation for a wrongful arrest back in 2009.

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Lockheed Martin revealed as UK Census Sponsors: Protests Planned

19-03-2011 11:58

The world's second largest defence company are helping to run this year's census: will you participate?

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the criminalisation of squatting would be a massive own goal

18-03-2011 23:27

So the Tories are going to have another crack at criminalising squatting. This along with their attacks on the welfare state signify a new and disturbing trend - disturbing for them, that is.

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Bahrain: U.S. backs Saudi military intervention, conflict with Iran

17-03-2011 09:11

On March 14 Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Cooperation Council partner the United Arab Emirates deployed 1,000 troops, 500 security personnel and armored troop carriers across the 25-mile King Fahd Causeway to Bahrain to shore up their fellow monarchy after a month of protests against the Al Khalifa dynasty. The following day the Bahraini government declared a three-month state of emergency and authorized the military "to take necessary steps to restore national security." On March 16 government security forces staged a violent crackdown against protesters in the nation's capital with tanks, armored personnel carriers and helicopters, killing at least two people and injuring hundreds.

The U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited Bahrain three days before the launch of the Saudi military intervention. The U.S. Fifth Fleet, one of six used by Washington to patrol the world's seas and oceans, is headquartered near Manama, where between 4,000-6,000 American military personnel are stationed. Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, U.S. military partners but not hosts of American bases, Bahrain is vital to U.S. international military and energy strategy.

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Flashback:How the forgotten city of Halabja became the launchpad for war on Iraq

16-03-2011 19:29

Tony Blair, George Bush and Jose Maria Aznar at the Azores Summit, 16 March 2003
When the Bush administration went to war with Iraq in March 2003, the centerpiece of its justification for war was weapons of mass destruction. But its precise timing was driven, in large part, by the March 16 anniversary of the poison gas attack on the Iraqi Kurdish town of Halabja. On the fifth and twentieth anniversaries of these two tragic events, a study of the connection between them reveals a deliberate pattern of twisting and fabricating intelligence to meet policy objectives.

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"Operation Libya" and the Battle for Oil: Redrawing the Map of Africa

16-03-2011 14:44

"Libya is targeted because it is one among several remaining countries outside America's sphere of influence, which fail to conform to US demands. Libya is a country which has been selected as part of a military "road map" which consists of "multiple simultaneous theater wars". In the words of former NATO Commander Chief General Wesley Clark:
"in the Pentagon in November 2001, one of the senior military staff officers had time for a chat. Yes, we were still on track for going against Iraq, he said. But there was more. This was being discussed as part of a five-year campaign plan, he said, and there were a total of seven countries, beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan.... (Wesley Clark, Winning Modern Wars, p. 130)"

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Cops Cough-up Compensation for Animal Rights Cambridge Activists

16-03-2011 14:42

Jason Wragg lost his rag, leading to activist payouts!
Cambs police pay up after last year's illegal arrests.

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The Democracy Council's plans for Iran and the "Taash Network"

16-03-2011 10:39

I just stumbled into my personal Wikileaks moment by inadvertently finding a document that apparently links "Green Movement" operatives to a US government propaganda operation.

In my humble opinion, these sorts of information warfare campaigns directed against Iran are silly and mostly just self-serving. If they have any persuasive effect, it is in the US rather than in Iran, and even there it is largely negative because it creates a sort of dogma about the Green Movement that may be favored by certain exiles and their wishful thinking, but has no real relationship to Iranians inside Iran. See, the people of Iran don't lack for information. They have had years of this sort of media campaigns directed towards them. They're not fooled.

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Alternative to the Cuts: see 6 short videos about tax havens

12-03-2011 08:55

Transition Stroud and Stroud Commonwealth organised the recent talk 'The Rise and Rise of Britain's Tax Haven Empire' by John Christensen from the Tax Justice Network. The videos help understand how tax havens work, their history and how Britain is the biggest player - they also cover the importance UK Uncut has played in putting this issue on the agenda.

Full article

UG#538 - Outing School 1 (Unmasking US Tax-Exempt Foundations' "Philanthropy")

11-03-2011 18:19

The show this week features two friends from different generations who dish the dirt on the US forced schooling system and the tax-exempt foundations which engineered it. Our main interview is Norman Dodd, chief investigator of the 1953 'Reece Committee' on Tax Exempt Foundations, set in context by a reading from John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education. Next it is Charlotte Iserbyt, ex-senior policy advisor in US Department of Education, followed by the first half of a 2004 Radio Free School interview with John Taylor Gatto.

Full article

UG#539 - Outing School 2 (Scientific Management as Religion)

11-03-2011 17:53

This week we continue to examine the details of schooling as a social control mechanism. First, a section from John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education, followed by the conclusion of his Radio Free School interview and an excerpt from a speech on the scientific management of children. In hour 2, Peg Luksik of the Pennyslvania Parents' Commission asks Who Controls The Children?, focusing on increasingly sophisticated efforts by the schooling system to establish, log and 'correct' US students' attitudes.

Full article

UG#540 - Outing School 3 (Teaching for Money v. Learning for Love)

11-03-2011 17:51

This week we conclude our series on forced schooling, with a range of voices on its inter-relation with commercial organisations, including a radio adaptation of the Canadian film, "Corporations in The Classroom", an interview with Maia Szalivitz on the 'troubled teen' industry, and an interview with Dayna Martin on the emerging 'partnership' style of parenting known as radical unschooling.

Full article

British ruling elite advance “humanitarian” cover for intervention in Libya

11-03-2011 08:50

Britain’s ruling elite are sharpening their neo-colonial claws once again in the guise of “humanitarian intervention”, this time utilising the suffering of the Libyan masses.
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