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UK Analysis Newswire Archive

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Fear & Loathing In Teheran

15-04-2007 11:35

Do a Google search on ‘Faye Turney rape’ and over 80,000 results appear. Remarkable really, given the woman has not been raped at all and is even claiming that she was not. Such is the ravenous appetite in Britain for titillating tales of defenceless damsels and wicked Arabs, the Sun-reading British electorate doesn’t care anymore if the narrative is absolute fantasy or not, so long as the victim is a westerner and the aggressor is a Muslim.

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Is the Met assisting hate propaganda?

15-04-2007 11:16

AWAAZ - South Asia Watch, a group formed mainly by young educated British Asians, condemns what it believes to be an attempt by London's Metropolitan Police to lend authority to dubious claims being made by Hindu fundamentalist groups in Britain. "These claims mainly centre around the allegation that Muslim students on university campuses are engaging in 'aggressive conversions' or 'forcible conversions' of Hindu and Sikh girls".

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Mysterious Death of Dr. David Kelly: Murder theory that just won't go away

14-04-2007 17:44

The greatest British conspiracy theory of the modern age was unveiled this week. Lewes MP Norman Baker set out in detail for the first time why he believes the secret service murdered the Government scientist Dr David Kelly.

Miles Godfrey and Katya Mira report on a one-man crusade for the truth which has catapulted an unassuming Parliamentarian into the international spotlight.

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Police chief- Lockerbie evidence was faked

14-04-2007 14:23

Each time one of these False Flags is exposed, it makes me wonder, 'who really did this?'.

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Guantánamo Bay detainee railroaded into guilty plea

14-04-2007 12:36

David Hicks
The issues of principle in the case of David Hicks

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Uncertain East Timorese presidential election

13-04-2007 21:40

Uncertain East Timorese presidential election outcome foreshadows further instability

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Who really bombed Paris?

13-04-2007 01:42

Ever since the 1995 bombing of the Paris metro by the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA) made France the first western European country to suffer so-called radical Islamist terrorism, its politicians and "terror experts" have consistently warned Britain to the dangers of welcoming Islamist political dissidents and radical preachers to her shores.

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Hambali denies Al Qaeda link

13-04-2007 00:02

Another political scapegoat
But notice the double question "while you were a member of JI?"

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False stories part of plan to isolate Iran

12-04-2007 17:05

The crude commercialisation of the Tehran sailors' episode is part of a larger agenda. It is yet another manoeuvre designed to create the atmosphere for imminent military action against Iran. In facing this challenge, the Iranian leadership has to show that it is capable of holding on to certain principles while remaining strategically intelligent

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State-Sponsored Terror in the Western World

12-04-2007 14:43

Inner Terror: Your Government Doesn't Mind Killing You

Most terrorist attacks in Europe, whether attributed to left-wing or right-wing activists or even Islamist fundamentalists, can be traced to actions by government-sponsored military or intelligence agencies.

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Wall Street Journal and New York Times Attack Journalism

12-04-2007 12:42

US corporate media attacks against Hugo Chavez and Raphael Correa

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What is a Terrorist Trying to Achieve? What can be Done About Terrorism?

12-04-2007 10:14

Can terrorism be fought with terror? Do the leading governments of the current world order really understand the phenomenon of terrorism?
This article attempts to shed some light on the functional purpose of a terrorist act whilst at the same time provide an alternative approach to the solution of this problem.

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US support for terrorism in Iran

12-04-2007 08:30

It is now a well-known fact that U.S. special operation forces in Iraq have been given the task of kidnapping Iranian members of the diplomatic corps of individuals in Iraq and the countries where U.S. intelligence agents operate freely.

What a respect for human rights! Where are the human rights organizations, such as Amnesty International, to expose and condemn Washington’s routine practice of human rights violations?

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Algeria Attack and the al-Qaeda Penetration of Africa

12-04-2007 07:27

It is sincerely mysterious “al-Qaeda” has a knack of showing up in places targeted by the neocons. For instance, Africa, in particular Somalia and, more recently, Algeria.

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Azerbaijan and the US Sponsored War on Iran

11-04-2007 18:58

US and allied naval deployments are concentrated in the Persian Gulf and the Eastern Mediterranean. The March NATO/US agreement with Baku, while building upon previous military cooperation agreements, specifically reinforces what might be described as a "Northern Front" whereby Azeri military bases including airfields and naval facilities in the Caspian sea would be used by NATO and US forces in the case of US sponsored attacks on Iran.

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Squeezing Palestinians into Impossible Mission

11-04-2007 16:09

The Israeli 40-year old military occupation and the more than a year old economic siege are eroding the national existence of Palestinians and squeezing the Palestinian leadership into an almost impossible mission of securing law and order by practically renewing an old plan thwarted because, in the end, it could not secure individual safety in the absence of national safeguards.

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Empire as a Way of Life, Part 5

11-04-2007 12:41


The current imperial slaughter in the Middle East, justified by the "Global War on Terror", that has resulted in at least 600,000 deaths in Iraq, is nothing new — the U.S. Empire has a long and sordid history of genocidal mass murder.

The history of the U.S. imperialism and Empire is the subject of a series of ten monthly seminars from Dr John Marciano, "Empire as a Way of Life". Attached is a recording of the fifth of these seminars and the text upon which it was based. The first 7 of these seminars have taken place and the intention is to have the whole series published on this site; the last 3 will take place between now and June.

This seminar, recorded on 16th January 2007 by the L.A. Sound Posse, runs for 38 minutes and includes the discussion following. It has been made available under a Creative Commons license. If this recording is broadcast please let the L.A. Sound Posse know. This recording was originally made available on the A-Infos Radio Project site.

The following text has been reproduced here with the kind permission of Dr John Marciano and he can be contacted at He introduced this series of seminars in the following way:

A fundamental purpose of our meetings is to understand the systemic nature of the U.S. Empire and the economic and military imperialism that is its lifeblood. The historian William Appleman Williams argues that empire became "a way of life" in the U.S., a "combination of patterns of thought and action that, as it becomes habitual and institutionalized, defines the thrust and character of a culture and society." This "way of life" has convinced many U.S. "Americans" they have a right or "manifest destiny" to impose their political and economic policies upon others.

Dr John Marciano is Professor Emeritus, State University of New York at Cortland, where he taught courses on social and historical foundations of education and class, gender and race.

Previous parts of this series:

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Under siege, Iran ups the ante

10-04-2007 23:16

For all their apparent grandstanding, the Iranians have been rather astute in defending their legitimate right to a civilian nuclear programme and fuel cycle. By upping the ante every time they come under unreasonable pressure, they have managed to create new facts on the ground. In turn, these facts make it more difficult for Washington to achieve its goals through "peaceful" coercion such as arm-twisting Iran's negotiating partners or imposing sanctions. It is as if, having correctly read America's aggressive military intentions, Iran has decided not to give the Pentagon the luxury of choosing a time for attack best suited to itself. By inducing a premature delivery, Iran hopes the war the U.S. is planning will be stillborn.

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Don't trust on Wikipedia (by Latuff)

10-04-2007 17:56

Let's go with another dirty trick...

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Teetering on the Brink of Disaster: The NeoCons' Decision to Bomb Iran

09-04-2007 21:19

Neo-Con Disaster
Can Neoconservative Belligerent Dogmatism be Halted by the Empire’s Realists?
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