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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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THINK G8 ! An anticapitalist teach-in

19-10-2006 10:54



Call 07796 788 111 for directions – entrance free

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Human trafficking and the terms of engagement.

19-10-2006 10:43

This article suggests a cross-cultural consideration is needed when trying to devise policy concerning the trafficking of humans.

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US military and Iraqi deaths soar amidst preparations for major offensive

19-10-2006 10:18

A mockery of Iraqi “democracy,”
The escalating crisis in Iraq, and the American government’s reaction, makes a mockery of Iraqi “democracy,” which has never been anything more than a means through which the occupying forces have sought to solidify their control. Sadr’s organization currently holds 30 seats in the parliament, as well as several cabinet posts. It gained these posts in the much-touted “democratic” elections in 2005. However, this has not stopped American forces from talking openly about destroying the organization.

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Five years since Australia’s SIEV X tragedy: the official cover-up continues

19-10-2006 08:02

Those responsible be held to account
Only through the development of a new political movement of the working class, completely independent of the establishment parties and organizations and prepared to challenge the very foundations of the present social and economic order, will the truth about the tragedy of SIEV X emerge and those responsible be held to account.

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Taking Sides: The Media and The 'War on Terror'

18-10-2006 16:34

public meeting 30 October - see flyer

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Brazil: The Perfect Electoral Crime (II)

17-10-2006 19:56

The way for tyranny
These types of tests of independent attack are technically called "Penetration Tests" and the Hursti Reports (1st and 2nd Parts) may be obtained at:

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Pathfinder hits the buffer

17-10-2006 17:11

Thanks to the courageous and determined efforts of a handful of local campaigners in Liverpool, the neo-Labour Pathfinder project appears to have been derailed.

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England Does not Want Gitmo Detainees

17-10-2006 16:30

Europeans don't want these islamic killers any more than the Arabs.

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Campaign For Truth & Justice

17-10-2006 11:39

Fighting Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonmentsand Human Rights Abuses in the UK

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Is there any point in talking about local democracy in London in 2006?

17-10-2006 11:01

Tony Blair is increasing Ken Livingstone's powers. Those may well include
the power to effectively scrap elected local councils in inner city London. Ken Livingstone is
set to become a very happy holder of huge powers. Is it safe to give the maniac Livingstone any more powers?

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Israel’s Plan for a Military Strike on Iran

17-10-2006 09:43

NAZARETH, 16 October 2006. The Middle East, and possibly the world, stands on the brink of a terrible conflagration as Israel and the United States prepare to deal with Iran’s alleged ambition to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel, it becomes clearer by the day, wants to use its air force to deliver a knock-out blow against Tehran. It is not known whether it will use conventional weapons or a nuclear warhead in such a strike.

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Nuclear Strike on Iran Is Still on the Agenda

17-10-2006 08:11

No nuclear country is likely to intervene when the U.S. uses nuclear weapons against Iran, so there is no military deterrent. The U.S. has now achieved vast nuclear superiority and is about to demonstrate to the world that its $5 trillion nuclear arsenal is not "unusable."

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Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart

17-10-2006 01:37

Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Ou
Facing Up To 30 Years in Prison, Civil Rights Attorney Lynne Stewart Speaks Out As She Heads To Courthouse for Sentencing

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Australian State Govt moves to ban 'riot' game

17-10-2006 00:03

Has no place in our community
"It promotes acts of violence against members of the community - simple as that, and not only promotes it, glorifies it, encourages, incites people to engage in acts of violence using the riots of last year and as such it has no place in our community."

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Australian government steps up threats against PNG, Solomon Islands

16-10-2006 20:59

The South Pacific is no exception
The Australian ruling class has always viewed the strategically significant South Pacific as its own sphere of influence and attempted to ensure its domination of the region’s considerable natural resources. With the support of the British Empire before World War II and US imperialism after 1945, successive Australian governments have manoeuvred to marginalise the influence of rival powers. But inter-imperialist antagonisms have intensified throughout the world—most sharply in the Middle East and Central Asia with the eruption of US militarism—and the South Pacific is no exception.

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16-10-2006 20:12


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M3 Landlord Link Forum

16-10-2006 16:52

A forum for landlords organised by four local authorities and a landlords association held at the Holiday Inn in Farnborough on Thursday 12 October 2006.

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Cuban Forum Analyzes Extra-territorial Nature of US Blockade

16-10-2006 15:08

Dresser Rand Group Inc, a New York-based company that manufactures turbines and compressors for the energy sector, announced that it will fight sanctions imposed by the US government against one of its subsidiaries as part of its economic blockade against Cuba.

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Geographers warn of risk to society

15-10-2006 20:46

GGiP puts Geography on the Ridgeway
Give Geography its Place is warning of increased social, economic and environmental risks to society if the media continues to neglect Geography. In a letter to the Secretary for Culture, Media and Sport Rt. Hon. Tessa Jowell over 100 top academics have called for the media to publicly recognise the vital role of Geography and Geographers. The campaign is calling for members of the public to voice support by signing the petition at

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choosing wisely – a short political essay in two parts (and another bit)

15-10-2006 08:17

Our societies were once far less complex and vast. Our leaders lived amongst us and we knew them intimately as individuals. So we chose leaders we knew to be capable of combining compassion, intellect, and common sense, in equal measure – it was a personal judgement based on individual experience.

However, in the modern world 'intellect' is the primary criteria by which this selection is made and the distance between the leaders and the led has increased. Our rulers are now largely divorced from everyday life and everyday concerns and our opportunities for assessing their emotional fitness for office, first hand, are diminished or non-existent.
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