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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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No WMD No Lie

18-11-2003 14:21

My humblest apologies to Bob Marley; please, please forgive me.

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CLEAR LIES: The Dirty, Deadly Truth about Bush's Assault on Planet Earth's Air

17-11-2003 22:59

While Bush is in UK schmoozing with the Queen (how could she do this to the British people - is she just as bad as Bush in her public indifference or what?), back home, his goons in Congress are taking advantage of the media distraction of the trip to try to ram through a catastrophic energy bill that will impact everyone, ultimately, on planet Earth.. His lies about Iraq are just the tip of his evil iceberg of lies.

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Please Help the US Resistence.

17-11-2003 19:51

Bu$hism is the Fascism of our times. We need YOU to help us defeat it.

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Campaign funds to bush/cheney.

17-11-2003 12:05

The tribes chairman and his son have given campaign contributions to the bush/cheney 2004 election cycle. As someone who is a native American Indian I find this most embarrassing to state that I am a Cowlitz Indian after learning that the Chairman of the tribe used Our official name when he and his son gave $2,000 each plus the wife on the council also gave $2,000.

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ESF: Another Venue is Possible: Negri vs Callinicos

16-11-2003 22:57

It’s certainly possible to level a critique of the social forum process as elevating certain individuals to movement stars, something the radical edge of the movement has always rejected for a variety of reasons. The Negri/Calliniocs debate was billed as exactly that however, a battle between two movement stars perhaps broadly representing the two major ideological tendencies within the anti-capitalist movement currently in contestation. The title of the debate was “Multitude or Working Class”.

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Sheffield Anti bush demo & analysis

16-11-2003 21:17

The unity of Police and protesters symbolises a secret set of shared goals.
An analysis of yesterday's Sheffield demonstration against George Bush.

Demo apathy - what is it, what causes it.

Why we keep on repeating the same tactics that never achieve the results we want?

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What is the point of marching?

16-11-2003 12:51

This is suppose to help people re-evaluate the point of protest so next time we can be more effective. Although it is specificly to do with the sheffield saturday november 15th demo.

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The Recruiters of 9/11

16-11-2003 08:59

In this latest excerpt from Chaim Kupferberg's landmark article, Kupferberg looks at the murky background surrounding the 9/11 recruiters, and sets out the following bold hypothesis: if one were to posit the presence of a covert intelligence service behind the actions of the 9/11 hijackers, the most logical place to look would be in the vicinity of al-Qaida's key recruiting agents. Does Kupferberg make his case? You be the judge.

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Health and Safety Executive in High Court Over Chris Pullen Death

14-11-2003 22:42

Christopher Pullen Campaign: HSE finds itself in the dock for the first time ever due to the personal determination of one working class mother from Islington, seeking justice for her tragically killed son ...

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'OBFUSCATION, PREVARICATION - AND LIES' (letter to MP - M.E./Gulf War Syndrome)

14-11-2003 04:05

Victims of chemical/radiological poisoning are referred to the psychiatrist because the National Poisons Unit has stated "pollution does not exist"

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The SHORTWAVE REPORT 11/14/03 ¡Listen Globally!

14-11-2003 01:10

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.2MB) and quick download (3.2MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, Germany, Spain, and Cuba.

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Gardiner Report on the British and American manipulation of public opinion

12-11-2003 22:53

This is the link which leads to the full text of the report by Colonel Sam Gardiner: "Truth from These Podia: Summary of a Study of Strategic Influence, Perception Management,
Strategic Information Warfare and Strategic Psychological Operations
in Gulf II" which is the best concise account I have so far seen of the manipulation of public opinion in the democracies of Britain and the United States by the intelligence services and governments. READ AND CIRCULATE THIS WIDELY

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55 000 Iraqis killed!!!

12-11-2003 12:45

I was wondering why the recent report of '360 000 Iraqi dead in mass grave' story as circulated in our local pig media came about. Never found the answer until now; It has nothing ot do with Prince Charles getting butt fucked instead probably everythign to do with countering a UK based charities report on 55 000 innocent Iraqi civilians killed since March of this year!

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Only Unconditional US Withdrawal Will Ensure Peace and Freedom for Iraq

12-11-2003 11:29

The hope that the invasion of Iraq, and subsequent invasions of Iran, Syria, and Cuba, will give a long-term, massive boost to the crisis-ridded US economy has been seriously threatened, as the lies about Bush's regime reasons for war have been exposed. What is disturbing is that the Bush regime, and it’s allies, could make further moves towards a more explicitly fascist forms of government in order to carry through the ‘Project for the New American century’

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George gets ready for an exciting few weeks

11-11-2003 21:44

Perfect colour coordination!
Five years ago, only a very few die-hards would have crossed a street to spit on G.W. Bush. How times have changed! These days, he is hated and feared by billions of people all over the planet. As people in Cambridge drop banners from bridges and set up film screenings in preparation for the Bush state visit (19-21 November), let's take a quick look at what George will be doing over the next few weeks...

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Bush-Uribe: Assasssins in Colombia

11-11-2003 20:39

From Bogota to Sarevena: Unity Rises, the People Resist
US military aid to Colombia is threatening more people and more biological diversity than the wars in the Middle East. Iraq is a terrible quagmire of US sin and violence. It is visible and well covered by the media and the world social movements. A second twin-tower of US violence burns in the headwaters of the Amazon and threatens all of the Northern Andes.

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A military constitution for the European Union?

11-11-2003 15:00

WRI Logo
The draft European Constitution is worth loking at from an antimilitarist point of view: increase of armaments in the constitution, EU forces all over the world, "preventive wars". Everything we are used to from the USA now in a modern European version - and in a constitution!

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CBC the fifth estate Conspiracy Theories 9.11 VIDEO

09-11-2003 01:51

a canadian public TV documentary exposes links between the bushes, the bin ladens, and the saudi monarchy -- now available for download

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'The American-led Invasion'

08-11-2003 23:34

Spin for the revolution & the language of the BBC
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